Post-story: deviation chapter two

The Next Morning

"Oh my, Kudo. Are you all right?"

Kazahaya plastered on a smile and stopped trying to stand on his tip-toes. Instead, he set down the box he was holding and leaned on the counter. Walking downstairs this morning had been hard enough. He wasn't sure his backside was going to make it through the day.

"I suppose it's not your hand?" Kazahaya looked down at his unbandaged hand (he didn't remember when it had come off, but it wasn't surprising). It was the hand he was leaning on. It had healed entirely.

"Morning." Saiga strolled out of Kakei's office and nodded at them both.

"Good morning. Kudo's hand is doing much better today."

"How interesting."

Kazahaya looked between the two of them, feeling like they were coconspirators in everything that had been going on lately. What if...

"So what, are you trying to say that the cut was just some physical manifestation of internal wounds, that went away once the problem was gone, or something crazy like that?" Kazahaya burst out.

The two adults exchanged looks and laughed.

"I have no idea what that was about, Kudo, but I can say that you were really cut, and that you have Saiga to thank for your speedy recovery. He's that one who made the ointment I tried on you yesterday morning. It's a healing accelerant of sorts."

Kazahaya looked at his hand again. It was amazing. The angry cut had vanished in a matter of hours. And Saiga had made it? What didn't that guy do?

"Thanks" was all he could think to say.

"No problem, kid."

"You know Kudo, there's still some left if you have need of it, for...other injuries."

He flushed as both men chuckled.

"You can get Rikuo to help you, I dare say," Kakei offered lightly. Kazahaya blushed deeper, trying with all of his might to sink into the counter and disappear.

"Oh, so they finally did it! Congratulation, kid! How was the first time?"

"Ugh!" Kazahaya hobbled away as dignified as he could, and he could still hear then laughing all the way back at the storage room.

He heard the door close behind him when he went inside.

"So, how was the first time?" Rikuo wrapped his arms around Kazahaya's waist.

"Not as good as the third," he laughed, leaning into a kiss.

"I'll challenge that later." Kazahaya bit his lip nervously. Not that it hadn't been worth it, but he was in serious pain.

Rikuo took his hand and pressed something into it- it was a bottle of the ointment Kakei used on him the day before.

"Don't worry, I've got it taken care of. I'll even help you put it on."

"Good, since this is your fault. But I still say you take bottom next time."

Rikuo pressed him back against the door and trailed a few kissed down his neck. "I don't think so."

Kazahaya didn't care. Right here, just as they were, was how he liked it anyway.