Wednesday-entry 21

So we're home now…and, Journal, I know you're probably dying to know what happened on the island right? The whole Riku-killing-my-willpower-and-forcing-me-to-kiss-him bit. Yeah, well…I fled. As if for my life, actually…so you can imagine how fast I was running. I went back to the house and locked myself in the bedroom. Which is odd 'cause it's not like I was running from rejection or anything, seeing as how he was the one who kissed me. I was just…hiding from him. If this happened just a week or two sooner, I would have been totally fine with it. I would have been the one killing HIS willpower and chaining him to my bedpost and...stop Yuffie. Stop.

And, "Why" you ask? Not even I, the Great Ninja Yuffie, knows the answer to that. It could possibly be Sora. Ha. What am I saying? Sora's my best friend. Liking him would be wrong on SO many levels. It's like…liking your little brother. …Ew.

I heard the doorbell buzz and chucked my journal under my bed. The doorbell sounded again and they started pounding on the door. I furrowed my brows and yanked the door open, "What!"

Sora stood there, eyes wide with fear with a pile of movies in his hands. Oh. I nearly forgot, it was movie night.

He chuckled, "Time of the month?"

"No." I smirked, "But keep talking an I will shove a tampon down your throat."

"Gross, Yuff…Gross." He walked passed me and observed the room…though he's seen it a kazillion times before. I shut the door and watched him throw himself onto the couch. Its become a routine.

"Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or ice cream sandwich?" I asked opening the fridge door.

I glanced at him over my shoulder. He threw an arm over the couch, "Ice cream sandwich?"


He cocked up his right eyebrow, "Its still winter, Yuffie."

"So? I love ice cream in the winter. It just tastes better."

He snorted and rolled his eyes. I raised my eyebrow now. He sighed, "Fine, I'll take the ice cream sandwich then--since it tastes soo much better in the winter."

"You can just have the PB&J…"

"Nope. You've convinced me to have that ice cream, Yuffie. I'll just die if I don't have it."

I struck a pose, "I do have pretty darn good persuading skills."

Leon pushed open the door, "You never could catch sarcasm."

I reached in the freezer and pulled out the half empty box of goodness. "You could try knocking, you know."

"You could try locking your door, you know."

"For that, you don't get any of these," I waved the two sandwiches in front of his face and threw the box back in the ice box.

I joined Sora on the couch and Leon followed. "I don't like ice cream." he stated as he took a seat on my leather recliner. His leather pants squeaked against the chair. Sora let out a small chuckle.

After staring at him like he was completely insane for about two minutes I asked, "What are you doing here anyway? It's rare of you to visit."

"The electricity went out in my house." he pulled out a book and crossed his legs (the manly way of course).

I hit the floor with a loud thud, skipped into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed off all my icky eye boogers and jogged out into the kitchen (still in my t-shirt and Spiderman -boy- underoos). I stuck two pop tarts into the toaster and seated myself on one of the stools near the counters. My now daily routine. I spotted brown spikiness poking out from behind the couch and remembered Sora slept over. He yawned and walked over to the kitchen, joining in front of the shiny toaster. He yawned again, scratching his head this time.

"Nice underwear."

"Yeah, I know. Though I have no use for the opening in the front." I looked down at the shnazzy Spiderman designs.

I winced, being surprised, when the pop tarts jumped out at me from nowhere…ok from the toaster. I grabbed the pop tart closest to me and held it in my mouth as I rummaged through the fridge for O-juice. "Wah-spuah-hem?" I asked, pop tart still clenched between my teeth.

He yawned a barely intelligible "Yeah." He took the glass out of my hand and gulped down the juice. We're around each other so much we understand what the other person's saying, no matter how down syndrome she/he's talking.

"Guess what." he said, setting his glass down.

"Hm." I mumbled, taking a seat next to him.

"I learned how to burp out my sentences." I raised my eyebrows, showing interest. He demonstrated saying, in burps, "I'm thee coolest."

Yeah, that's my best friend.

Thursday-entry 22

So Sora and I made a pact, after watching The 40-year-old Virgin, to sleep with each other if we're still virgins by the age of 30. 'Cause that'd just be sad…hah.

Oh…and the whole avoiding-Riku thing was working out pretty well for about a day. He found me loitering in First District and wouldn't leave me alone until I agreed to talk to him. He said (quote unquote), "I like you, Yuffie--Which has been pretty obvious since day one--C'mon, I know you enjoyed that kiss just as much as I did." AND THEN he has to smirk which just makes me angrier.

I did NOT enjoy it. I didn't. Alright, I did. Who wouldn't enjoy being kissed by thee almighty gorgeous Riku? Ok, maybe a lesbian. But I'm not a lesbian, so I obviously enjoyed it.

I'm still not sure if I should tell Sora about the incident. He is my best friend after all, I really have no reason not to tell him. ..Right?

I sat on the bean bag cross-legged and watched him. His lip rings were beautiful. "Snake bites" he called them. For some unknown reason, I wanted to tug on 'em. He whipped his black hair to the side (which covered one eye) and glanced over at me. Knowing I was ogling at him on the job again, he smiled. Who ever knew going to work would be so wonderful. Nicky handed the guy his CD's and joined me on the bean bag chairs.

"Your break doesn't start for another hour." he stated, putting his feet on the bright colored-coffee table.

I studied the bean thing I was sitting on. It was purple. "Yours doesn't either."

"Well there aren't any costumers in the store right now." he replied coolly.

I grinned, "Exactly."

"But--" he knew he wouldn't win anyway. "So how's being a ninja?"

"Great. I run around and ninja people for no reason at all. How's being a gangster?"

"Oh you know--same ol' same ol'. Getting in fights with rival gangsters and mugging people. I actually just did a drive by before I got to work." I guffawed. Being scene was far from gangster, but he played it off so well.

You know those days where you just have a song stuck in your head and it won't go away? Yes, I'm having that day. But the more annoying thing is, that I don't remember the name of it. I wrote down some of what I remembered on my hand during my lunch break today.

I'll sing it one last time for you, then we really have to go.

You've been the only thing that's right, in all I've done.

And I can barely look at you, but every single time I do

I know we'll make it anywhere away from here.

To know I might not see those eyes, makes it so hard not to cry.

And as we say our long goodbye's, I nearly do.

I don't think that's in chronological order. But whatever. Those lines have been going through my mind all day.

I turned the key and heard the door locks, click open. I pushed the door open, revealing a dark, empty living room. Cloud and Aerith haven't been home for the past week, they're out traveling other worlds and won't be back for a month or so. I know, I should be throwing a fat party right now. I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm pretty sure I'm still sane.

The phone suddenly rang. I sighed, dropping my things onto the coffee table, I sauntered over to the phone and studied the caller ID.


"So Riku says you're totally avoiding him because of the…eh--"

"NO! He told you didn't he? Oh I am SO going to feed him a fork the next time I see him!"

Sora chuckled awkwardly, "Uh…yeah. I can't believe you kissed the man-whore."

I laughed, a little uneasy, "Oh trust me, I tried getting away."

"Oh he told me."

"So how much are you going to make fun of me about it this time?" I asked, squinting on eye, as if already flinching.

"I am not going to make fun of you."

"You are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"…Whatever Yuffie. That'd be so immature."

"You are immature."

"And what you're doing now isn't immature?"

"I'm not denying my childishness."

Friday-entry 23

Oh gawd. Sora knows. I'm worried Riku's told more people by now. I'm so going to start carrying a fork with me for chance I might run into him.

Darn it. I forgot my fork.

"You know, I'm pretty much just about as ninja as you are. You can't avoid me that easily."

"I am WAY more ninja than you, and who says I'm avoiding you?"

"Why are you on the roof?"

"I'm going to Second District. Duh."

He folded his arms across his chest, "There's a door below us you could have easily used."

I glared and took a few steps closer to him, "I like complicating things."

I attempted to sidestep away from him but he grabbed me by the forearm, pulling me in. Was he planning on raping me, cause that grip he has on me is anything but friendly.

"Sorry." he adverted his gaze away from the ground below us and grinned sheepishly up at me, "I almost slipped."


We heard whistling from the alley and both our attentions were turned to it. Sora was walking down the damp alleyway, key blade (swinging) in hand, whistling a tune. He was oblivious to us observing him from above.

Riku leaned in closer to me and whispered, "He's loves you, you know." My eyes left Sora and studied Riku's face. He kissed me without warning, then quickly pulled away (Probably because I didn't kiss him back). He let go of me and began walking towards the other end of the roof, "And I think you're in love with him, too." He's such a Jerk. A very sexy jerk…but nonetheless, a jerk.

"Hey…Sora?" I crawled onto the bed and pulled the covers over me.

"Hmm?" he groaned.

"Are you still awake?"

"Obviously." He yawned and rolled over to face me. I poked him in the ribs. "Ow…ok sorry. What?"

"We've been best friends for like…what, two years now?" He nodded, trying hard to keep his eyes open. "Are you gay?"

"WHAT!" he whisper-yelled.

"I'm not saying you look gay, kiddo. I'm just asking."

"Stop calling me kid. Four months really doesn't make you that much older."

"Ugh. Just answer my question, SOR-Ah."

He sighed, "No, I'm not, Yuffie. Why do you ask?"

" 'Cause The other day Cloud said Guys are not best friends with girls. So he's, he being you, either gay, or just wants to get in your pants. So I was wondering if you were gay. Which by the way, there is nothing wrong with being gay. It's just a different life style, and one that I totally respect."

Even in the dark, I knew he was rolling his eyes. "That's great Yuff, but I'm not gay."

I thought for a moment, "So then you only want to get in my pants?"

"No! Of course not."

"No? Am I not cute enough to have someone want to--"

"Yuffie!" he chuckled shaking his head, "Maybe I'm you best friend cause I care about you…like a friend--a best friend. That's pretty best friend-like, isn't it?"

"Is that it? All feelings for me are platonic?"


I smiled and nodded. Hereplied witha weak grin.

I pulled on my jacket and closed the door behind me. Halfway down the hall I heard a door open and Sora's voice calling out, "Yuffie!"

I twirled around and found Sora, pulling on a pair of jeans, running towards me. I laughed at the sight. Catching up to me he crossed his arms over his bare chest, shivering. I guess it was cold.

He exhaled, "I lied."

I looked around the empty hallway, "…About?"

"The whole strictly platonic thing." He cast his eyes to the ground.

I quirked up an eyebrow and leered, "So you do like me."

His eyes flickered up to meet mine and the corners of his lips curled up, "Actually…I love you. I've been in love with you for the past year...and a half." He added,"You know, for a ninja, you are pretty darn oblivious to everything."

"I am not!"

He grinned, "You are too."

Before I got to react, he pulled me in and kissed me. Twice. Two of the loveliest kisses I've ever had--and in a row, too. He now held my hands and pulled my arms around his waist,

"So…When did this fixation with me begin anyway?"


Oh my gawd, I'm finally done with the story. Thank you guys like, so so SO much for reading and all the positive reviews. You guys are great. I'm sorry if the ending was disappointing.

And I think a few of my readers want to shoot me for the Yuriku moments. It was only to make Yuffie realize she really did want Sora.

An epilogue? I think I may just leave it where it is. Yes, I am pretty lazy.

Tell me what you guys thought.