The day was starting to wind down, the sun wasjust starting to set below the horizon, splashing colors on the giant 'T' shaped building that was residence to Jump City's heros. Inside, the majority of the teenagers were crowded around a large tv, while two of them competed in a mini tournament to see who was the best gamer. While starfire had lost early to Beast boy, Cyborg and Robin were still battling it out on the Game Station 3XL.

The only one not present was Raven, who was currently pacing above them on the roof, worry and distraught apparent on her face.

'I should just tell them, it's not like its really going to affect anything... well maybe it will but it won't be that big of a deal.' even after the attempt to reassure herself, she still paced across the length of the roof.

Pounding of feet and the opening of the roof door caught her attention as Beast boy ran out to meet her. "Come on Rae!" he said excitedly. "You have to come down and check this out, Cyborg is whipping Robins butt!"

She shook her head. "I'm not... enthralled by watching the downfall of one of our comrades."

"But it's just a game!" he exclaimed. "Come on, please?" he transformed into a kitten and gave her 'the eyes' and meowed once.

Looking away, she tried to ignore those deep emerald eyes but couldn't resist the small smile that crept across her face as he started to purr and rub his body against her ankles. She sighed and looked down at him.

"Fine, but just this once." his cat formed grinned from ear to ear as he started to run to the stairwell and slipped through the slightly opened door, glancing back to make sure that Raven was following.

She sighed once more and headed down after him, his tail bobbing in the air as they continued down the stairs and into the livingroom. She took her place at the far end of the couch and drew her book from it's resting place, opening it to where the marker indicated she had left off but had read no more than a few words when Beast boy crawled into her lap and looked up at her, purring softly.

"I'm here." she snapped halfheartedly, the effects of her coming up birthday already taking affect on her emotions.

His cat grin shrunk slightly but nonetheless, he was determined to get her to watch at least the remaining of the match. Careful not to leave any claw marks in her book, he pushed it down onto her lap and laid across it so she couldn't read.

Sighing in defeat, she pulled him off gently and snapped the book closed, resting it back in it's proper spot and turning back to him with a glare.

Beast boy turned back into his human form and grinned at her before turning his attention back to the screen.

For a while, Raven's mind was taken from the trouble that would surely occur once midnight came, signifying the arrival of her 18th birthday. Instead, it was focused on the meager attempts of Robin, then Beast boy, to attempt to beat Cyborg. Unfortunately for them, they lost and Cyborg won bragging rights until the next Saturday when they would be holding the next contest.

It wasn't until she was half asleep, did the gnawing fear start seeping back into the pit of her stomach, making it almost impossible to fall asleep. She sat on her bed, eyes glued to her clock as time slowly edged by until the red number illuminated 12:00:02am. She watched a moment longer as the seconds started to tick by before turning her back upon the clock sleepily and crawling under the covers. 'Maybe it won't happen until next year.' she thought wearily as sleep overcame her.

Has she stayed awake for a few more moments, she would have seen the pink glow that surrounded her body before seeping into her cloak as it faded back into a hue of dark blue. Unbeknownst to the sleeping girl, the day would be filled with unexpected surprises, to everyone, including herself.

AN: short, sweet, and to the point. I will continue BH and this is to the side (Kinda like RH& Seceret Admirer, speaking of which should have a sequal appearing after this one is done) I hope you enjoy, I've been toying with doing this for a while and I will get to Comatose... eventually.

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