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The Price

In a subterranian lab, underneath the Fission City Univerity, a man in an exo-suit just sat, thinking. He was planning his next attack to weigh upon his enemies. His latest crime on the aquarium had been successful; they had been able to nab five sea animals to manipulate into his underlings. They will be most powerful.

Dr. Paradigm glanced at the four tanks far off to the side. Two dolphins, both very different from each other, were in one large container, both swimming nervously. In another, a deadly-looking shark swam uncomfortably in tight circles; she was used to the openess of her old tank, not this cramped excuse for a cage. In the smallest tank, a fish that could only be describe as hideous, with an antenna on its head, remained still at the bottom of his prison. The last of the tanks held a small fish with an unusual body structure; it kept leaping out of the water. Most powerful indeed.

His grin was evil, but then it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. His attention now turned to his already altered minions.

Kilimari was keeping an eye on the monitors, testing his strength with a metal pipe by bending it in half, then biting it with his teeth until it broke in two. There was a bandage tied around his top left arm.

Slobster was tending to his and Tentakil's wounds. Both had sustained heavy damage, but it had been well worth it.

Slash had just finished hooking up Mecha Shark to a recharge station. The sailfish's own injuries were very minimal.

Finally, Paradigm's eyes fell upon Repteel, his only human to truly appreciate the gift bestowed upon him. The moray/electric eel crossbreed was the only creature hardly ever to disappoint his creator. Repteel knew what it took to do a job right, no matter if it turned out to be a failure.

He slithered on a legless body, much like a snake. But unlike a snake, the upper portion of his body wasn't on the ground; it was supported upright. Greenish yellow skin covered his whole body, a saw blade-like fin cresting from his head down to below his shoulder blades. His main weapon were electric eel projectiles that left a nasty shock. And if those weren't at his service, his teeth were many and razor sharp...

Paradigm smirked, remembering the energy sucker's performance tonight as the eel tried to rid his teeth of the proof to his feat. Repteel had no liking for the sharks, but two always caught his attentions before the others. Unfortunately, the one with hatred racked up the highest was always out of town, doing concerts and shows. So, it was the other who was unlucky enough to feel those long and narrow teeth go through the tough hide of shark's skin.

The scream was delicious.

That little skater freak deserves everything he gets. There was a quiet chuckle. One down, three to go... for now, at least. No time for recovery should be allowed.