Stuck on Taris (and other rants)

Day One

Endar Spire got blown up, so much for Bastila and her all powerful "Battle Meditation". I saw the stupid bitch running for the escape pods at the first sign of danger.

Knew Jedi couldn't be trusted.

Was forced to help random soldier fight her way through the ship and then had to share escape pod with her. New recruits so useless.

Ah well, at least Trask was killed…

Never did trust that bastard.

Day Four

Still stuck on Taris with random soldier. Says her name is "Naver". Fake name if I ever heard one!

Still, must give her a chance. Not like she's the former Lord of the Sith!

On a more serious note:

Due to Sith blockade I won't be able to attend my P.A. (Paranoids Anonymous) meetings.


Day Seven

Blue Twi'lek joined our group of misfits. V. unhappy about this as she is snot-nosed little brat. Not to mention she comes with equally annoying walking-carpet.

Noticed Naver eyeing me today. Still got it! Knew bright orange jacket would be a chick magnet.

Still looking for Bastila. Team is as useless as her Battle Meditation!

Day Eleven

Finally got off Taris. Will spare you the boring details.

Naver keeps giving away all our credits to the poor and helping the less fortunate.

V. suspicious behaviour… suspect she single handedly blew up the Endar Spire…

Yet another addition to team – useless tin-bucket droid and over-testosteroned Mandalorian. Don't trust either.

Oh yeah, found Bastila.


Okay, I know it's really short but it's my first fanfic. Would greatly appreciate any feedback whether it is complaints, comments, flames, complements and/or constructive criticism! I'm not choosy!

I'll continue on the journals if they aren't a disaster :P