Playing Doctor: A Comedy in Drabble Form

Rating: T (swearing)

Summary: Unohana. Zaraki. Crack.

Part One: Needle and Thread

"Woman, what the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Hold still. That cut needs attention."

"Bullshit. Where's that ryoka punk? We ain't finished yet!"

"Zaraki-taichou, I'm going to have to stitch this. You might feel a little sting from the needle … "

"The FUCK you're sticking that thing in me! Get away from me, woman!"

"Zaraki-taichou, if you don't stay still I'll have to restrain you …"

"Bring that thing near me, and I'll kill you!"

"You leave me no choice, then …"

several hours later

"Ken-chan, what happened to you? You're all red and funny-looking!"

"Kid. Shut up."