And now back to Calvin's Batman Adventure! On Calvin and Hobbes: The Series!

They instantly reappeared in the same building Two Face was in, two hours earlier.

Batboy and Battiger jumped out of the BAT THINGY, and rushed behind a crate and out of sight.

What are we doing?" Battiger asked.

"We're seeing if ugly here knows anything about the villain's whereabouts." Batboy grinned.

Seconds later, Two Face and his men entered the room.

"Where are they?" Two Face asked in his deep voice.

"The Riddler is still at the mini golf corse." One of the men said. "The rest of the gang is out in the control building, completely safe from..."

Before the man could finish, Batboy and Battiger watched themselves burst into the room in their Batman costumes.

Two Face, and his men looked up.

"FREEZE TURKEYS!" Calvin screamed. "We have this place surrounded! You're under arrest, Ugly!"

"Oh look!" One of the men said. "It's Batman and Robin! How cute!"

Another thug drew out a knife.

"Shall I stick them on the wall?" He snarled.

Batboy watched from behind the crate, as Hobbes rolled his eyes around, and ran out of the room.

"I ought to sue you for that." Batboy muttered.

Two Face stared at Calvin.

He drew his coin out of his pocket.

"Of corse!" Calvin screamed, throwing his arms in the air. "Can't make a choice without flipping a coin! MY life would be so darn boring if it had come down to heads or tails! Right Battiger?"

Calvin looked behind him.

"You stupid cat! How on Earth do you do that? Get back here. And fight ugly with me!"

"Well, Calvin," Hobbes' voice said. "I'd love to fight Two Face with you, but my leg's been acting up lately, and... OH THE PAIN!"

Out of sight from everybody, Hobbes dropped behind the same crate that the future Batboy and Battiger were behind.

Batboy and Battiger stared in shock.

The past Hobbes had discovered them!

Hobbes looked from Batboy to Battiger. Then back to Batboy.

"Time Machine?" He asked.

"Time Machine." Battiger replied.

"Actually," Battiger said, as Batman burst into the room. "could I jump out from behind the crate, and rope ugly, again?"

"NO!" Batboy yelled, silently. "if you do that, you'll ruin the Time Stream!"

"How so?" Battiger asked.

"If you do that, then you'll have to relive everything that happened after that. Then when we go back in time, you'll rope ugly again, and we might make time stuck on that one event forever!"

"Ouch." Battiger said. "Alright. Nevermind."

Hobbes leaped out from behind the crates, and roped ugly down.

"Alright." Batboy said. "We have the info! Let's get to the Mini golf place!"

"I thought we were going to do the Joker." Battiger said.

"We need to do them one at a time." Batboy said. "We're doing question mark man."

"Um... Ok... Whatever you say." Battiger rolled his eyes.

Batboy and Battiger flew off.

They landed on the mini golf course on the edge of town.

"Yo Puzzlement Dude!" Batboy screamed. "We have come to dramatically defeat you! SURRENDER!"

No answer.

"Oh so that's how ya wanna play, huh?" Batboy snarled. "Alrightee then! We will now sniff you out like blood hounds with deranged noses!"

Battiger rolled his eyes.

Suddenly, a voice rang out.

"Ah, Batman. I thought you'd come."

"We know not of this strange Batman, of which you speak." Batboy yelled. "We are Batboy and Batttiger! Beware our mighty strength! BEWARE!"

The Riddler came into view.

He stared at Batboy and Battiger with unblinking eyes.

"New kids to the block, eh?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You got that right, Question Mark Man!" Batboy spat. "We are the elite troops of the bat/hero/mutant things."

"Well," Riddler chuckled. "Let's see if you can live up to your name, shall we?"

Riddler pushed a button on a control panel, and white tiles surrounded the ground around Batboy and Battier.

"The floor here is rigged with a deadly mustard gas." he said. "One wrong step."

"HA!" Batboy screamed. "Batboy and Battiger aren't afraid of mustard! Do your worst!

Riddler grinned, and walked away.

"He's getting away!" Batboy yelled. "We must catch up!"

"And the mustard gas?" Battiger asked.

"Don't tell me you're afraid of hotdog ingredients!" Batboy asked, raising his eyebrow.

"Hoo boy." Battiger sighed.

Batboy turned back to the tiles on the ground.

"Let's see." He said. "Question mark man said he'd spray me with mustard if I took a wrong step. Now, we don't want that, don't you agree, Battiger? Of corse you do."


"We need to find the correct tiles to step on! But which ones?"

"Well," Battiger said. "Take a look at this."

He pointed at a tile.

Calvin stared at it.

"124,457,699.854 divided by 79 equals 789,367,000.5" He read. "Hobbes I don't have time for math! Question Mark Man is escaping!"

"Yes, but that's it." Battiger said.

"What's it?" Batboy asked.

"The tiles. If the math equation is wrong, we'll get sprayed with mustard. If the equation is right, we're safe."

"Hobbes, do you think I have time to count out every single tile in this mime field!" Batboy yelled. "I don't! I'm a very busy man! And Question Mark Man is even farther away from us, than when he was when we started this meaningless conversation!"

"Calvin, don't you have a calculator in there?" Battiger asked.

"No." Batboy said. "You can't fight crime with a calculator, Hobbes. No, I don't have a calculator."

"Then what are you doing with rubber ducks, and fruit shaped magnets?" Battiger demanded.

"Hobbes, I'm sorry, but that's classified information, and will not be released to the general public until June of 3005."

Battiger sighed, and shook his head.

"Luckily, I have something that might help us in this situation." Batboy said, holding up the Time Pauser.

Battiger stared at it.

"Why didn't you pull that out fifteen minutes ago?" He asked.

"More classified info, buddy." Batboy said.

And with that, Batboy pushed the button with Battiger at his side.


"Now come!" Batboy said. "Before Question Mark Man doesn't get any more farther away from us!"

Batboy and Battiger rushed across the tiles ignoring the equations.

Soon, Batboy and Battiger caught up to the Riddler.

He was casually walked off.

"Ha!" Batboy declared. "Quiz Guy is in for a rude awakening! Come on Hobbes, Let's go!"


Riddler spun around and stared at Batboy and Battiger.

"HA!" Batboy announced. "Fiendish fiend! You can not defeat Batboy and Battiger! And the sooner you except that, the sooner you'll be!"

Riddler grinned, casually, and threw a ticking bomb at Batboy that was in the shape of a question mark. Then ran off.

Batboy stared at it.

He turned to Battiger.

"He thinks he can scare me with a bomb! Man is he in for a..."

Battiger grabbed the bomb and threw it away as soon as he could.

Batboy glared at him, muttered unkind things, then both rushed off.

"Stop Mr Puzzle!" Batboy commanded. "I order you to cease and desist!"

Riddler kept running.

"Alright, you asked for it!"

Batboy grabbed a batrang, and pelted it at the Riddler.

It hit the road.

Batboy snapped his fingers.

"Darn!" he muttered. "I knew I had to work on that aim!"

Riddler ducked down into a subway.

Batboy and Battiger followed.

Calvin whipped out his Transmogrifier gun, and pointed it ahead of the Riddler.


The doorway turned to a wall of solid brick.

Riddler stopped.

"HA!" Batboy yelled. "Nice try, mystery man! But you can't fool me! You shall soon fall under the control of Batboy and Bat..."

Batboy turned around.

Battiger had vanished again.

Batboy turned back to the Riddler.

"Forget everything I said about your name. I think your actually a... uh... cool guy, no kidding and uh... excuse me while I just slip away into the sunset, so to speak."

Riddler grinned, and started stalking Batboy.

"OK!" Batboy said. "You got me, but before you dismember me, I'd like to show and brag to you about some stuff I made."

Batboy held up a yellow device.

"The Time Pauser! Capable of stopping all time and whatnot!"

Batboy held up a water pistol.

"The Transmogrifier Gun! Proficient at changing stuff into other stuff.

Batboy held up a pencil.

"The Mini Duplicator! Duplicates stuff!"

Batboy held up a CD player.

"And the MTM! Mini Time Machine!"

Batboy crossed his arms and grinned.

"And if you want any of it, you'll want to give me a cool one million dollars. And ha, ha, ha. And ho, ho, ho. And hee, hee, hee. And I'll bet your mother wears gunnysack undergarments."

Riddler rolled his eyes.

This gave Batboy the opportunity.

He grabbed his Transmogrifier Gun, and pointed it at the Riddler.


Riddler's hands and legs fused together, and he fell over backwards.

Batboy whooped and hollered.

Then ran over to the riddler.

"Like I said." He yelled. "You can not defeat Batboy! HA HA HA!"

Riddler struggled, and muttered, and yelled several unkind things at Batboy.

Batboy grinned, and held up a walki talki.

"Hello, police? I have one disturbed person here, who thinks he's a question mark. Requesting backup at the subway, over."

Then Battiger dropped down from the building.

"Well, what did I miss?" He asked.

"Only the most coolest fight on the planet!" Batboy yelled. "While you were hiding, I gave him the old one, two, stuffed him into a little box, and then he cried for mercy, so I decided to let him live."

Riddler was about to protest, when Batboy kicked him in the stomach.

"Shut up, Puzzle guy, nobody cares about the opinion of a question mark." He snarled.

Then Batboy took his Transmogrifier gun, and changed the brick wall into a length of rope. He tied the Riddler up with the rope.

"Wait!" Riddler yelled. "What about my hands?"

Batboy looked down.

"Oh yeah, those." He yawned. "Not to worry, puzzlement dude. Transmogrification only lasts a day."

Just then the police arrived.

"Whoop! That's our cue!" Batboy said. "Come on, Battiger, we have many a villain to catch!"

And with that, Batboy and Battiger swung up to the building, and rushed off.

"Ok, Now who?" Battiger asked.

"I think we should do Laughing Moron, next!" Calvin grinned.

And with that, they flew off.