My first fan fic!

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RatedT (probably), rated E for entertaining and rated F for funny. :)

My fan fic is based on the game Shadow of Destiny.


Idiot's Shadow

-Eike lies down on the square to think about life.-

Eike: Life is so beautiful.

Old woman: Stop!

-The old woman and the braty girl run over Eike with their tractor-

Girl: I think we ran over something.

Old woman: It's a drunk or something.

Girl: Aren't we the ones who are ,like, smashed?

Old woman: hic,hic

-Eike goes to the cafe to find the memo to Dana-

Eike: What's this?

-A voice can be heard from inside-

Voice1: Ooooh…..I see you….ha ha ha…

Voice2: I'm flying…..

-Eike runs in the cafe and sees the cafe owner and the fortune teller smoking joint-

Eike: What! You!

Teller: Do you want me too predict your future! I see dead people. Ha ha ha….

Owner: Waaaaassssuuuppppp!

Eike: Who's there!

-He points at the back of the counter. Homonculus comes out dressed as a schoolgirl-

Homonculus: I'm a bad girl.

-Homonculus notices Eike-

Homonculus: ummm…oooops…..

-Eike comes out of the bar and takes out a Playboy from his pocket, instead of the alchemy book. Homonculus shows up.-

Eike: What are you doing here?

-Homonculus looks at the Playboy and Eike shows it to him-

Homonculus: Move it away! I don't like the symbol on the cover.

Eike: What are you?

Homonculus: I'm Homonculus.

Eike: So you're gay too! That's great! We can hang out some time!

-Eike drops his Playboy instead of the Digipad in fornt of Hugo-

Hugo: What is that?

Eike: Nothing, nothing…

Hugo: I want to make something like that too!

-A few chapters later….-

-Eike gets a phone call from Hugo-

Hugo: I made something like that too! Just like your magazine!

FUN FACT: Dr. Wagner was the first model.

Sybila: Will you bring me a kitten!

Eike: I'll see what I can do.

-Some time later….-

-Eike brings a killer dog to Sybila instead of a kitten-

Eike: I'm sorry I didn't bring you a kitten. I hope this will do.

Sybila: Yaay! A puppy!

Killer dog: Let me have 'er!

Bar owner: Want to see the picture?

Eike: No, but I'm sure they're cute.

Bar owner: Want to see the picture?

Eike: I'm sorry, but no.

Bar owner: Want to see the picture?

Eike: No!

Bar owner: Want to see the picture?

Eike: NO!

Bar owner: Want to see the picture?


Bar owner: Oh…I get it, I'll stop bothering you.

Eike: Thank godness.

Bar owner: By the way… Want to see the picture?

-Eike takes out the digipad and bashes the bar owner on the head-

Eike: I don't want to see the damn picture!


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