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"Please, could you all just shut up?"

"Why don't you go back to your room and sulk, Raven?"

Raven lowered her book and took a deep breath, staring at the two Titans on the ground in front of her. Beast boy- the spikey green haired boy had one end of the controller and Cyborg, the giant mechanical man, had the other. Beast Boy was putting up quite a fight, mauling Cyborg at the same time. She took another deep breath. She wouldn't get mad at such a stupid thing

She uncrossed her legs and landed on the round, her cloak settling around her to hide her front. With one pale hand, she lowered the hood over er face.

Robin watched her, his eyes hidden from behind the mask, but worried none the less. "Beast Boy, Cyborg, you guys are being too loud."

Starfire looked up from cooking one of her famous meals- the familiar disgusting odor making the other Titans cringe. The alien girl said nothing, only fixed the chef hat on her head that Robin had given to her.

"No, you know what Robin? Every time someone makes any noise, Raven gets all freaked out."

Beast Boy stopped fighting over the controller and released it suddenly, Cyborg flying back by the sudden release. "We're all sick of it Raven!"

Raven took one look at the suddenly silent room and gave a curt nod. "Whatever, Beast Boy. Don't you think we're all sick of you too?" She clutched her book tightly, her eyes narrowing. The bowl of popcorn sitting on the table suddenly flew into the air and landed upside down on Beast boy's head, the kernels flying everywhere.

"I'm just as sick of this as all of you. If I'm so creepy, why do you let me stay on the team? Perhaps because you fear me? Fear what I could do? Are you afraid that I'll be like Terra?"

She turned and whirled around, marching into her room, eyes flaring up into a shade of red, though she quieted herself. When in her room she sealed the door shut and took a seat on her bed, crossing her legs and trying to relax. But through her mind whirled anger and hatred, frustration, irritation, and other emotions. At long last she hurled her book to the ground and laid on her bed, staring around her room.

Raven had been treated so carefully, like a fragile piece of glass, as if in any moment she would break and the shards would kill them.

No more.

She would show them.

Standing up, she rummaged through her closet and searched for a bag. Once finding one she hurled into it many things, her mirror, a few trinkets lying around, a wallet full of money she had saved, and a few different outfits.

This was it.

Straightening up, she slung the bag over one shoulder and raised her hands in the air. For a moment she regretted leaving, leaving this place she had called home. But no, if she was to be treated so, what was the point of staying here?

Inside her, deep inside, she knew she was being childish. But now, it didn't matter. She wanted out, she wanted to get away from this place. A huge black shadow engulfed her and sprouted wings, lifting off and soaring through the roof.

As she gazed down upon the city, a warm thought entered her mind. She was free.

Before, she had been in a cage. Everything Raven did had to be to the standards of the team- she had to fight well, help others, do other things like that. But she was free. Now she could do whatever she wanted.

Deep inside her, in the depths of her mind, there seemed to be chaos. Emotions were fearful for her, realizing the danger she was getting in- all but one. One, a girl with four red eyes and a red cape, one girl was smiling.