Cast Interview's
by: HoshiSama

Beast Boy

HS: What is your opinion on this production?

BB: Well, I did like it a lot, I get to hang out with Rae a lot more and see how she really acts off stage.

HS: What about the other minor characters in the production? How do you feel about working with them?

BB: well, Cyborg is my best friend, on and off stage so it's always great to be around him. Star is a little over excited most of the time and robin... well much can't be said for him.

HS: what was your least favorite Scene?

BB: They were all so much fun but if I had to pick one... anger. It was a bit of a dull and boring scene, there wasn't much in the line of anger but the end was alright.

HS: Which was your favorite scene?

BB: Going with my nature, I would have to say Rude/Mischief. But I also did like the last one.

HS: Going on that, is there any current relationship status between yourself and Raven? It seems that things got pretty heated up on stage. Either your both great actors or there's something else underneath it all.

BB: I can't really comment on that, you would have to as Raven.

HS: There are rumors about a sequel being done, any input on that and will you be in it?

BB: There may be a sequel, the writer isn't positive on what she wants to write if she does do one. And if there is, you can be sure I'll be in it.

HS: Thank you for your time beast Boy.

BB: Your very welcome.


HS: What is your opinion on this production?

Rae: It was rather... interesting. I knew that something like this would pop up after the writer watching Nevermore way to many times.

HS: How did you get along with the other characters?

Rae: I'm not very social with the minors except for maybe star because she always drags me places and I end up having a little bit of fun. Cyborg is sometimes too loud and annoying to really tolerate for a long period of time. Robin is just robin.

HS: What about beast boy, your co-star?

Rae: What about him?

HS: How did you get along with him?

Rae: I learned some things about him that I didn't know before. He does have more intelligence than he lets people know about but he's still average. He's alright to talk to.

HS: which was your least favorite scene?

Rae: Rage, because not much took place in the scene until the very end and maybe knowledge because she's a boring character.

HS: What was your favorite scene?

Rae: sighs most of them were fun to do because of the places we went, the beach with Happy and arcade with Bravery. I did like Love because it was so long and it had the most activity and a lot of places.

HS: How was the kissing scenes with Beast boy? Was there a lot of real action or was it mostly play acting?

Rae: There was no play acting on this set. The author refused it. So you can guess the answer to that one.

HS: Did you mind that it was real? Or does it not matter to you?

Rae: I could care less which way. It was my role and I did what the author wanted me to do.

HS: Is there anything currently going on between yourself and Beast boy other than co-star relations?

Rae: I believe that would be none of your business and I believe that this conversation is over.

Cyborg & Jinx

HS: What is your opinion on this production?

Cy: It was good, I wish there were more scenes with myself and Jinx. The author said she might be planning on writing something with us as the main characters branching off before Going Home. Mainly it will be about Jinx's betrayal and why we helped her and all that stuff.

JX: Like stone said, it was interesting to watch. Especially when Raven and beast boy started arguing about stupid stuff. Mainly he did stupid shit just to piss her off so they could jack off at night. At least, that's what Robin said until Raven almost killed him which was why Rage and Love were delayed for his healing. I don't think their's any truth to Robin's statement.

HS: Alright then... How do you like the other characters?

Cy: There all great to work with, I have to thank BB for getting me a role in this production. Props to ya man.

JX: I wasn't on set much but I did get to spend a lot of time with Cy here and sometimes go with Rae and Star on their mall excursions.

HS: What was your least favorite Scene?

Cy: Love; it was too much towards the end and I actually had to sit through the worst part of Starfire's so called 'rated G' movie. Damn it was like a fuckin porno! asideWhich is on bloopers if you get a chance to see those.

JX: I was supposed to be on set with the movie but I got called to New York where my younger brother was in an accident so I missed that but my least favorite was

Cy: grumbles It was a good thing too, you didn't have to see the pornography.

HS: coughs yes, back on subject, what was your most favorite scene?

Cy: Happy and the prolog. We had an actual tournament to see who's the best video gamer. And of course, I won. Happy's because it was awesome to see Jinx here in her bathing suit.

HS: Is there anything going on between you two?

JX: Yeah, me an stone here decided to start going out after the end of Timid but don't start your Nazi paparazzi crap! Come on Stone.


HS: How did you like the production?

SF: It was very good, I like to see my friends happy, even if it is made up!

HS: How did you get along with the other characters?

SF: I love all my friends and I loved working with all of them. Robin most closely.

HS: What is your least favorite Scene?

SF: Rude, it took forever to get the honey, dye, and mustard out of my hair and I was slightly uncomfortable when they had Robin run into my room, that wasn't even planned when I screamed but the writer wanted to keep it. Also, Robin's password was slightly... disturbing.

HS: What was your favorite scene?

SF: Love was so joyous and happy. Though the others seemed to be disturbed by my choice of movies. I thought XXX meant 3X the romance...

HS: Alright then, thank you star.

SF: You are most welcome!


HS: How did you like the production?

Rob: It was boring. There was very little action and no Slade at all. It sucked.

HS: then why did you join it?

Rob: They promised me big parts and Slade fighting in the last production, I thought it would be the same for this one.

HS: You know, it's not always about you. Anyways, what was your least favorite scene?

Rob: almost all of them.

HS: Almost all, which ones did you like?

Rob: the end of Love was good. I didn't know Star like that kind of stuff and the actors were hot.

HS: Um... Ok, I think were done for today. Thank you.