First of all, I dont own Tales of Symphonia ( though unlike other people i dont want to own them,

I want to be with them!)

Second this is my first fanfic so bear with me guys. The first chapter or two may be a bit boring

but it will get deeper the further out.----------------------

Chapter one: Setting out ------------------------------------------------

Lloyed was in a good mood today. Today was the day when he was going to start

his journey to find all the expheares throughtout the world and destroy them. And

best of all he was going with his best friend, Sheena. He didn't know when he started

considering her as his best frined, maybe is was after they fought Undine, the

Summon Spirit of water, where she had saved him from a watery downpour.

He smiled back on that memory. They had had some great times together. His smile

toned down a bit when he also remembered the bad times they had had together, like

when Corrine, Sheena's artificial Summon Spirit, was toasted by Volt, the Summon

Spirit of Lightning, in an effort to save Sheena. She had cried for days after that at the

lost of her little friend. Everybody had tried to comfort her but to no avail, until Lloyed had

come in and just sat next to her, holding her close and just let her cry her heart out. After

that, she came back more determined that ever to defeat Mithos Yggdrasill and try to live

up to her promise to Corrine to live.

Lloyed looked down at his mothers grave. "Well mom, I'm off today. I wont be back for

awhile so wish me luck." He was in deep thought when someone grabbed his shoulder

gently. He nearly jumped a foot and spun around. "Sheena!" Sheena was standing there,

giggling. "Hi," she said, still giggling, "did I scare you?" Lloyed bent down to catch his breath.

"I wouldn't say scared, more like freaked out. Man, you could kill a guy just by sneaking up on

him!" She smiled. "I know. Are you ok? You don't normally think that hard you know. Its out

of place for you." He looked back down at his mothers grave. "Ha Ha, very funny. Yah, I'm

ok, I was just saying good-by to mom." "You miss her alot, huh?" said Sheena. "Well, I

never knew her, so there aren't any memories to to miss, but in away, I do miss her. Strange

huh?" She smiled gently at him. "No, its not strange at all, in fact-"

"Hey you kids, ready to shove off?" yelled out Dirk. "Hey dad, yah, where ready," called out

Lloyed. "Hello there, Dirk, how are you?" asked Sheena. " Just fine lass, just fine. Now, you

take good care of my son you hear?" "Don't worry, I wont let him out of my sight for a second."

smiled Sheena. "O great, so I wont be able to do anything by myself? But what if I wanted to

buy a certain somebody a certain something for a certain occasion? Then it wouldn't be a

surprise!" puted Lloyed. Dirk and Sheena laughed. " You don't have to watch him that closly

lass, just make sure he doesn't get into any trouble." "Alright, ill make sure he dosnt hurt

himself." Dirk nodded at her. "Well Lloyed you had better take care of her aswell, its not

everyday you come across a lass thats willing to watch out for ya." Lloyed and Sheena

both blushed. "Well, you two had better be off." said Dirk. Lloyed hugged Dirk. "Bye dad

hope to see you soon." Sheena also hugged Kirk. They then turned around and Sheena

pulled out a wing pack and brought out a Rheaird, and took off. Lloyed pulled out his

massive wings and took off after her. He took one last look at his home, then followed

after Sheena.


Like I said not very "action pact" but they just started so its not going to be like that, yet.

Also, Lloyed does have a Rheaird, but because he is an angle why not let him use his wings?

Thats all for now, but there will be more coming up very soon.