Hiya people! First off, for those of you reading my other story, Lifes' Struggles, I got yet another writers block. I seem to get that after every chapter. The weird thing is, I always have a basic idea of what I want to add. . .

Anywho, this one is kinda strange, slightly sad, and just plain. . .odd. I really do not know were the idea for this one came from, but I just felt this character needed a little more attention.

This story just popped into my twisted little mind and I decided to write it.

This will be a two chapter one-shot. The first chapter will be short. I just need to give you her thoughts.

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Why me?

What did I do?

It was suppose to be her.

We all thought it would be.

Hell, we all expected it to be.

None of us ever dreamed it would be me.

I was basically useless.

In battle I offered less than her.

Transportation was what I was good for.

Damn it all why me!

It was suppose to be her.

She was supposed to guard it.

It was suppose to be her responsibility.

And then he was supposed to protect her.

He was supposed to stand by her.

Not me.

But on the day we defeated Naraku, she disappeared in front of our eyes.

No one fully recovered.

The little one ran off the day she disappeared.

No one has seen him sense.

Mistress went back to our home.

My new master came with us.

The old one died.

And he just disappeared as well.

But I saw him again.

After we all found out my new role. . .

I was to live my life with my mistress.

Instead I was cursed to watch them all die.

The jewel stopped my growth so that I may remain to guard it.

It just wasn't fair!

I was already so old.

I looked young, but I was older than all of them.

Over six hundred.

The jewel did not seem to care.

So I watched them all live and die and reproduce.

My mistress mated.

Together, she and my new master had lots of little ones

I could not help but be angry.

Even though master said he wanted lots of little ones, I knew he did not wish for that many originally.

It felt to me they were trying to indulge themselves in the little ones to forget her.

It was not right.

It was not fair.

To the little ones or to her.

She did not mean to leave.

She did not ask to leave.

After my mistress died I left.

The little ones were full-grown, and I had pledged loyalty to mistress.

Not them.

It may sound cruel, but part of that is I did not wish to see them die.

Years later I heard the her little one had died.

Only he and I remained.

She had mated him.

The pain he and she must have felt is unimaginable.

Losing a mate is never a grand thing.

Especially when you know they are alive, you just can't seem to get to them.

I would know.

But the two would never see each other again.

The magic well closed.

What is worse for him is that she was carrying their pup.

He would never see it.

He would never hold it, love it, rock it, protect it, play with it, teach it, or even see it.

This jewel that has created sorrow for generations continues its work on the two that deserve happiness the most.

Midoriko never wanted to create such a thing.

But it was necessary.

How I hate the jewel and all it's done.

And now I am its guardian.

Irony hurts.

When she is born, I will be free.

But the wretched jewel will never leave this world.

For when she is born the circle will continue.

Maybe I am selfish for my thoughts of why me.

Compared to all the others I never suffered.

I lost what my mistress lost, but it was hers.

I still had her, so I had lost nothing.

Still, it was suppose to be her.

Not me.


Well, what do you think? Can you guess who it is? Probably.

The next chapter is longer, and it's why I rated this what I did.



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