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Chapter 1: Transfer


"I don't understand this father! Your sending me to a boys' only academy!" the young blonde girl yelled hysterically.

"Cagalli, it's only for a year, until you turn eighteen. I know you don't understand why I am doing this, but it's for your own safety." the man spoke calmly towards his daughter.

"What much difference will it be when I turn eighteen? Father, I already know this has something to do with ORB, so can't you please tell me what's going on?" Cagalli asked pleadingly.

"If I tell you that now, it won't change anything, but it will when your eighteen, so just be patient."

Cagalli let out a deep sigh. "I understand…."


Cagalli stared blankly ahead as she walked down the empty halls. "Will they really think I'm a boy?..." she asked herself mentally.

"Excuse me! You're supposed to be in class right now. What are you doing out here?" a male voice came from behind.

Cagalii turned around and saw a man in a dark brown suit. She cleared her throat trying to make her voice sound like a guy. "Ugh…I'm a new transfer student here and I'm looking for class 12B. Can you please tell me where it is?"

"Oh! So you're the new transfer student! Well follow me, I'm heading for class 12B too. My name is Mr. Onajiwa, and I'm to be your teacher." He smiled at Cagalli as they walked to the class together.

Mr. Onajiwa entered the class with Cagalli and stood in front of the chalkboard. "Quiet down everyone!"

All the guys stopped talking and took their seats and some stared at Cagalli.

"We have a new transfer student today." The teacher looked at Cagalli. "I haven't even got your name yet, why don't you introduce yourself to everyone.

Cagalli cleared her throat again. "My name is Cagalli Yula Athha. I am pleased to meet you all."

Mr. Onajiwa smiled once more. "Thank you Cagalli, why don't you take a seat? You can choose any empty desk you would like." Cagalli looked around and saw an empty desk next to the window. She walked slowly to it and sat down.

"Alright class, take out the fine literature book. We're going to read page 302 through 315."

Cagalli looked out the window and sighed. Suddenly a book appeared in front of her face. She looked up and saw a dark blue haired teen smiling down at her. Cagalli took the book in her hands. "Thank you…" she replied quietly.

"Your welcome, if you need anything, you can ask me." He said and sat back down in his seat which wasn't very far from hers. Cagalli was about to ask him his name but it was too late.

Cagalli opened the book and started to read the pages she was assigned. It was dead silent in the room since everyone was reading silently. Cagalli tried to loosen her uniform's collar for it was very uncomfortable to her. She looked around and saw everyone was wearing the same uniform with the china collar but they didn't seem to mind.

"How do guys wear these all day?..." she spoke out loud quietly enough that no one else heard.

After what seemed like forever, the bell rang and everyone got up from their desk and stretched. Cagalli covered her mouth and yawned. Next was gym. She looked around and spotted the boy who handed her the book. He was talking to another one of his classmate.

Cagalii walked over and lightly tapped him in the shoulder. He turned around and slightly looked down at her since she was a little shorter.

"Um….before….I forgot to ask your name…" Cagalli tried not to look directly into his face for he might notice she wasn't a guy.

"My name is Athrun Zala. And you're Cagalli right?" he asked. Cagalli nodded.

"Well, this is my friend here. Kira Yamato." Cagalli looked at Kira who had dark brown hair. He smiled at her. Cagalli smiled back.

"We better get to gym before we're late." Athrun suggested looking at the classroom clock. He looked at Cagalli. "Just follow us and we'll show you where you need to go."

Cagalli did as she was told. She walked by Athrun and Kira down the hall. They turned right then entered a huge locker room. There were some guys undressing. Cagalli gasped and took a step back. Kira went inside and came back holding a pair of gym clothes. He handed them to Cagalli.

"Here, you need to change into these for every gym period."

Cagalli looked around. "Um….is there a bathroom here?"

"A bathroom? It's just further down the hall." Athrun said as he pointed down the hall.

Cagalli smiled. "Thanks, I'll be right back." She ran down to the bathroom and locked herself in one of the stalls. She took a deep breath.

"How am I suppose to change in a boy's locker room?..." Cagalli started to undress herself and put on the gym clothes Kira gave her. She unlocked the stall and ran out.

"Hey, hurry up Cagalli!" Athrun called from out of the locker room. Cagalli noticed he was already dressed out.

"We're heading out to the track outside. It's a one mile run today."

"One mile?" Cagalli asked sounding a bit surprised.

Athrun laughed. "It's not too bad once you get used to it."


Cagalli breathed heavily since she wasn't used to running this much. She could smell the asphalt with every step she took. "How long do I have to stay in this school? I wcould get out of here now…" she thought to herself. Suddenly, she felt a light tap on her left shoulder.

"Hey, how are you doing Cagalli?" Cagalli turned her head to the side and saw Athrun. "I'm already worn out but I think I'll manage. But where's Kira?"

Athrun grinned and motioned behind him. "He's way back there, he's very slow at running."

"I see…" Soon after, a whistle was heard and all the students gathered around the teacher.

"All right, today we are going to work on jumping high vaults." The gym teacher pointed to a chest high vault few feet away from him. All the students groaned.

"Uh…does everybody hate vaults or something?" Cagalli asked Athrun in a quiet voice.

"Well, guys aren't very good at it…and I bet you already know what happens when you hit your thing on it." Athrun said with a small smirk.

Everyone lined up at the vault but people kept moving to the back of the line because they didn't want to go first. Then it left Kira. Just about when he was move back to the line as well, the teacher called his name.

"You're up first Kira!" Kira sighed and got in a running stance. He ran towards the vault as fast as he could but his hands didn't land on top of the vault. Instead, his feet reached it and just ran across the vault and jumped down.

"Kira, how many times do I have to tell you, use your hands! Not your feet!" The teacher yelled at him.

Kira smiled slyly. "Sorry." Then he moved all the way back to the line. Next was Cagalli.

Athrun watched Cagalli get ready to charge at the vault. She ran much faster then Kira and set her hands on the vault. She pulled her whole body up and made a perfect jump. Everyone watched in amazement. No boy ever did a perfect jump like that. Not even Athrun.

"Way to go Cagalli! Did you see that everyone? That's how you do a jump!" The teacher clapped slightly.

Athrun blinked a few times. But not because of the amazement from Cagalli's jump. "I swear I saw curves on his chest….or is it just my imagination?..." Athrun thought mentally.

Cagalli smiled in satisfaction. She sure liked gym the best since she was best at it. But there were 5 more periods of more studying. And like that, a whole day went by smoothly.

"Gee…I guess they really think I'm a guy…." Cagalli thought.

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