Title: Unexpected Side effects

Pairings: It is mainly Rodney/Kate, but there's John/Liz, Ford/Teyla, Bates/OC, Carson/OC there too.

Spoilers: None that I can think of.

Warnings: Mild Adult Situations, Sexual situations, but still there.

Summary: Something happens in Atlantis that makes everyone's libido go sky high.

Fourth in the Friends are foes series.

A/N: This is just an exercise, I wanted to try to find how to write humorous Rodney. So for all the McKay lovers. This fic is Rodney centered. Now, this is my first attempt on a fic of this nature. There's nothing graphic, as I'm not ready to cross that bridge yet. But if you feel this fic should have an M rating let me know. There's nothing to be afraid of, is just me trying to be over cautious. Please R&R.

A/N: Edit July 29,2005: I finally gave this fic a good look and now I'm much happier with it. Thanks a lot to Vilya for the beta and to AnnaM for you review and catching up my excesive use of the word "now".



When Rodney McKay woke up, he had to stop and rewind his memories, to think about what happened. He felt confused, he was kind of happy, weirded out about it but very confused. That was why Rodney was sitting on... he had to look again... Kate's bed on his naked ass, and by the looks of her; she's naked too.

How did they come to this? Well... that's why he had to rewind his memories.

The night before, he went to dinner like everybody else. It had been a slow day, so the mess hall was full. As he walked in, he spotted Ford and Teyla already eating. John, Elizabeth and Bates were just taking their trays of food and making their way to the tables. Hell, even Kavanagh was there.

As he approached the food, Rodney took as much as he could, except that new fruit that looked potentially citrus.

Rodney looked through the mess hall; he wanted to eat quietly, so he decided to find a nice table with a good view of the ocean. Then he noticed it, the mess hall was strangely quiet. But Rodney decided to ignore it and began eating.

A few minutes later Kate walked in with Carson and a nurse whose name Rodney couldn't remember. Anyway he was never good with names. Kate had spotted him, grabbed her food and walked towards his table. She flashed a smile as she sat down, "Hey." Then Kate looked around and continued, "Everyone's so quiet."

Rodney paused eating, "I know it's weird."

They ate silently until Rodney heard someone give a soft moan, Rodney looked around and found that behind him, Sgt. Stackhouse was getting really romantic and touchy with one of the female scientists. Rodney heard Kate give a soft chuckle as she ate her fruit, "They don't seem to be the only ones."

When Rodney really took a look around, everybody around him was getting cozy. Behind him, Stackhouse was in dire need of a room. Teyla and Ford were eying one another with passionate need or so they seemed. Further away John was kissing Elizabeth's neck. Suddenly, Rodney realized that his mouth was hanging open, "What the hell is going on?"

Rodney felt something touch his leg and crawl up. When he realized what it was, he looked at Kate. She was eying him like a piece of candy, Rodney breathed in deeply, his voice seemed to have left him all of the sudden, "Kate... what are you doing?"

She took another bite of her fruit, and laid back on her chair, "Do you want me?"

Rodney was bewildered, shocked, and his mouth was completely dry as he realized what Kate just said, "What? What... why did you ask me that?"

He was really nervous, Kate's foot was going dangerously up and it was touching Rodney's knees. She flashed him another sensual smile, "I want you Rodney, right here, right now."

Her voice was sensual, her body screamed hunger, and not to the food kind.

Rodney couldn't utter a word; he couldn't believe what she was saying. It wasn't like he didn't want Kate; they had been seeing each other for a couple of weeks. But they hadn't jumped to the sleeping together part. Something was very wrong; Rodney took another good look around him, trying to convince himself this wasn't a dream. But John and Elizabeth were now on a full game of tonsil hockey. Teyla and Ford had disappeared as well as Sgt. Stackhouse and his female companion. In the distance Kavanagh was looking alone and a bit desperate.

Rodney chuckled forgetting for a moment Kate's intentions with him. So he was caught completely off guard when Kate's foot found the not so public area between his legs. He jumped on his chair and backed off a bit, but Kate stood up and walked towards Rodney.

Kate sat down on Rodney's lap, she placed an arm around his neck and in the other she held a piece of fruit. "I want to share something with you."

Rodney was sweating now, trying to think of something else than Kate sitting on his lap, trying to seduce him.

Kate took a piece of the fruit and offered it to Rodney, in response he shook his head, "No thanks... that looks potentially citrus... you know allergies."

Kate smiled and offered him the fruit again, "This is not citrus Rodney. Come on, take it. It's sinfully delicious."

"No, I don't think..."

"Eat it! Now!"

She had commanded it with such force that Rodney just opened his mouth and ate the piece of fruit. The fruit was round like an orange, the skin texture was like a strawberry but slightly blue instead of red. As he chewed the piece of fruit, Rodney felt that it reminded him a faint taste of figs, it didn't have seeds, but it was sweeter. In fact it was actually really good. Sweet, soft and better than anything he's had in a while.

Kate now had started to play with Rodney's hair, and that seemed to wake him up, "Wait! Kate, this is wrong. Something is not right here. There has to be some toxic in the food."

Kate now finished her fruit and placed both hands behind Rodney's neck, "Why is it wrong Rodney? I've wanted this since I met you."

Rodney started stuttering, "I... Kate... this is ... I..."

But Kate cut him off by planting a big passionate kiss on his mouth. By now he was getting into it. He began feeling different, just like when you're tipsy; not really drunk, not really sober. Rodney broke the kiss; his genius mind was trying to stay alert. Then it dawned on him, "The Fruit! That must be it!"

But his stream of thoughts was cut short when Kate started kissing his face and went down to the neck. And Rodney started feeling his skin tingling, as if he had suddenly gone very sensitive to touch. But all he wanted was to be touched, this is insane!

Rodney's brain was trying to stay focused and forget what Kate was doing. But he couldn't control himself any longer. So he pulled her away from him until they were staring face to face, "Let's get out of here."

Kate smiled, stood up, grabbed Rodney by the hand and walked out of the mess hall. On his way out, he spotted Carson and the nurse. They looked worse than the others, kissing wasn't the only thing they were doing and they left a little to the imagination.

Once outside Kate stopped and kissed Rodney. He was starting to feel really good about it, so he didn't minded when Kate gave a good squeeze to his butt. She suddenly stopped kissing Rodney, "Your place or mine."

He couldn't think anymore, he was just one more in dire need of a room, "Which ever is closer."

Kate smiled a held on to Rodney's hand, "Mine."

They were walking pretty quickly, and in the hallways the chaos of what just ensued on Atlantis was more noticeable. Rodney saw Bates making out heavily with the laundry girl. Further into the sleeping quarters area, all they could hear was moans and some screams. They were definitely not screams of pain. So the last rational thought passed through Rodney's mind as he noted that the world has gone crazy and everybody is horny.

After that, he just remembered walking in Kate's room.

There he is now, still naked, thinking about it. For a moment he seemed to ponder, and thought that Kate must have been a beast. Rodney felt as if he was missing a few patches of hair and he even felt as if she had pulled him by the ears. For a moment it wouldn't have surprised him to find scratch marks on his back. Ohh, take your mind out of the gutter McKay!

He gave up, and decided to try to figure out what happened later. So he stood up and started getting dressed. When he was half way through, he heard a soft gasp. Rodney turned around and saw Kate looking at him in shock.

"Don't look at me; you're the one who started this."

Kate sat on her bed; she looked around her room and back at Rodney, "It really happened?"


"What do we do now?"

"Let's go to the infirmary, I bet the majority of the city's population is there."

They finished dressing quietly and walked out of the room. As they got closer to the infirmary, there was a line of people waiting outside. They just walked straight in; being a ranking member had its benefits. Inside all the high hierarchy of Atlantis was sitting down on a line of chairs with their respective partners of the night. The Base Commander, the Ranking Military Officer, the Athosian Leader, the military 2IC, the Chief Scientist, the resident Psychologist and the Chief of Security.

As John saw Rodney walk in, he flashed a smile, "Rodney! Join the group. Did you actually manage to get a room?"

Rodney clearly saw the smirk on John's face. Rodney was about to retort his answer when Elizabeth slapped John on the stomach and Carson walked in.

Deciding to leave the banter for later, Rodney made his way towards a chair besides John. There he noticed that everyone looked as if they had the night from hell. Kate followed him and sat down next to him. Carson looked at Rodney, then at Teyla, "Teyla, are you sure this never happened before?"

Teyla looked a bit annoyed and replied, "As I have said many times before, my people never traded for fruits on that planet. The Salacy people are good with meats, but this was my first time with these fruits. There was no way for me to know."

John gave Teyla a skeptical look, "But you traded with them in the past. Didn't you noticed any strange behavior before?"

"Did you noticed strange behavior?"

"Well, no. But they were really touchy with eachother. I thought it was a newlyweds thing."

Teyla looked more annoyed than before, "Well I might have thought the same thing Major."

Seeing that the conversation was escalating, Carson cut in to explain his latest test results, "The tests I ran determined that the fruit acted like a sexual disinhibitor and left everyone like... beasts in heat. Now, unless someone put 'condoms' on their "Things to bring to another galaxy" list. There's a high probability of many babies as a consequence of last night's mass intoxication."

Everyone looked at each other worriedly, they definitely didn't think about babies. Carson continued, "So I need to know if anyone was intelligent enough or lucky enough to have a condom last night. Please raise you hand."

John, Elizabeth, Ford and Teyla all raised their hands looking a bit embarassed about the whole thing. Carson stared at Bates with a confused expression, "What happened Sergeant? I thought I gave you a couple the other day."

Bates opened his mouth to reply, but no words came out. Stella smiled and answered for him, "We never made it to his room; we got confused and went into a balcony, instead of a room."

A smirk formed in John's face as he looked at Stella, "I thought the laundry room was your favorite place."

Stella gave John a sarcastic glare and replied, "And where did you do it? The Jumper bay?"

"Actually I did..."

But Carson cut John off , "Ok! People settle down please." Carson continued looking towards Rodney and Kate, "Rodney and Kate?"

Neither of them spoke, they just shook their heads. Carson shook his head and replied, "Ok, so you two are the first ones on the watch list. If at any moment you start thinking that you may actually be pregnant telling me will be your number one priority. Alright?"

Stella and Kate nodded and Carson continued, "Now I have to deal with the rest of the city and make sure everyone's ok. Also, Kate... I have one hysteric nurse that needs to be calmed down."

John seemed on a very good mood, because he shot one of his trademark smirks to Carson, "Where did you do it, Doctor?"

Carson's face suddenly looked very red, seeing this Rodney knew what John was doing, so he followed, "Yes, Carson what happened? Oh! Is that the nurse I saw you with yesterday? What did you do to her?"

Carson looked around and he wanted to run away, but everyone inside the infirmary was staring at him. "Ok.. I... we..."

Rodney crossed his arms across his chest and stared at Carson, "Carson, come on! We had to tell you! It's only fair.

Carson took a deep breath and replied, "All I'm going to say is that it was on a very public place. Now Kate, please Eve is in my office."

But before anything else was said, Rodney saw Ford smile, "Even Kavanagh is outside... I..."

But Rodney cut him off, "Yes... I wonder who dared to sleep with him."

John joined in the thoughts, "Maybe with no one. Maybe he satisfied himself."

In instant response everybody made a disgust face, and turned to stare at John, specially Rodney, "That's one mental image I didn't needed. Thank you John."

John smiled and continued, "What's a lonely man to do?"

Elizabeth had finally had enough and smacked John on the back of the head. "Either you control yourself or you're going to be the lonely one."

Rodney smiled, he looked to his side and Kate was gone. He looked around and found her talking with Carson. Rodney stood up and walked towards Kate. "Excuse me Kate... can we talk for a moment?"

Kate looked at Rodney, "Sure." Kate now turned to Carson and said, "I'll be back in a moment." Carson nodded and she walked out with Rodney. He led her to a nearby balcony where they could have a private moment.

Rodney suddenly felt really nervous, "I wanted to ask... I..."

Kate smiled and cut him off, "Rodney..." But it seemed that he hadn't heard her, so she placed a hand on his shoulder, "Rodney! It's ok. I'm fine with it if you are. You don't have to worry."

Rodney looked at her in a mildly shocked expression, "You are? I don't?"

Kate continued, "And if it is too awkward, I won't mind it if you want to stop seeing me."

"What? NO! No, no, no, no, that's not what I wanted to say. But..." Rodney now looked completely aghast, "You don't want to see me anymore?"

Kate sighted, "Rodney that's not what I said. I can understand if you feel confused about what happened. But don't you think we were down that road anyway?"

Rodney frowned, "What do you mean?"

"We are seeing each other, don't you think that was going to happen... eventually."

A small smile appeared in Rodney's face, "You wanted it to happen?"

Kate chuckled and replied, "Of course, not exactly like it happened... but yes. I like you Rodney."

Rodney smiled and repeated, "You like me."

Kate smiled and gave Rodney a light kiss on the lips. Rodney felt frozen to the spot, and Kate looked at him with an amused expression, "I have to return to the infirmary. Maybe get cleaned up and change. Carson might have a lot of patients that may need my help right now. I'll see you later?"

Rodney seemed to defrost, "Yeah..."

Kate walked towards the door and Rodney suddenly called her, "Hey, just one more thing. Promise me that if by any chance... a... baby..." he couldn't believe he just said the word, he continued, "comes out of this; I'll be the first to know."

"I promise Rodney." Now Kate turned around and walked back inside.

Rodney turned around to stare at the ocean. If he went back in time to tell himself a year ago that he was going to have some sort of sexual poisoning and end up with a beautiful girl; he would call himself insane.

But crazier things had happened... well not as crazy as the one the night before. But maybe that comes with living on an Ancient City in another galaxy, and Rodney McKay didn't mind it at all.



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