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Her eyes were shut with concentration, focusing on her spell. She could hear the battle raging on around her. "First Aid!" She sent the spell towards the young swordsman. "Thanks!" Lloyd replied, thrusting his sword forward.

"Sis watch out!" Genis yelled out to her. She spun around seeing the enemy approaching her. It had been drawn towards her by the usage of mana; it would destroy the healer first. She closed her eyes tightly and waited for the attack. She couldn't fight back; she was too tired after healing the others constantly.

Her eyes flickered open at the sound of a sword slashing through flesh and bone. A mixture of auburn and purple stood before her as the monster disintegrating into a cloud of mana.

She opened her mouth to speak her thanks to the mercenary, but before she could say anything he started, "Next time you won't be so lucky." He said the words easily, and coldly. Resheathing his sword he turned and walked away, leaving the healer shocked.


She swallowed hard rethinking those recent events. Slowly she made her way down the stairs of the inn, creeping silently outside. She didn't want to wake anyone. Her staff was tightly gripped, incase of an enemy.


She backed away, staff held defensively across her. She panted, blood streaming from her left shoulder, a blade having cut it. The attacker readied his sword, ready to finish her off.

Raine stood, she couldn't do anything… Just as the man's sword charged towards her, another slashed the attacker. Killing him instantly.

As the man fell to the ground, Kratos was once again revealed. "What do you think you are doing?" He asked, keeping a tight grip on his sword.

"I… was coming to practice." She said sincerely, had she really been loud enough to wake him? She watched as he shook his head.

"Professor Sage, I truly see no need for you to practice, seeing as I highly doubt you could cause harm to a fly." His face stayed smooth and emotionless as he watched a slight frown crease her face, her aqua eyes growing wider. "All you do is cower in a corner as we fight. You are useless. I suggest you return to the inn before you kill yourself."

Raine stood motionless, completely pain-stricken as the seraphim walked away. She could feel it deep inside of her… the shattering. Her pride, her confidence, her soul… her heart.

Slowly she made her way back. Staff hanging limply, feet trudging effortlessly across the ground. Her eyes were cast downwards, tears forming. Her head hung low as she walked in and to her room.

Tears now streamed freely down her face as she lay on her side, resting her head on the soft feather pillow. Herself in her entirety seemed to breakdown and shatter by those three simple words… "You are useless…" His voice rang clearly in her head, every word clinging and hanging in her mind.

The night passed in a dreamless sleep for Raine, and soon she was woken up by the slight nudges on her shoulder. Her aqua eyes fluttered open and she saw her brother, smiling at her. "Good morning Raine, we have to go soon." He trotted out of her room and back down to the lobby to join the others.

Her face remained emotionless, her eyes cast downwards in a state of sorrow. The words still stung her, and were constantly repeated in her mind. It brought her lower and lower. Her vision was blurry almost all of the time, as the tears she would not cry would build up. Slowly, with her staff hardly being held and dragging slightly she walked down the stairs.

When she heard the cheerful voices of her companions she forced a smile, picked up her staff and joined them. It was hard, unbelievably hard to keep a smile, and a cheerful expression as her eyes passed over everyone in the room. Especially when her gaze met Kratos'…

His face was so cold and emotionless as he regarded the half-elf. She could feel the tears welling up, and her stomach began to sink, but her expression remained cheerful, despite all the sorrow that filled her.

Within a second she had turned her gaze towards Colette who was waving at her, "Good morning Professor!" Raine replied with a short nod and wave back to the blond.

She seemed to hear nothing, just the voice inside her head. Slowly, automatically she trudged along behind the group, paying no attention to anything being said as they left the inn.


It was near noon and the group had been walking around Tethe'Alla, heading towards Meltokio. They had to get there before evening; a storm could easily be predicted by looking up at the darkening clouds. They floated and swirled around, a silent threat to all those without shelter from their torrential downpours soon to come.

Originally they were headed for Mizuho, but seeing the storm they resorted to going to Meltokio where they would spend the night in Zelos' mansion. The Imperial City was now in view, but so was a small group of swordsmen, archers, and witches. The group unleashed their weapons and attack.

Raine stood back, away from the fight. Occasionally she would raise her staff to attempt a spell, maybe to help the others. But every time she even thought of helping the words would set off in her mind again. Doubt was filling her mind, self-doubt.

'I can't do it… I'm useless, I can't even fight. He was right… I can't do anything.' As they entered the city, having won their little match with the biggest of ease, Raine's eyes were locked on the cobblestone path before her. She had been asked a couple times by her companions why she hadn't taken part in the battle, but she would simply reply with a shrug.

The group was slightly ahead of her as she pulled her feet along. "I wonder what's wrong with the Professor..." Lloyd asked to his peers around him. "Yeah, I don't wanna see my Ultra Cool Gorgeous Beauty sad… Ow!" Zelos rubbed his head, Sheena having hit it. "That's not her name." Was all Sheena said to Zelos when he asked why she had hit him.

The group continued their worried talk over Raine. "She seems… sad…" Presea exclaimed quietly to them, as she looked back to see Raine slowly following, her silver bangs covering her sad eyes. "I hope Raine will be alright." Genis mumbled, biting his lip slightly in worry of his sister. "Hmph." Kratos crossed his arms and walked into the Chosen's home.


It was night now, the terrifying storm raged on outside, and the weary group was grateful they had decided to spend the night. Everyone was in there respected rooms now, all laying peacefully on their beds hoping the storm would allow them rest.

Kratos sat awake on the edge of his bed, staring out the window at the rain. He wasn't tired, so he saw no need to sleep. When he heard the noise of another door opening, he cautiously strode to his own door and opened it only a bit to peer out and see who had left their rooms.

Raine, a tear gleaming on her cheek, quietly left her room. She walked as quietly as possible down the hallway. She looked back when she reached the bathroom, making sure no one had followed or was watching her.

Seeing no one she turned back and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She hadn't seen the one pair of eyes, watching her from the darkness.

As he watched her walk into the washroom he opened his door wider and stepped into the hall. At first he thought she had just been going to the washroom, but normally you don't look back unless you're doing something. He walked towards the door with his usual silence, face still emotionless, thoughts elsewhere.

The maiden stood in front of the mirror, looking for something… After some rummaging through drawers she finally found it, a pair of scissors.

A red path showed where he tears where staining her face. Depression had truly taken over her. Her thoughts had turned against herself, and him… he had unknowingly shattered her.

Sobs escaped as she held the scissors, blades outwards. She lifted her wrist wearily in front of herself.

"Dammit… He's right, I am useless." She slashed once at her wrist. Blood began to drip onto the pearly white tiles, staining them a crimson red. The pain, it seared through her body, but it was nothing compared to the emotional pain buried deep within her.

Hearing those words, ever so quietly, but clearly, through the door he rose a brow. Slowly he put one hand on the door knob…

"I shouldn't be here. I shouldn't be alive. I don't deserve to live…" Blood covered the blade of the scissors as she cut once again. The constant drip of blood from her wrist could be heard, as the tears of blood hit the ground. A small puddle of blood was forming, mingled with the salty tears flowing freely from her eyes.

He opened the door quickly. Dammit, what had he done? As he stepped into the washroom his eyes widened and he stumbled back a step. Blood, covered the floor, and Raine stood, holding the scissors near her wrists, ready to cut again.

She paid no attention to whomever it was that had opened the door. She didn't care… At the rate the blood was leaving her body she was sure to bleed to death soon. She began to cut into her wrist again. Her eyes held an unspeakable sorrow, that of self-doubt and unrequited love. She could feel the cold scissors cutting into her skin, and suddenly it stopped.

She could feel the warmth of another body behind her. A warm, gentle hand had grabbed her arm, pulling it away from her wrist. "Dammit Raine what the hell are you doing!" Kratos' voice spoke loudly from just behind her. She felt an arm wrap itself around her waist, holding her close to him.

Tears began once again to fall, and her grip on the scissors loosened. They landed on the blood covered ground with a small clink. She was no longer holding herself up, her entire body gave out on her. But the angel's strong arms held her up, off the floor. Weakly she placed a hand on his.

"Raine… I'm sorry. You're not useless. We need you. I need you…" He could feel the tears forming in his own eyes as he looked down at her silver hair. He could feel her grip tighten slightly on his hand.


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