Disclaimer: I do not own King Arthur or any of the characters from that movie or myth. I own only the way the story is presented here on this page.

A/n: This is based on the King Arthur movie but also in the mythology of King Arthur and the Round table. Elaine de Corbenic is, according to the myth, a British princess (Best friend to Guinevere) who Lancelot saves from a spell cast by Morgan le Fay. She's also the mother of Galahad which made this interesting to write as Galahad is already in the movie. So some minor changes were made to accomadate both (Lancelot lives and there will be 2 Galahads!)

This was also meant as a challenge to me to see if I could write the story in segments of 500 words each. Each section is a piece of the myth surrounding Lancelot and Elaine. It didn't go the way I originally intended when I started to write about Elaine but for what it is, I decided to post it anyway.

Part One: Burning

He awoke to find himself in an unfamiliar bed; lying next to a woman he had just met a few days before. He felt ashamed at first, for betraying his feelings for Guinevere, although the women had never asked him to remain faithful to her. After all, she was quite happy and in love with her husband. However, in his mind he had committed adultery towards the women he loved with her best friend.

He turned over to look at the still sleeping Elaine, slowly going from ashamed to angry. The women had obviously tricked him; making him believe it was Guinevere he had made love to. He was both angry with her for ticking him and with himself for falling for it and actually acting upon his feeling for his best friend's wife.

Granted, Elaine was not a woman to scoff at. She was very beautiful, and often was considered the only women who could stand up to Guinevere when it came to beauty. Her hair and skin tone was darker then Guinevere's, and her eyes, if he remembered correctly, were dark brown. However, the fact remained that the women in the bed with him was not the Queen of Briton he loved nor did she belong to his heart and soul.

When she finally awoke they had fought. He supposed it was a little stupid of him to think she actually purposely came after him. Arthur, perhaps as she seemed to have an unhealthy fascination with the man but the truth was they had been both too drunk to even care who it was they were bedding. The fact that they remembered their actions was a surprise in itself. She had not been the Lady of the land as he had expected and gave as well as she got from him. He could still feel the wind as a vase flew past his ear to crash into the wall.

Apparently, he had called her Guinevere during the night. He couldn't remember what she had called him.

However, his doubts about her choice of him as a lover arouse once more as he left Corbenic at the sight of Elaine's maidservant looking at him with a smirk as if she had gotten the best of him. Elaine refused to see him off, and he wasn't disappointed. As far as he was concerned he never wanted to see her again. She would just be a reminder that he had once taken to bed his love's best friend. A barmaid was one thing but this was more of a betrayal.

The problem was he couldn't get the image of the enraged Elaine, grail maiden of the Woads out of his mind. He never told anyone about what happened, which was odd in itself, but his thoughts traveled back to her every once and awhile. She was a phantom in his memory now that haunted him.

She wasn't just any woman. She burned her way into his soul even without being present.