Well guys, this is the last chapter in this story. It had come to an end. I'd like to thank all of you, everyone, for all the reviews and all the support, with out you, this story would have been nothing. I now present, the last chapter in the saga, Chapter Fifteen: Confession of Love.

Robin had walked back to his room, thinking the whole time about the look that Starfire had on her face when he left.

'She was devastated.' He thought. 'She poured her heart out to me and I picked it up and stepped on it. What kind of friend am I? What the hell was I thinking?' He started to beat himself up mentally. 'She really likes me, and I kind of do feel something for her, but my passion to be with Raven is much stronger, and she must know how I feel, even if she does not love me, she must know the truth.' Robin prepared himself, for he would tell Raven as soon as she got into the tower. She needed to know just how he felt; it was eating away at Robin inside, slowly. Like a disease that you don't know is present in the body.


Raven and Beast Boy had returned from their afternoon in the city. Raven entered the tower with the rose that Beast Boy had given to her just a little while ago.

When she got into the living room, she saw Starfire, the sobbing alien, on the ground, still crying her eyes out. She was on the floor; a puddle of her own tears surrounded her body.

"Starfire, what's wrong? Tell me please, and stop crying." Raven said, with the utmost sincerity possible for herself, although it didn't sound very convincing, Starfire knew she meant it.

"Oh Raven." Starfire said, when she saw Raven. She threw her arms around Raven's neck, she beckoned to be held and comforted, although she actually never said it.

"Shh. Starfire, please tell me what's wrong." Raven asked, at this moment Beast Boy entered and saw the two on the floor and rushed over.

"Is she ok?" Beast Boy asked when he got to the two on the floor.

Raven looked up into his huge green eyes and shook her head.

"Starfire, please tell me what's wrong." Raven asked once more, her patience was beginning to wear thin, Beast Boy could tell in Raven's voice.

"Rob…Robin" Starfire said simply. Now looking up into the large, mauve crystals that were Raven's eyes.

"Yes Starfire? What did Robin do?"

"He…he broke my heart." Starfire managed to squeeze out. She was crying even more now, the tear flowed from her eyes like the water flows from a burst dam. It was an endless stream.

Starfire, finally regained some of her composure, enough to tell the two friends exactly what had happened. She told them about how she confessed her love to Robin, and how he had said nothing and just left, about how he broker her heart.

"What is wrong with him?" Beast Boy said through clenched teeth. He was getting quite angry, and so was Raven. He could tell, there was a slight aura around a few objects in the room. She was getting angry with her leader and she was not going to take him hurting her own friend.

Starfire finished then continued to sob more.

"I am going to talk with Robin." Raven said, getting up from the couch.

"Do you want me to come? I mean, if you lose your temper, you may blow his head off, or blow up the whole tower." Beast Boy asked her as she walked to the door.

"No thank you. We have a bond; he is one of my closest friends. I will do this alone." She turned back to the door and left the same way Robin had, with grim determination, this time to get answers.

She left a heart broken, and uncontrollably sobbing Starfire and her love, behind her to go and visit their leader.


Robin was in his room, sitting on his bed and thinking of what he had done, when there came a knock on the door. He heard this and went to his door and opened it.

'It's Raven!' He thought to himself. 'Now I can tell her how I feel.'

"Robin, we need to talk. Now." Raven said, with certain edginess in her voice.

"Sure, come on in." Robin said, oblivious as to why she was here.

"Robin, do you know what we have in our living room right now?" Raven asked.

Robin shook his head. "No."

This comment, hit Raven in a way that made her twitch. "We have a uncontrollably sobbing alien girl in there!" She said, the anger growing in her voice. "What you did to her is unforgivable. She poured her heart out for you, and you shunned her aside. What is wrong with you? You have a girl down there that loves you and you don't even care!" She was getting really angry, black and white auras were appearing around several objects in the room. "She loves you Robin, and you don't care? What is wrong with you? The least you could do is say something, anything to her, rather than walk out and say nothing."

Robin stood there, timidly, and took the verbal attack. A few of the comments sent him back, he was a monster. In his head, during the attack a stanza from a song flew into his head, these were 'Why can't you just love her? Why be such a monster? You bully from a distance. Your brain needs some assistance.'

"I am a monster." Robin said out loud, to himself. He looked up; he decided that he needed to go see Starfire. Talk to her, console her, but first he needed to tell Raven how he felt about her.

"Do you understand?" Raven asked Robin.

"Huh? Oh yes, yes I do." Robin said, not hearing a thing that she said, he was too busy thinking to himself. "I will go and see her, but Raven, I need to talk to you for a second." He called out as she was opening the door. "I need to tell you something." He took a deep breath and prepared to reveal the truth. "Raven, for all this time that I have known you, there has been something inside of me, something that has been calling to be let out, and now it may be too late, but it needs to be let out."

Raven had a very puzzled look on her face.

"Raven," Robin began. "I love you." He said this very plainly and straightforward.

This made Raven stumble a bit. "Excuse me? What did you say?' Raven asked.

"I said I love you." Robin repeated once more.

"Ugh, Robin. You must have a lot of nerve telling me that. You know I am with Beast Boy, and just because you love me don't mean I am going to be with you. You are horrible. Instead of loving me, why don't you go and try and love Starfire? She needed it much more than I do." Raven said, bluntly.

Robin nodded his head, as he proceeded downstairs into the living room to go and see Starfire. Inside, he knew that, somewhere, he had feelings for Starfire. She was an incredible girl and had a great personality. As he told these things to himself, Robin's love for the beautiful young alien grew, bigger and bigger.


In the living room, Starfire was still sobbing, but much less than she was before. She had cried so much that there was nothing left to cry anymore. She had cried all she could.

Beast Boy sat beside her, consoling his friend when Robin entered and asked to be alone with Starfire for a bit. Beast Boy agreed, but gave him a very dirty look as he exited the room.

"Starfire? Starfire, please listen to me, there is something that I need to tell you." Robin said, with as much sincerity and kindness he could muster at the moment. "Listen, I am so sorry for doing what I did to you earlier. I am a monster for what I did, and the fact is that while I was sitting and thinking about what I did, I realized something. There is no one else on this team that I want to be happy more than you. You are my very best friend and it kills me to see you unhappy. I also realized that I do in fact love you. I don't know what happened for this feeling to come out now, but when I saw you like that and when Raven came to talk with me, this feeling pushed it's way out and can now be seen."

Starfire, stopped her sniffles and turned around to take a good look at the person who had just confessed his own love to her. She looked at him and slapped him right across the face.

"I guess I deserved that." Robin said, making Starfire laugh a little.

Starfire, looked into Robin's eyes and then hugged him, they sat arm in arm watching the sunset, as Beast Boy and Raven did the same from behind. They were all truly happy, nothing could ever ruin this, nothing at all.