Ramblings; Dark and Daisuke

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Daisuke: How is this even possible?

Dark: I say let the girl write her story (smile and wink)

XxMRxX: (blushes) Thank you Phantom Thief

Dark: Please call me Dark.

Daisuke: DAAARRRKKK! (whines)

Daisuke sat down on his bed. He had just came back from school. It was the worse day of his life! First, Riku broke up with him! Second, Satoshi claimed he was in love with him! Third, Krad almost raped him!

Dark: (whistles) wow…

Daisuke: (teary eye) so sad.

The only one who seemed to life his spirits up was Dark. Yes, the famous phantom thief Dark Mousy was actually being extremely nice and compassionate to Daisuke. Maybe a bit too nice

Dark: (eats popcorn) Now this is where it gets good.

Daisuke: Why must everyone (insert word) me?

Dark: (gasp) Did he just say what I thought he said?

Krad: (magically appears) That's my tough red head! (cuddles)

Daisuke: o.O (faints)

XxMRxX: He's going to miss the good part too!

Dark & Krad: (fighting over Daisuke)

Satoshi: (magically appears…because he can!) Why don't you all just have a threesome?

Dark: (Raises eyebrow) Why not a foursome?

Krad: (Hugs Daisuke) MINE!

Satoshi: (shakes head) Pity me…

Dark projected himself from Daisuke's mind. "Dark?" "Daisuke, let me cheer you up." Dark leaned forward and began to stoke Daisuke's cheek. Instantly the red head blushed. "Dark-"Lovely" Dark interrupted his tamer and went in for the kiss. When the thief's lips touched Daisuke's it felt like heaven. Dark felt the young boy's lips form a smile. Oh, how he loved Daisuke's smile.

Daisuke: (wakes up) Not again, please not again.

Krad & Dark: (innocent smiles)

Daisuke: NOOOOOO! (runs away)

Satoshi: (glares at all) You may leave now.

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