Back with another Fan Fiction. Man, I have a lot of time on my hands. Well this one is s BBxRae Fan Fiction, as I haven't done one in a while. So here we are, the beginning to a new story, enjoy all!

The sound of the radio buzzing woke up Beast Boy at his usual 6:30 am. It was a nice morning; the sun was shining into his room and glinted against the TV that was still on from last night.

The green changeling groaned under his blankets and kind of half-sleeping slipped out from underneath his sheets and went to his closet. He opened up the door and grabbed one of the many uniforms that he always wore. There must have been at least ten, maybe more, uniforms in there. It was all he wore.

As he was going into the bathroom to get ready he had this very odd expression on his face. 'What was that last night?' He asked himself. He was half-remembering a dream that he had had the night before.

"Oh Beast Boy, I love you." Said the figure in the darkness. It was too dark to see the face of the figure but somehow, Beast Boy knew it was someone he knew. Her presence was easily noticed.

"I love you too." Beast Boy said right back at her.

This time she moved into the light and saw who it was, it was Raven! When Beast Boy saw this he moved back and tried to avoid her.

'What in the world?' he thought. 'This can't be her, she has got to be drugged up or something, this just can't be my Raven!' But he didn't care, after stepping back a bit more, he realized what he was doing and stopped. He then proceeded to step towards her, took her in his arms and kissed her, long and passionately.

Beast Boy had finally arrived at the bathroom door and shook his head.

'No way that would ever happen!' He told himself. He was confident that something that would never happen. It would be a better chance on finding a cure for cancer. He told himself over and over that it would never happen. Then why didn't he just stop after the first time he said it? He had to keep on repeating it.

Beast Boy took a quick shower, brushed his teeth then set off into the kitchen. When he got there, there was no one in there, for the moment, for Raven always followed Beast Boy closely.

The young green teen began to cook his breakfast when he heard a whoosh as the door to the kitchen had opened. He looked at the door, and there she stood. The girl in his dreams.

Raven, wearing the usual black leotard and blue cape had entered the same room as Beast Boy, carrying her usual leather bound book, that seemed never to end. Every morning was the same for the last year or so. Raven would wake up, come into the kitchen with the same book and read. Either that book was massively long, or Raven was a really slow reader. Beast Boy could not quite put his finger on which it was but dismissed it, because it really didn't matter.

As she entered the room, she glided to the couch that she normally sat on, and on her way smirked at Beast Boy who was just staring. Beast Boy returned her smirk with a full smile, the usual Beast Boy smile that could make anyone else smile as well. It was contagious.

However, this time it was a little bit different, it was a much bigger and wider smile. 'She smiled at me first today! Usually I am the one to smile first.' Beast Boy said to himself, still staring at the goth girl who sit just in front of him. 'And why does that matter? It's not like I love Raven anyhow.' Just then, a huge barrage of butterflies appeared in his stomach and he could not explain why. 'What in the world?' he dismissed it as nothing and went back to his cooking.

"Hey Ravy." Beast Boy called over.

Raven lifted her head from her book and turned around. "Yes, Beast Boy?" Seeming quite annoyed that the green one would bother her. All the Titans knew not to bother hew while she was reading.

"Do you want some breakfast? I'm cooking some tofu bacon and eggs. And I was wondering if you wanted any." Beast Boy asked, hoping that she would say yes and that they could talk a little bit more. Still he wondered why he was so interested in the purple haired teen so much. This was really confusing him.

"No thank you Beast Boy. You know I don't eat that stuff, plus I just want some herbal tea." Raven said as she stood up and approached Beast Boy.

As she did so, Beast Boy heart raced, the butterflies in his stomach were fluttering worse than ever. She was coming close to him! 'Why do I keep on thinking about her? Gah! This is making me mad!' Beast Boy thought. 'But still I do love her company.'

As Raven approached him, he didn't move. He just stayed in her way, with a huge smile on his face. His feet were planted firmly where he stood and couldn't move them, he was too deep in thought.

"Umm, Beast Boy? Could you please move, I want to get some tea, and you're kind of in my way." Raven said coolly.

"Oh, yea. Heh, sorry bout that Rae." The changeling moved out of the way so that she could get by and grab some of her herbal tea.

She went up to her cabinet and opened it up, grabbed some of the peppermint tea from the box and proceeded back to the stove. She grabbed the large, steel pot from underneath the stove, it's steel glinting in the sunlight like a star in the heavens at night, as she did so and filled it with water.

She went back to sit down on the couch as she awaited the water to be done boiling. Beast Boy watched her the entire way. He felt funny; there was this feeling in him every time that Raven was in the same room as he was.

The water was done boiling and Raven went over to the pot quickly, as to avoid the squealing of any longer. She poured the water into the cup with the tea in it and turned to leave.

As she did so, Beast Boy watched her leave. But he wasn't looking at her alone, his gaze was a little lower. Staring right at her butt as she was exiting the room.

'What in the world am I doing?' He thought, furiously. 'Why am I such a goof when it comes to Raven and me? Why do I stare at her butt when she leaved a room and get butterflies in my stomach when we are alone, or when she is in the same room as me at all?' He was getting mad at himself for not knowing the answer when it finally dawned on him. "I love Raven." He said aloud as the other Titans entered the room.