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Carson and Eve

A quiet day in the infirmary in the city of Atlantis was a weird thing. Carson Beckett, chief surgeon and doctor of all, spent his day making inventories, organizing the infirmary and catching up on medical reports for all the chief staff. Especially right after the latest encounter with Kolya, and the three Wraiths that came into the city shortly after.

He was thankful for the help he had gotten from his staff. With the looming threat of the Wraith, everyone was under a lot of pressure. He was specially thankful to his chief nurse, Eve Del Valle, an attractive Latin woman, but when it came to her, Carson was honest; he liked her as a coworker and a friend. But he didn't have the hots for her. They were different and friendship was always enough.

She was always making sure that he ate and had some sleep, mainly while the infirmary had its customary visitors. On slow days, Eve would busy herself, helping Carson with the inventories. Carson often joked that she should make a talent show, so she could entertain the soldiers. And she usually replied something about being lucky about being a man with an accent, otherwise he would be missing a couple of teeth by now.

It was all in good fun, but Carson knew; women... they see a man with an accent and they just melt. Yes, he was blessed, to have such great team.

He was staring at the screen of his laptop, he had reports from some of the chief staff of the military, Major John Sheppard; a concussion. Sergeant Colin Bates, recent injuries, a gash on the neck and a mild concussion. Then it was Lieutenant Aiden Ford, a cracked rib and a paintball shot to the head, resulting in the mother of all bumps.

Carson sighted, he was tired. A knock on the door brought him back to earth, he turned to look at his visitor; it was Eve.

She flashed him a small smile, "Wanna get some dinner?"

Carson massaged his forehead and looked around, "Ok, let's go! This can wait." Carson stood up, took off his coat and laid it on the chair. Once free of everything work related Carson walked out the infirmary with Eve. The walk was quiet, until they arrived at the transport. Where they found Kate Heighmeyer, Carson smiled at the doctor, "Heading for dinner too?"

Kate smiled, "Yeah! I'm starving! So, how's the work going?"

Eve smiled, "The usual, today has been really quiet. Not like last night, we had our favorite patient complaining about lots of things."

The doors of the transport opened, and Kate asked as they walked in, "What happened to Rodney now?"

Eve and Carson exchanged glances and Carson answered, "He had a splinter in one of his fingers."

The transport doors opened to the mess hall, "That sounds just like Rodney."

Carson smiled as they walked out the transport and into the mess hall. They walked straight towards the food, Carson looked it over and wondering if any of these dishes would be approved by the FDA. But he moved on and picked his food and fruit. Then Kate turned to face them, "See you later."

Eve smiled, "Have a nice lunch."

Kate walked to the end of the mess hall and sat with Rodney, while Carson and Eve picked a nearby table. Just like any other day, dinner passed by talking about supplies that were needed, food they missed and tales from home. But just as everyone, they didn't noticed what had started to happen around them.

When he was halfway through eating the strange fruit, he noticed that the air had become much hotter, so that Carson was sure he was sweating profusely. Just then, he saw John and Elizabeth walking out of the mess hall, and they seemed to be in a hurry.

Eve stood up and walked towards the food, when she came back she had two fruits in her hands. She handed one to Carson and started cutting the other.

Carson stared at the fruit, then at Eve. She was sitting right in front of him, her stare set on him. Carson felt butterflies in his stomach, What am I? A repressed teenager?

Eve stood up and sat besides Carson, eying him with an expression that Carson couldn't quite place.

And without warning, she kissed him.

Carson was dumbfounded, bewildered and pretty much enjoying the whole thing. When they finally pulled apart, Carson looked at Eve, "What are we doing?"

Eve was staring at his mouth, when she replied, "Something, everything, but I like it!"

They kissed again, for some reason they seemed to forget where they were. Who they were and who may be watching. It didn't stop there, they literally couldn't control themselves; control had been sent over the balcony some time ago.

Eve stood up and straddled Carson, he had already pulled her hair down and her clothing was just one pull away from being gone. They started moving, clearly just the chair was really uncomfortable, but all they did was to fall to the floor and roll under the table. Suddenly they stopped and looked at each other. And they couldn't control their laughter, it felt like being drunk with passion.

Eve reached to the table and grabbed a piece of unfinished fruit she left behind. She took a bite of it and then offered the last piece to Carson, who gladly took it.

They had another laughing fit, and Eve started kissing Carson's neck. Suddenly he sat up really quickly, banging his head to the table. "Ouch."

Carson rubbed the top of his head and looked at Eve, "Wait here, I have an idea."

Carson moved out from under the table and walked into the kitchen. After a couple of minutes, he walked out and kneeled beside Eve, holding something in each hand.

Carson moved his hands and faced Eve with a smile on his face, "Rodney is going to go ballistic, but I don't care. Chocolate or caramel?"

Eve gave him a mischievous smirk, grabbed him by the neck and replied, "How about both?"

Carson kissed Eve, and they found their way back under the table, where they enjoyed their time with a bit of chocolate and caramel taste.