You know, it's hard to reflect back on something that you never really understood in the first place. What happened in the war was one of those things. Yeah, I fought in it and all, but… There were just some parts of it that didn't seem…

I'm just gonna have to restart this, aren't I.

I started fighting in the war for revenge. Funny, isn't it? Fighting for the revenge of pacifists? Just one of those things you had to do. Didn't really make much sense at the time, doesn't really make much sense now.

Anyway, you can see that my touch on reality was never really as firm as it could be. Guess that's how I somehow managed to convince myself that I was something. Something I knew I was not.

I managed to mold myself into it anyway.

No rest for the insane now, ne? One would think that they'd get more rest then normal people. But then again, I'm not actually insane. At least, not anymore.

I guess I should give you more then an analysis of my mental health. I mean, who the hell actually wants to hear that?

Let's start out with my name. Yeah, yeah, I know that most people should know this by now, and I should have started out with it anyway. Back to what I was saying, my name, is Pilot 02, more specifically, Duo Maxwell, or, if you want to call me by my hobbies, Shinigami.

Not to hard to digest that, is it? Sorry, ignore the sarcasm, cynicism, whatever you want to call it. Back to the facts:

I have waist length, long, chestnut brown, hair. It's a little higher that that most of the time, 'cause most of the time it's in a braid. In case you ask why, it stays out of my face that way, and it has some sentimental values too. Don't even start bitching about it. Yes, I know that it would make more sense to just cut it, but as I said, sentimental values. Do I need to rub that in anymore? No? Good.

I also have blue-y purple-y eyes. They started out as more blue, but they slowly became more purple over the years. More specifically, years during the war. We'll get into this in some detail a little later.

Now to the physical basics, aka, essentials that get put on passports which no one really gives a shit about unless they have some odd sort of information fetish. :cough: Heero :cough: 156 cm, 43 kg, and, born sometime around 181 AC.

Now that you've got all the basic physical and mental stuff down, I guess I should write down all the interesting stuff.


You're in for a long ride, I'll tell you that much.

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