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The Emancipation

To Emancipate:

To free from bondage, oppression, or restraint; liberate.

Syaoran -

Thunder clapped around us - this truly was a heavy storm. But we could not feel the water any longer. We couldn't even hear the noise that vibrated around us - we were trapped in that dome of tension and obscurity which hung around us, making me feel disturbed to a point of screaming out loud.

I did not know why Sakura's eyes were growing dark. I did not know why they seemed so empty to me in that moment than in any other moment before. Something was happening, that was obvious - but what? Surely it couldn't be that the "stranger," as Mikoro had called it, was surfacing? It wasn't possible! Only Kero, Tomoyo, Duncan and I knew! Four people, which hardly made it six!

And then suddenly, something in the back of my head which contained all of my memories burst open, flooding my mind with things that had only just occurred to me right at that very moment. I started hearing voices, voices which told me that the worst was about to happen - everything just started to click...

"I...I...Dude, it wasn't me, I swear! Her stomach! Her stomach! Her fucking stomach! Dude! Look at it!"

Hiro, the jerk that slipped her drink from the party Mei had held saw the flicker. He was obsessing about her stomach, saying that something was wrong. I felt it in Sakura's aura that night that she'd been feeling so much anger, worry, and sadness. That was three off of the long list of emotions Mikoro said she could not feel!

And then back at the mansion, just a few hours mother had seen. My mother had sensed the flicker.

"Son, she is disappearing...she is crying. And she is disappearing."

Of course! Crying obviously meant that she was extremely sad about the conversation we had just before she'd been seen by my mother.

And then the final memory crashed down upon me like a giant wave, crushing me beneath its weight.

"The finding or telling of anyone or anything of the flicker will automatically allow the stranger to live on the surface..."

"If six people were to ever find out, it would only take one more flickering situation..."

That made six.






And me.

Oh God. It was happening.


Sakura -

A pain like none other shot through my entire body. I made a choking noise as I grasped my stomach with one hand, the other hand clutching my heart. I sank down onto my knees, my eyes closed together so tightly that it only added to the tremendous amount of pain I was already in.

My breathing came out short and raspy. It felt like there was a thunder storm going on inside of me, when really, it was happening around us. At least, that's what I had last seen. Like before, like the very first time I'd been cursed with the flicker, everything was black and empty. The only things that could be seen were Syaoran and I.

And then I remembered…Syaoran.

"Sakura!" He panted, sprinting towards me. He placed both hands on my shoulder, attempting to help me up. I only collapsed onto his lap, as he began to shake my now limp body. "Sakura, stay with me. Sakura, keep focused on me!" He said in a panicked voice. The fear was visible in his eyes. I wondered if it was in mine, too.

I let out a long breath. My breathing was no longer quick. It was hard to tell if I was even breathing at all. It certainly didn't seem like it. Was I dying? I tried not to think about this. I only tried to keep Syaoran's voice in my head, and follow his instructions. Only stay focused on him. Just keep staring into his amber eyes…

"Syaoran…" I whispered, the strength leaving my body.

He replied by saying my name. Gently, he set me down onto the ground, examining my body. He and I both knew what was happening. It was obvious to see that everything was about to change, and not for the better, but for the most definite worse. There was nothing anybody could do now.

I tried to warn him. I tried to stay away from him, as much as I could. But I gave in to the temptations. I started to feel whenever I was near him, something I knew I could never do if I wanted to keep my loved ones and everyone else on the planet safe. But I could not help myself. I started to laugh, cry, and smile – and actually mean it. And even though he is the reason why I began to show my emotions, I do not blame him. I could never blame him.

I'm just glad that I got to kiss him one last time before I disappeared…

"Sakura!" He screamed loudly, staring at my body with the most worried pair of eyes I'd ever seen. I knew what was happening, but I did not try to console him. I didn't bother telling him that everything would be alright, because I didn't want to lie – I knew that it wouldn't be. "Sakura! Don't, don't flicker, please…"

I felt as light as a feather. My head rolled to one side as everything inside of me just started to grow fainter and fainter.

I then heard a startled gasp. Syaoran stumbled backwards, struggling to get to his feet. He looked down at my flickering body, astonished. Something inside of me began to squirm. I was no longer myself, I was – I don't know what I was. All I knew was that the minute I closed my eyes, I felt as though I was falling faster and further down a bottomless hole.


Syaoran -

I jumped up to my feet with a lot of effort. The weight that was on my shoulders seemed so heavy at that moment that it actually weighed me down. Not to mention, the current situation with Sakura's body was really starting to creep me the fuck out. It was like history was repeating itself! If you don't understand, let me explain.

A look alike version of Sakura – a twin, basically – someone with the same features as her, the same auburn brown hair, the same emerald green eyes, the same figure, same clothes – frigging got up and walked out of the limp Sakura's body! Two Sakura's were right before my very eyes!

One Sakura, the real Sakura, lying limp on the ground with her head rolled to one side.

Then there was the fake Sakura, stretching as though she'd just got up from a nap, smiling so wickedly that her grin alone made me want to pee my pants. I didn't know this Sakura at all! Sure, she may have had the same everything as the real Sakura, but nothing about her reminded me about the real one – nothing seemed familiar to me about her.

She was a complete Stranger.


Sakura –

"S – Sakura?" I heard. The sound of Syaoran's voice snapped me out of my reverie. The falling sensation had left my body – in fact, each and every sensation that I had been feeling left my body. The only thing that could be felt now was the faintness of my head. I tried opening my eyes, to see what was happening.

I rolled my head back into position. I stared up at something before me. A blurry version of Syaoran's muscular figure stood a few feet away from me, as did…mine? Only then did it occur to me that the Stranger had finally been released. In just a few moments, I would be gone, never to be seen again.

"Hello!" The Stranger replied, in my own voice. Although, the tone she was using was one that I hadn't used since the seventh grade. It was high, cheerful, and happy. But why on earth would somebody as evil as the stranger sound so jubilant? I'm sure Syaoran was also confused.

"Y – You're…you're not Sakura…" I heard him say. I watched as he took a few careful steps away from her, so that he was now beside me, though still a good distance away. She bounced childishly towards him, a grin still plastered onto her look alike face. She giggled softly.

"Of course I am!" She said, turning her smile upside down into a pout which only toddlers used. "I look like her, don't I, Syaoran?"

"You're…you're a Stranger! You're not Sakura at all! Sakura is on the ground, suffering!" He yelled angrily, glaring at the Stranger so much that he could've burnt a whole through her clothes. He pointed a finger at my body, but did not look at it. Did he not notice that I was still flickering?

The Stranger continued to pout in a babyish kind of way. She folded her arms across her chest – something I normally did when upset – and stomped her foot, that, not being a something I'd do. "That hurt my feelings!" She complained, ripping a necklace off of her neck. I heard the snapping of the chain.

I then realized with grief that the only difference between us in looks was that I was no longer wearing the magical necklace – it was in the Stranger's possession. Oh God.

"Key concealing the power of the stars," she recited, the necklace floating up into the air, my magical circle forming from beneath her, and a large gust of wind picking up around all of us. "Reveal thy true form before me! By our contract, I, Sakura, command you!" An evil glimmer appeared in her eyes just before screaming, "Release!"

In only a second, the key turned into the pink staff. I watched as the Stranger began to twirl it as though it were a baton, something I did whenever I had done that. She kept glancing over at Syaoran to see if he was watching.

"Did you like it?" She asked him in a sweet voice.

Syaoran paused before answering. "No."

The Stranger took on a face which made it look as though she had been physically hurt. "But why not?"

"Because," Syaoran replied angrily, walking over to me and kneeling down. He stared at me and gasped. He only realized then at that moment that I was still flickering. He placed his hand on my slowly beating heart and warmth spread through my entire body. I heard him suck in a shaky breath.

He turned to glare at the Stranger. "Because," he continued, "Sakura is flickering. Just a few more minutes and she'll be gone forever. And that can't happen. I won't let it happen." He declared forcefully. The hurt expression on the Stranger's face never left from her.

"Do you like her more than me?" She asked stupidly.

Syaoran, I expect, had been very angry at the moment. I was still in grave danger, making him extremely impatient to save me. So he really didn't have time for the Stranger. Which was probably why his answer sounded like this, "Of course you idiot, what did you expect? You're frigging evil and you only came out of her body not even five minutes ago."

"But why?" She shrieked, stomping her foot harder than before. She crossed her arms tighter over her chest and crumpled her face, "We're both the same! Why don't you like me?" This Stranger was so childish that it surprised me.

Syaoran sighed angrily and ran a hand through his hair. He stood up and glowered at the Stranger. "Do you fucking want me to repeat myself? You're evil! You're nothing close to Sakura. She's beautiful and charming and exactly the opposite of you. You're not the same at all."

His words touched my slowly beating heart.

"That wasn't nice," she stated underneath her breath. She didn't seem cheerful anymore.

"Yeah, well, thanks for stating the obvious." Syaoran replied, no longer paying any attention to her. He bent down to listen to my heartbeat. I thought it was stupid of him. Just because the Stranger didn't seem like a threat, didn't mean that she wasn't. He shouldn't have let his guard down.

"Meaney!" She shrieked, taking a swing at him. He moved just in time, the staff missing me by only an inch.

Everything that took place before my eyes was just a series of punch, kicks, stabs, and dodging. The flash of bright silver I saw registered in my mind as Syaoran's sword. The last time he'd taken it out was the time when I challenged him to a duel just like this. I couldn't help but think that the Stranger really was a lot like me.

"I want you to like me!" She screamed, trying hard to punch him. She missed, again, and ducked out of the way as he attempted to kick her in the stomach.

"I would never like you!" He yelled back, missing his target.

The whole fighting while talking thing actually kind of amused me. "But why?" She asked again for the hundredth time, "I remembered what it was like inside her body. I remember everything you said to her! You told her you loved her! Why don't you love me?"

"Because I love Sakura!" He shouted back.

Hearing those words made me want to do something. I tried futilely to get up and help him defeat the Stranger, but it was no use. I wasn't flickering anymore. I was disappearing. But I would not let it happen so quickly. I tried to fight it, but it was so difficult. I couldn't just fade from existence!

"I am Sakura!" The Stranger cried.

"Stop," Syaoran said firmly, taking a stab at her, "saying that! You're nothing like her!"

The fighting waged on. I could do nothing but watch. I wanted to scream so badly, to help him defeat this demonic toddler wannabe! But I could not. I was left to watch as Syaoran risked everything for me, left to think about what would happen and what was happening.

I did not understand why the Stranger had been so blunt about everything. The task given to her by Mikoro was simple: create chaos within this world, using the cards which were meant to obey me, and only me. But she was part of me, the only part of me that would exist. Because I was slowly fading, fading…

That's what I didn't understand, either. That was her task. But the first thing she'd set her sights upon was Syaoran, and all she wanted to do was make him fall in love with her. She must've felt what it was like for him to say all those things to me. I guess she wanted to keep on feeling whatever she felt whenever he said those romantic, yet forceful things to me.

I gasped with whatever breath I had left. The Stranger had got him in a very uncomfortable head lock. He was fighting for air, struggling against the Stranger's ever powerful grip – it was much stronger than mine, I could tell. "Tell me you love me!" She screeched.

His face began turning purple, "No," he choked.

Roughly, she released him and pushed him onto the ground. The tiniest of tears could be seen, trapped in the corner of her eyes. She strutted over to me, fuming like a volcano. She got onto her knees and stared me down with a look that could kill. Whatever warmth I had left inside of me quickly drained.

"If," she began, using a tone of voice which was completely different from the previous one she used. This one was dark, gruff, and angry. Not cheery or happy at all. "I am to destroy the world…" she got up onto her feet and walked over to Syaoran, who was lying on his back, breathing hard.

"I'll destroy yours first." She muttered, glaring at the man who refused to love her.

"Power!" She screamed suddenly, throwing one of my beloved cards into the air. She thrust the staff into the air above her, and the effects of the Power Card were absorbed into it. If someone were to ever take a blow from the Power Card when it was within the staff, the results could be ugly. Really ugly.

She did exactly what I did not want her to do. Raising the staff high in the air, she brought it crashing down onto Syaoran's stomach. My shallow breath caught in my throat. Move! I wanted to cry. Get out of the way, Syaoran! Before it hits you!

But he did not.

Syaoran was already so weak. He was already having trouble breathing because of the deadly head lock that he was just in. It was no wonder he couldn't move.

A single tear streamed down my cheek. "No!" I said, though I was not heard. The sound of my voice was nothing but the whisper of a flee.

Syaoran's body crumpled on the ground, grasping his stomach in pain. He was breathing hard again, completely winded. It took me a while to register that he was not badly injured. Yes, if he were to lift his shirt there would be an ugly purple bruise, but Syaoran's chest, from what I've seen, is rock solid. It couldn't have hurt him that badly.

"You made me do it, you know." The Stranger said, looking down upon him with pity. She made a clicking noise with her tongue. "But I am really sorry."

I turned over on my side, staring into Syaoran's pained eyes. At least his amber eyes would be the very last things I would see. I wouldn't have it any other way. I just wished that the sadness inside of them were not so visible. It made me want to cry even more.

My thoughts were interrupted, when suddenly, the Stranger climbed on top of Syaoran, so that she was straddling him. A flash of anger shot through my body. If I had the strength, I would've glared at her, gotten up and pushed her off of him. What the fuck did she think she was doing?

"Now will you tell me you love me?" She asked, not as sweet like before, but still quite sugar coated. Syaoran did not reply. Angry, she took his head with both her hands and smashed it against the ground. The side of his head began to bleed slightly. Not a lot that he would die, but all the same, I didn't want him shedding any blood!

What made her think she could man handle him like that? The anger inside of me only continued to grow, which only increased my disappearing rate. But I couldn't help it. The faster she got off of him, the slower I'd start disappearing. That was only one of the reasons I wanted her off. Mainly it was because I was jealous as hell. Even though technically, she was still me.

"She'll be gone in just a few moments!" The Stranger explained, glancing at me. Syaoran turned his head, and caught my eye. Why wasn't he pushing her off? Surely he didn't like it! Of course he didn't. But this stranger was about fifty times stronger than me, so my guesses were that she was weighing him down like an anchor.

"I'll be the only thing left of her, so you might as well start loving me now."

Angered, he began to struggle. The Stranger began squirming on top of him, fighting to stay on top. "She won't disappear. She will never disappear! So there's no point in making me love you!" He paused to squirm beneath her tremendous weight, "She's the only one I'll ever love!"

Oh, Syaoran…

"Sakura!" He screamed, staring at me with pleading eyes. More tears continued to fall from eyes unwillingly. "You can fight this! You can't let this flickering take you away from me!"

The next few moments were filled with the sound of raspy breathing and shrieks of objection. The Stranger continued to push him down as he tried everything and anything to be freed from her. But it was no use. She was right. He might as well start loving her, because I won't be there for him to love.

"Why aren't you doing anything?" He demanded, "Sakura, the cards love you!" He screamed, struggling but still staring in my direction. It was no use, for God's sake! Why didn't he understand that? I knew he could see my skin, my figure – I was transparent! You could see right through me – just a few more seconds…

"The cards love you!" He screamed again, "Your guardians love you! Tomoyo, Eriol, my mom loves you! All four of my sisters! Sakura!" He said desperately, hanging on to nothing but false hope that I would regain my appearance and fight back. "Please Sakura, we all love you!"

He paused before he said anything else. "I love you!"

My ears perked up and my eyes snapped open.

"You can't disappear on us!"

Oh Syaoran…I wish that would work. I wish that with the help of your words, I could overcome this and then everything would return to normal. But it would take more than that to get me back to my old self. No words could help me now. But it was nice to hear him say he loved me one last time.

"Syaoran…" I whispered, reaching out to him with a transparent hand. "I…I love…"

I was never able to finish my sentence. My eyes just simply closed, and my hand fell limp. The last thing I remember before everything around me turned black was hearing Syaoran whimper. I then felt this falling sensation like I had felt just moments before. The only thing that could be heard was the wind in my ears.

But then there was something else…something else…I didn't know what it was. At first, it was nothing but a blur of words. Just a bunch of gibberish strung together to sound like a fast forwarded kind of version of Alvin and the Chipmunks singing a Christmas song. But then it started becoming clearer and clearer…

Someone was screaming. No, not screaming…trying to scream. Whoever it was could not, because something…something was on top of their mouth. But…what?

The first thing that came to mind was something horrible. My eyes automatically opened and I was greeted with the most disgruntling scene ever. My thoughts were confirmed, and once again, I was filled with the strongest feelings of disgust, hate, anger and most importantly, jealousy.

That stupid bitch Stranger was locking lips with Syaoran! My Syaoran!

I don't know what came over me. But somehow, the emotions of which I was forbidden to feel fueled me to stand up. My fists unknowingly clenched together, and I could feel a strong heat gather in my cheeks. I was even turning red! Oh, this Stranger bitch had something coming to her.

She was so busy swapping saliva with Syaoran that she didn't even notice me. It was only when I slammed my right first into the palm of my left hand, making a smacking noise, did she look up at me. She was surprised at first, to see that I was back. I was supposed to have disappeared, which I did. But I came back to protect my Syaoran from look alike versions of me that kissed him like they were the one he was in love with – which they weren't!

She smirked, getting up from him. Syaoran immediately wiped his lips, looking like he wanted to vomit. He then stared up at me, a mix of happiness and shock shown on his face. I ignored him, for at the moment, I had a little something to take care of, and by God would I take care of it.

"Keep," I said, taking a step towards her, "your nasty lips off of his."

With that smirk still plastered on her face, she chuckled, as if I was no threat to her. Lot of hell she knew. "And if I don't?" She challenged.

I made that same gesture – I slammed my right hand into the palm of my left hand – and said, "You'll have hell to pay."

Chuckling once more, she took a step of her own towards me. I did not let the wickedness I could feel from her unnerve me. Instead, I stood my ground, my confidence and jealousy blazing. "I kissed him just now, didn't I?" She asked, walking around me. My eyes followed her. "Make your move, Card Mistress."

"I don't think you want me to do that," I stated.

"By all means," she said, "I'm prepared." She raised my staff.

Smirking myself, I raised my arm and opened my palm. My staff went flying from her possession into mine, my grip tightening around it. I then outstretched my other arm, my palm waiting. From out of her pocket flew all of my cards, placing themselves neatly one on top of the other.

"Still prepared?" I asked.

Though she looked a little startled, she shook it off and regained her normal looking face. Getting into a fighting stance, she replied, "Of course."

Sprinting with the new found strength of a rhinoceros, I crashed into her stomach, head first. I felt a slight bit of pain from my head – her body felt like steel. But I still managed to get on top of her. Staff still in hand, I began to punch her, bloodying her nose pretty badly. She caught my fist and twisted it. I screamed out in pain.

I realized I wasn't flickering. I was fighting it. And all thanks to Syaoran.

Shoving me off of her, she kicked me in the stomach. The blow was pretty hard. I was forced down onto the ground; my butt aching like there was no tomorrow. I rolled over just in time as she brought her heel down onto my face. It landed right next to my cheek, scaring me for just a few seconds.

I was feeling so many emotions, all at the same time! Jealousy, anger, fear, and adrenaline! And I wasn't flickering at all. It felt good. It felt frigging awesome! Happiness was only another thing to add to the things I was feeling. This only fueled me to continue fighting.

Swiping the ground, I knocked the Stranger bitch over. Her nose stopped bleeding, but her cheeks and shirt were stained a deep shade of red. Too busy applauding myself with the great work I'd just done; I failed to notice her fist flying towards my upper lip. I moved, just in time, but I still got punched on my cheek.

"Hurts, doesn't it?" She asked.

I placed my hand on my cheek and winced slightly. I knew it was starting to turn just a little blue. It really didn't hurt that much, though. "Yeah. It does." I replied, "But it beats disappearing!"

We continued to fight, both of us growing weaker by the moment. The only kind of tire I felt came physically, but not emotionally. Emotionally, I was on fire. I was finally feeling freely for the first time in so many years! It felt freaking great! I didn't mind going on like this for just a few more minutes.

"Sakura…" I heard Syaoran say to me as we fought.

I didn't look at him, not wanting to take my eyes off of my opponent, "Not now, Syaoran." I replied.

"But Sakura, you're – "

"Back? I know. We'll talk later." I dodged yet another blow quickly, before turning to him and winking, "I promise."

"No!" The Stranger said, as we blocked and dodged, "You won't!"

"Like you're going to stop me?" I countered.

"Why?" She asked again, sounding as whiney as ever, "Why does he love you and not me?"

Frustrated, angry and jealous because of the fact that she wanted Syaoran to love her so badly, I got on top of her and held her there. "You want to know why I he doesn't love you?" I asked harshly. She nodded, struggling against me, "Do you really?" I asked again.

"Yes!" She replied.

"It's because you're nothing like me!" I answered, "You are nothing like me for the last time, don't you understand? He still fell in love with me even though I had you inside of me. Even though I was sarcastic and mean and cold – nothing like how I was before." The Stranger stopped struggling as she listened to my explanation.

I turned to Syaoran, whose eyes were loving and affectionate. I continued to speak, "I know that if I was still my old self, he'd fall in love with me anyway. No matter what kind of state I'm in, he'll still love me…because for some reason, I'm always familiar to him, like he's familiar to me."

"He knows every strand of hair on my head. He recognizes my scent when it's a mile away. My eyes are what he looks at when he needs to feel assurance or happiness or whatever…and…it's vice versa." I didn't realize how soft my voice had grown. It then turned angry when I began to speak to the Stranger once more.

"But you're evil. Syaoran knows me. He knows that I'm a good person. Even though sometimes I may not act like it, he knows that the good in me will come through, like it has now." Tears formed once more in the corner of her look alike emerald eyes. "But you're evil." I repeated again.

"You're evil. And that's what makes us so different. That's why Syaoran doesn't love you."

Her face turned red. With a shriek which could've deafened us both, she pushed me off of her. Her breathing became raspy as if she'd just spent a year under water. Tears were clinging onto her eyelashes. "I want to be loved!" She screamed, stomping her foot like a baby once more.

I actually began to pity her. "You can be loved, too…"

"But I want to be loved by him!" She said, pointing a finger at Syaoran.

Cue the jealousy. "You can't!" I snapped. "Why so picky anyway?"

Wiping the tears from her eyes she explained. "Are you completely incompetent, Sakura? Inside of you, I could hear, feel, and sense everything that you did with or to Syaoran. Even those kisses. Are you really that stupid to not know how much he loves you?" She asked.

I had no idea how to reply. Syaoran blushed.

"Even with everyone else…with Tomoyo and Eriol and everyone else…he was right. They all love you. But not as much as he loves you, Sakura…" she sniffled, "and I want to be loved like that! By him! Because you and I both know we both feel the same way for him!"

Honestly? She was right.

"If you and I both apparently feel the same about Syaoran…" I said, looking at him. A hint of a smile was visible on his face. "Why don't you come back inside of me? You can be good. I know you can. Just behave, I guess. As long as we can both still feel our emotions. And the flickering will stop."

She shook her head. "No!" She screamed. "No! I'm not sharing him!"

"Who said anything about sharing?" I asked, my temper rising. "You're part of me, anyway, aren't you? What difference does it make?"

Before answering, that same evil glimmer appeared in her eyes and a wicked smile spread across her cheeks. "I'm evil, remember?"

Unexpectedly, she sprinted at me and seized my throat. Her hand closed tightly around it, depriving me of all ability to breathe. Syaoran from the sidelines quickly ran over to try and help me but all she did was stick out an arm, as if to stop him, and he immediately stopped, as if held back by invisible strings.

"I…I…" he said, "Sakura, I can't move! I can't…I can't…"

Both my hands found their way on top of her own hand which was single handedly killing me. I sank to my knees, her coming down along with me. I was feeling that falling sensation again. For the third time that night, I felt like I was falling, and everything was turning black.

My eyes scanned the area for Syaoran. I found him standing, immobilized. He was thrashing about, trying to break free from the imaginary bonds which held him back. But with no avail. "Sakura!" I heard him scream. But his voice seemed so muffled, so far away…

"Sakura!" He screamed again. His voice became thick and dark. My hearing became horrible. And soon, everything was muted. I could hear nothing. It was like I was in a silent movie, except the quality was horrible. Syaoran became blurry, something that I could hardly make out.

I focused on his face. And slowly, his mouth formed the words, "I love you."

Unlike last time, his words helped me.

I felt the strength return in my fingers as I dug my nails deep into her hand. She screamed, seeing the blood leak out from the marks I'd made. For a second, just a single second, she stepped back in reflex. I took my chance; within that second, I kicked her in the stomach, sending her flying backwards. The spell was lifted from Syaoran.

He ran over to me, asking me over and over again if I was okay. I did not reply. I only walked over to the Stranger, the look alike version of me, with an angry look on my face. The only reason behind my quick and raspy breathing was because I was angry, not because I had just been recently choked.

"You bitch." I said.

"I'll come back inside of you. I'll make sure you never feel again." She replied.

I tightened my hold on my staff. "No you won't!" I screamed.

I took out the card which I knew could obliterate the Stranger from my life forever. Just like the way this card had taken care of Mikoro in the final battle for my cards.

I flipped it in the air. "I, will no longer be your prisoner!" I screamed. "Light!"

With an almighty cry, I put the card into affect. Just like before, the Light Card illuminated the once dark place. I shut my eyes, not able to take the strain of the light. There was a piercing scream, so high and sharp that my ears started popping. Opening a single eye, I saw that there was nothing left in front of me but a pile of sand.

Silence filled my ears…was it all over now? Syaoran's face was the first thing that came to mind and I knew that everything was going to be alright. He and I both fought of the dragon together, and it was possible that we could still have a happy ending…just so long as Prince Charming got to be with his Sleeping Beauty.


Syaoran –

Sakura stood with her back turned to me a few feet away. I was so intent on staring at the back of her auburn head that I almost failed to notice, that as the light faded, our surroundings became as how they were before. The cupid fountain was back, spurting water from both the tip of the arrow and the mouth of the son of Venus. To my complete and utter happiness, Sakura didn't just disappear out of no where. She was still with me, and she wasn't going anywhere. I knew that now.

Slowly, she turned around to face me. Her staff fell from her hand onto the still rain stained cement. It made a clattering type of noise, and as we were the only ones present, it echoed throughout the entire campus. A slow, teary smile spread across her face. She sniffled, crinkling up her nose, which I always thought was so adorable.

As her eyes filled up with tears, she finally said the words that I'd been so longing to hear. "I love you." She said. It was as if the entire place had lit up again, because of the sudden smile that appeared on my cheeks. "I wanted you to know so badly. And now you do. I love you, Syaoran. So much!"

"I know you do, Sakura," I said quietly. "I love you too."

Ever seen those corny as ever movies that take place on sandy beaches? The plot is always something that goes like this: boy falls in love with girl, but for some weird reason they're never able to see each other again until another whatever number years or so. Boy hears of girl's arrival at his current residence, and everything seems to be perfect, because he'll be seeing her again.

And, though this was never planned, boy and girl see each other – where? – on a sandy beach, from far away. In slow motion, with sappy music playing in the background, they run towards each other, because of course, this is the first time they'd seen each other in whatever number years.

And that's what it felt like for me and Sakura. Like we were these "estranged" lovers, who hadn't seen each other in the longest time. That's what it felt like, running towards her, embracing her with the tightest hug I'd ever given, and kissing her with the most passion I'd ever felt.

I wished I could always feel like this.


Once upon a time, in a dorm room far, far away, there lived a young woman and a charming young prince. It was just until recently that the two discovered and confessed their love for one another, but already, because it was also until recently that the young lady began to feel again, they were cuddling and kissing showing personal display of affection just a little too much…

"Syaoran!" Sakura screamed, impatient, yet totally smitten about her boyfriend's actions. She tried again and again to get his arms off of her, but with no avail. "I have to get to Tomoyo's dorm. If I'm not there in ten minutes, I'll be dead, and all because of you!" She said to him.

"Oh, Tomoyo can wait." Syaoran whispered against her ear. Sakura giggled.

"No, she can't!" She explained, kissing him lightly on the cheek before he released her from his "evil" clutches. "Didn't I already tell you? If I'm not there to try on her latest creation she'll have my head for it. Literally." Sakura was already putting on her jacket and almost out the door.

"Sakura!" Syaoran whined, standing up. As his girlfriend grabbed her purse, he sneakily slinked his arm tightly around her waist once more. He pulled her towards his chest and planted a wet one on her cheek. She pretended to act disgusted and wiped it off. "Please come back to bed?"

Sakura sighed. "Why? So I can sleep for another century?"

He smirked. "In my arms? I wouldn't mind. Besides, you know you're my Sleeping Beauty."

Sakura almost lost herself. Just the simple thought of being with Syaoran, the love of her life, forced the tiny hairs on her neck to stand right on end. She loved him, and everything about him. She was absolutely jubilant that she could finally let him know so. In fact, if it wasn't for him, she wouldn't be standing in the doorway that very moment.

"Sakura?" Syaoran asked, shaking her gently, "Still with me?"

She smiled and rested her head against his chest. "Always." She answered. She soaked in the sound of his rich chuckle.

"Not exactly the answer to the question I was asking, but it's always good to know." They stayed in that position for just a few more moments, with his nose buried in her auburn hair, taking in every bit of his girlfriend's wonderful smell of cherry blossoms. It always made him feel so dazed.

Just until a few weeks ago, it seemed like they were the farthest thing from a couple. All they did for one entire afternoon was argue and argue. But then again, later in that fateful day, he saved her life, thinking that the woman of his dreams would disappear – literally. But she didn't. She was there to stay. For good.

Bringing his lips to the edge of her ear, he whispered, "I love you."

She closed her eyes as she replied, "I love you too."

Turning around in his arms so that she was facing him, she placed her lips ever so gently and softly on top of his. They broke apart and stared into the other's eyes. Sakura giggled, removing herself from him. His smile turned into a frown as he watched her make her way down the hall.

"I'll be back soon, I promise." Sakura said.

He crossed his arms, pretending to be hurt. "You'd better be." Was all he said. Out of pure humor, he raised his arm in goodbye and said, "Don't be a stranger."

Sakura stopped in her tracks, gave him a sarcastic glare and said, "Very funny, smarty pants."

And they lived happily ever after…





The End.

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