:I 'heart' Josh like no other girl haha and I love it when he gets jealous of Donna's dates on The West Wing. So here's a fanfic in tribute to the incredible facial expressions that Bradley Whitford does when Josh gets jealous.:

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Operation: Swagger v Insanity

Chapter 1 – The Plan

It is 9.30a.m on a Monday morning. Josh has already warned me that we won't get out of here until at least midnight. No surprises there then.

I'm sitting at my desk typing out important notes that Josh will never read, and looking through his schedule for the day. I then realised that Josh is already 15 minutes behind.

"Senior Staff with Leo and the President- right now!" I yelled out to him.

"Now?" Josh walked out of his office, facing me with amusing incredulity. "Donna, it's 9.15. Senior Staff doesn't start until 9.30."

I pointed to Josh's broken watch, giving him a hinted cough.

"My timekeeping not improving?" he guessed.

I grinned, handing Josh the mandatory 'Debbie Fiderer' file that he must take to every meeting. "Got it in one," I replied.

"You should be the speaking clock," Josh yelled out to me, walking down the hallways.

I hurried to catch up with him. "Toby wants to have a private word with you after the meeting."

"What have I done?" Josh asked, continuing to walk in that maddening but endearing swagger.

I rolled my eyes. "Why is it that you think I know everything?"

"Because you do know everything. What does Toby want?"

"I don't know," I told him, smiling sweetly. In fact, I do know what Toby wants, but if I tell Josh that, it means it's nothing too political and it's nothing for Josh to worry about. However, it's important that Josh does see Toby otherwise it will ruin my master plan.

Ah, yes, the Plan. I have something in the works that is going to turn Josh's life upside-down. And Toby, for one, is in on it.

I rubbed my eyes tiredly, feeling a great need for my bed. I have no desire to do any press briefings today as I didn't get to sleep until 3am last night. Not due to insomnia but due to Donna Moss. I blame Donna for feeling like crap today.

Donna, Will, Toby and I had a few drinks round my apartment last night. It was originally just Donna and I having a girly night in, gossiping about the boys and keeping the sisterhood alive. Then, after a bottle of tequila had been drained by the two of us, the topic got on to 'idiot boy'. Oh don't get me wrong, I love Josh, he's like a naughty little brother that I just want to scold, spank then cuddle all at the same time, but he is an idiot as well. Especially when you try to point out to him that he's in love with a certain very beautiful assistant of his. Even Leo tried with the old classic of 'get it together will you', meaning either tell her your feelings or just LET - IT - LIE. Unfortunately, Josh has done neither of those things, and things are beginning to come to a head. If President Bartlet hadn't declared the Inauguration Balls as a 'work night' I think something might have happened between Josh and Donna that night.

Anyway, so, the tequila. Alcohol can do strange things, and it certainly did something to Donna last night. She ended up confessing everything that she had been bottling up for the last goddamn five years. I say five years because I'm counting our first campaign too. Donna adores Josh. She thinks a shiny golden halo hovers above his head twenty-four seven. Oh he drives her crazy too, but yeah basically Donna has been 'touched' by the infuriatingly endearing Joshua Lyman and she doesn't know what to do about it anymore. Until Inauguration Night, Donna knew how to control her feelings for Josh, but I guess standing in the snow being told she looks amazing is the last straw. She can't take it anymore. She wants to be with Josh, and she'll do anything to make it happen.

Only problem is, he's her boss, and for that reason he still hasn't said a word about his feelings. Donna thinks it's too inappropriate for her to make the first move, so how is she going to get Josh to change his mind?

Never fear because Donna has a plan. This is where Toby and Will come into it. I very reluctantly (I wanted my bed at that point) called Toby, then Will at 1 in the morning. As any sane person would, they refused to call round at that unearthly time. After all, it's only been a week since the Inauguration speech finally got finished, and being in bed by 1a.m is a luxury for the two busiest speechwriters in the country. Then I said the all-important line.

"It's to do with Operation: Swagger v Insanity." They were at my apartment within the hour.

When Donna asked me what Operation: Swagger v Insanity meant, I explained it very simply. Whenever Donna has just had one of her 'talks' with Josh he does the 'swagger'. He walks around with a huge grin on his face, gets a lot of work done and everything is very…relaxed.

However, when Donna isn't around - a rare day off for example - or if she's gone on a date, Josh becomes quiet or worst, hostile. It used to drive Sam, Toby and myself mad. Now Will has been witness to it. Last week, the day after the President got sworn in, the three of us hatched a secret 'mission'. We all agreed that for the next four years we'd rather see Josh's maddening swagger than his bad moods, and the only way that we're ever going to see the swagger on a regular basis is if something happens with Donna. So that's what we're trying to accomplish. Unfortunately, we didn't have a plan.

Let's fast forward from that week to last night, and we've got ourselves a nice little society. Donna and I feed the boys with alcohol, and the ideas run free.

This is the best one, and I really could hug Will for this as well as Donna.

Whenever Donna goes out on a date, there's only one thing that causes Josh's change of mood - its jealousy. So we needed to focus on that. Will thought it would be a really good idea if Donna told Josh she was dating someone again. Toby disagreed at first on that one, and so did I. After all, Donna has been on many dates, and Josh has never told Donna why he doesn't like it, what will change now?

Will had two reasons to disagree with Toby and I.

1 - Donna's last boyfriend was Jack, and Josh was beginning to let it get to him. Another relationship could push him further.

2 - If Donna started to date someone that Josh KNOWS PERSONALLY, then maybe that will finally open the can of worms.

It was genius. Donna definitely thought so, judging from the wicked mirth that appeared in her eyes at the time.

Who could she 'date' though?

Then I saw Will's face. He had a very cheeky grin and he was looking straight at Donna. Donna was looking at him right back. I glanced at Toby and we nodded silently. Donna and Will - the new 'couple' of the West Wing.

Will is sure the whole thing won't last a day and Josh will be in Donna's arms forever.

If everything goes according to plan of course, and I have an uneasy feeling that things are going to get complicated. After all, this is the West Wing and no plan goes without a hitch here.

I glanced at my watch. It's time for senior staff, then the all important meeting between Josh and Toby. As I walked to the Oval Office, I crossed my fingers behind my back. It's show-time.

End of Chapter 1