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Kazahaya carefully balanced three cases of empty jars and walked up the steps, grumbling under his breath. That stupid jerk Rikuo, of course he couldn't have brought the heavy boxes up earlier. And he'd conveniently picked a time when the shelves needed restocking to take his break.

He stopped as the top box wobbled precariously. Why couldn't that bastard have just grabbed one box before he left?

Once Kazahaya had cleared the stairs, he sighed with relief, thankful that he hadn't dropped a box. He leaned around his tower to see and narrowly missed colliding with a condom display.

However, his quick dodge unbalanced the boxes, and this time he didn't seem to be able to regain a sense of equilibrium. He staggered backwards in an attempt to save the swaying jars, but bumped into the very display he'd just avoided.

"Kazahaya, look out!" The shout came from near the door- Rikuo was just coming in from his break. It was too late. He lost his grip on all three boxes and fell on top of the condoms. The jars crashed on and around him, showering everything with a rain of broken glass.

"Idiot!" Kazahaya sat up, brushing glass from his face and clothing. He could feel several small cuts on his exposed skin, and when he placed a hand on the ground in an attempt to get up, a piece of glass pressed deep into his skin. He quickly lifted the hand, yowling in pain.

His cries grew in volume as he felt himself being lifted from behind by strong arms.

"Hey, what-"

Rikuo carefully grabbed his injured hand and examined it. Then, being satisfied that he wasn't in grave danger, dropped it and set him back on his feet. "You should wash that before you clean this up. Be more careful next time." His voice held little more concern that it usually did, which pissed Kazahaya off.

"Grrr- well if you'd have carried some of those boxes up earlier, I wouldn't have had to do it alone!"

"No one told you to take them all at once. And now look what you've done. One wrong move with all this broken glass would make for a fun trip to the hospital." It sounded almost like a threat, but then again Rikuo had just plucked him out from the middle of all the broken jars.

Kazahaya stopped his tirade and gritted out a bitter, "Yeah, thanks," before turning and storming away to the bathroom.

"Dammit!" He shouted, slamming the door behind him. "Why does that jerk always have to be there? Does he think I need watching over or something?" Kazahaya could think of more than a few times when Rikuo had really saved him, and he knew he should be more grateful, but it wasn't his fault that Rikuo was an oversized pervert who treated him like a child and grated on his last nerve...

He sighed, running his hand under warm water from the faucet, wincing as the liquid washed away the free flowing blood that had covered half of his arm. His mind was still seething on Rikuo. He didn't hate him- he actually kind of liked him. There was just something about him that got to Kazahaya.

Shutting of the water, he grabbed two paper towels from the dispenser. One he wrapped around his bleeding hand, the other he dampenedd to wipe blood off of various cuts on his bare arms. The he leaned in to examine his face.

But it wasn't the small nicks that he noticed in his reflection. It was the dying anger that glinted in his eyes. The way his hair feel gracefully across his cheek. How pointed and attractive his face was.

Without realizing it, he'd slowly moved very close to the mirror. When this breath began to fog the image of himself, he snapped out of his trance and hastily backed away from the sink. Casting his eyes around to be sure no one had witnessed him, he left the bathroom without glancing at the glass again.

Once he was back in the store, Kazahaya discovered that the broken jars had already been cleared. How long had he been gone? Rikuo wasn't hanging around, but Kakei had showed up and was making his way towards him.

"Don't worry. Rikuo has already cleaned everything up. How's your hand?"

Kazahaya mutely held out his hand, wrapped in the blood stained paper towel. Careful not to touch the red fluid, Kakei removed the make shift bandage and gazed at the still heavily bleeding wound.

"I think I can do something about that," he smiled.

"I-I'm fine, really-"

Kakei laughed. "Don't be silly. We wouldn't want it to get infected, would we? You might not be able to work for a while if that happened." Kazahaya's eyes were wide at the idea as he hurried to follow Kakei to the back of the store.

He was instructed to sit on the large couch and did so. The owner of Green Drugstore rummaged around in a desk until he'd pulled out a first aid kit. He set it down and lifted the top, displaying every kind of binding wrap, soothing ointment, and other assorted emergency medical gear you could need. A drugstore wasn't a bad place to be hurt in.

Kakei took out a small vial of liquid, as well as gauze and tape. "Now let me see your hand."

Kazahaya held it out and stayed quite while it was doctored. The liquid burned, but he barely noticed it. He was too busy starring at Kakei. In all honesty, he was very good looking, and there couldn't be more than ten years difference between their ages. So if he'd been so entranced by his own reflection, certainly he'd be attracted to Kakei, right?

But no matter how hard he looked, the lines of his boss's face were as they'd always been, his movements no more fascinating, his smile no more alluring.

Oh my god! Had he turned into a narcissist!

"He is pretty, isn't he?" Kazahaya jumped at the sudden comment directed towards him. "Well keep your eyes in their sockets, boy; he's taken." Saiga had come up, from where Kazahaya had no idea, and was now whispering in Kakei's ear as he wrapped his arms around him.

Kazahaya blushed furiously. "No-I-I mean-I wasn't-Kakei-"

Kakei laughed quietly and let go of his hand. Kazahaya hadn't even noticed that his hand was completely bandaged until then. He tentatively flexed it and felt no pain.

"Thank you," he murmured in embarrassment. He cast his eyes down as he stood, leaving Saiga and Kakei to their own business.

That had been close. There was definitely something wrong with him.

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