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Daniel did a little jump into the air, almost dropping his mug filled to the brim with coffee and the notepad he had been reading. That was until Jack had stuck his head around the door of his office. Daniel closed his eyes for a second, praying to at least a half a dozen gods for patience. Setting down his coffee he turned.


"You done yet with translating all the scribbly lines?"

Daniel rolled his eyes. Everybody close to Jack knew the man was highly intelligent and quite capable of pronouncing all the scientific terms correctly. They also knew he preferred to keep things simple and annoy the hell out of everyone.

"Yes, Jack. I finished translating all the pictures. I even managed to place the gold necklace in its proper context. You see, the small figures carved into the side are quite—"

Daniel stopped with his hands in front of him, gesturing to reinforce his explanation. Jack was staring at him. Wait, no, Jack was staring at his shirt. Either that or the wall behind him. Daniel sighed internally.

"—interesting, and you don't want to hear this. The notepad is right on top of that cabinet, along with the folder and pictures."

As the last words left his mouth the notepad had already left its place, and Daniel could see a blur of green walk out of his office. Instead of a prayer now at least a half a dozen curses in various languages came to mind. But immediately afterwards he had to smile. Finally things had come to this, and after seeing his two friends struggle for so long he couldn't be anything but happy for them.

He picked up his mug and took a sip. Ah, glorious brown potion! He took a moment to savour his midmorning coffee. Then another curse shot through his head. Looking down at his attire he grunted, letting his eyes close and his head drop to his chest. 'Great! Another day of everybody looking funny at me. I'd wish someone would tell me in the morning whether we're wearing blue or green. How the hell am I supposed to know!'

- ∞ -

"—and that is how your cast your line. After that it's just a matter of watching your float."

She was standing right next to him on the small jetty. He had just provided her with a demonstration on proper casting techniques and fishing rules and she had listened and watched intently. So intently that she was still paying attention even after his demonstration had ended.

"So, think you got it?" 'Now there's a line I never though I'd say to her.'

She was still staring at the fishing pole and the lake. Then, suddenly, she snapped out of her reverie.

"So it's all just a combination of angles, applying enough force, and hand-eye coordination to get the hook far enough from the shore?"


"Sure, suck all the romance out of it, will ya?"

She smiled apologetically and held out her hands to take over the fishing rod. With a small smile of his own he handed it to her and sat down in his fishing chair.

"Did Daniel mention when they would arrive here?"

Jack shrugged. "He said they would be here later this afternoon. Teal'c wants to go see something first on the way here, and I quote, 'a thing very important to the culture of this planet'."

Not looking at the float of the line she lightly frowned. I'd be very surprised if she'd figures this one out, he thought.

"The Homestead National Monument of America in Nebraska?"

Jack smiled and shook his head. If she was taking this guessing thing seriously this could be a good one, he realized.

"A point somewhere along the trail of Lewis and Clark?"

Again he shook his head. Although he silently had to admit that wasn't a bad guess.

"Is the Glen Miller festival around this time?"

"There's a Glen Miller festival? Damn, how come I didn't know that?"

"A fan, sir?"

"Hey, it's good music, that is." He said, waving a threatening finger in her direction. She smiled again, clearly enjoying their banter as much as he was.

"The Fort Ridgely Historic site here in Minnesota?"

"Now you're reaching. And scaring me with your knowledge of American sites."

She shrugged. "Fine, I give up, what is it?"

He leaned back in his chair, a very silly grin of his face. "The SPAM museum in Austin."

For a moment she stood still, blankly staring at him. He had to use some of his military discipline to refrain himself from laughing. Finally her brain shifted into gear, and she found her voice again.

"The SPAM…"

"…museum in Austin, yeah. I think the commissary made a mistake and served it to him once. Although I have no idea why we have SPAM in our food supply at the SGC."

"The SPAM museum in Austin."

"The SPAM museum in Austin."

"The SPAM—"

"Parrot", he interrupted.

Suddenly she threw her head back and laughed out loud. Jack was more then a little surprised by it, but quickly decided it was a new highlight of this trip. He chuckled along. She stopped laughing but continued to shake her head in an amused way. She sat down next to him in the second seat. They descended into a comfortable silence, both watching the float on her line. It was a few minutes after nine in the morning. They had arrived at the cabin late the evening before, but instead of sleeping in late and checking the place out Sam had insisted on Jack teaching her how to fish. Her enthusiasm seemed a little hollow and forced, but he decided to let it go. So now they sat. And they fished. Jack was about to grab his own rod when he heard her voice.

"Do you ever think about the future, sir?"

He rolled his eyes. "Lose the sir, Carter."

"Lose the Carter, sir."

Grinning he picked up his fishing rod. With sure and swift movements he grabbed the line, swung back and sent the hook and float far into the lake. He settled the rod on his hip and let the silence return for a moment. Then he spoke up.


She opened her mouth to say something but hesitated, and finally snapped her mouth shut again. For a while they sat there, neither of them speaking.

"Have you ever thought how things could be different?"

Jack squirmed in his seat a little. He had planned on speaking to her about the drawings and the timecapsule thing before Daniel and Teal'c would arrive, but he hadn't planned on it coming up so soon! He tried to think of a way to tell her everything without sounding to forward or assuming, or just downright arrogant. 'Hey Sam, we had five children together in the past, wanna do it again? Yeah, that'll win her over.'

"I have, recently."

She turned her head towards him and gave him an awkward look. One saying she didn't understand and wanted him to elaborate. Clearing his throat Jack tried to think of a way to break the news easy to her.

"You know, with all the things that have happened. The Replicators, Anubis, Daniel doing his yearly glow-act, us travelling back in time while we don't get to go. It gets you thinking."

She nodded. "Yeah, I'm still amazed at the discovery of the ZPM. The quantum mechanics behind the timemachine are simply astonishing. Though, it is a bit weird to see ourselves on tape, only 5000 years in the past."

"You have no idea," he quietly muttered to himself. But apparently he didn't mutter it quietly enough.


'Oh oh.'

"Yeah, that was a bit weird. Wanna grab a bite to eat?"


Damn. He knew that tone. That was the one telling him she was on to him, and wanted him to spill it. 'Sooo not the way I wanted to do this. Oh well.' He twisted his body a little in his seat to face her better.

"Carter—," ignoring the unspoken response to him using her surname again, "—it was weird to see us on that tape. But…that's not all."

She stayed silent, but a raised eyebrow showed she was paying attention and waiting for him to continue. He ran his hand quickly through his hair before picking up the story again.

"The ZPM was found near the jar thingy with the tape in it, right?"

She nodded.

"Well, just after they shipped the ZPM and jar to us they found another site. With another jar."

Her eyes lit up. Anticipating her outburst he held up his hand.

"In it were a few items. Not another ZPM, obviously, but interesting to say the least. For some people that is."

"What was it? And interesting to whom?"

"People like…you. And me. You and me. Us." He knew he was floundering a little, but he couldn't help it.

"You…and me," she said slowly.

He shrugged and offered her a small grin. Not very convincing though.

"What was in the jar?"

He sighed and looked away.

"What was in the jar?"

"Oh, just a bunch of paper, a ball and a necklace."

"And why would that be 'interesting' for us?"

"Ohfffcrrynnoulou…," he muttered. He stood up from his seat. "Stay here," he said, waving a finger at her seat. He walked off the jetty and into the house.

- ∞ -

"This is…"




"I mean…"



"You certainly said that again."


They both fell silent.


"I don't know."

A sigh. "Neither do I."



"No, forget I said anything."

"No, come on, what?"

"Maybe…maybe that necklace would look good on you."

"You think?" softy said.

"Yeah," said equally soft.


"Yes?" A mere whisper.

"…Jacob, is a good name. For a kid."


"You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm…I'm fine."

For a long time they didn't speak. The float had gone down a few times, but neither one saw it. Finally Jack stood up.

"I'm gonna make some lunch."


"Okay. One O'Neill special, coming up."

It elicited the smile he been dying to see for a while now. Slowly he walked to the cabin. When he opened the screen door her voice made him freeze in his tracks.


He sharply turned his head and their eyes met.

"You really mean it?"

She didn't have to be specific, he knew exactly what she wanted to know. And it didn't really matter what she specifically meant, his answer covered every comment, remark, gesture, action and look that had ever passed and would pass between them.

"I do."

A smile broke through along with a few tears, like the sun through faint grey rain clouds. She nodded. Holding her gaze for just a minute longer he stood there. Then he smiled and went inside.

- ∞ -

'Holy Hannah!'

- ∞ -


- ∞ -