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Always You – Good Times

I'll hold a place for you inside,
inside my heart for you and I

Spring had never been Xiaoyu's favorite season. In her opinion, it had always been fake, too vibrant, too phony, too full of life. For someone such as herself, a person who had spent much of her life hidden behind a childlike mask, it had been hard to see spring as anything but a sickening renewal of everything that she wanted to hide from. But that had been before him.

Time had passed since she began dating Hwoarang. Many things about her had changed; some for the worse but most for the better. He seemed to do that, bringing out the best in her.

Maybe that was why her opinion about the season itself was changing. It could have been because she didn't need to be hidden from her problems anymore. Or it could have been that Hwoarang led her to believe in herself; teaching her to move on from everything holding her back.

Whatever the reason for her sudden, almost immediate, change of heart, Xiaoyu had made Hwoarang promise to have their wedding in the spring. She had shed so many bad memories that year; Xiaoyu was ready to start her new life with Hwoarang. Spring: it was time for her to make new memories; renewing all of her chances at a happy family.

And I can't sleep without you
and I can't breathe anymore

He wasn't home yet. The sky was growing darker as the sun slipped slowly out of the sky. The beginnings of a starry sky could be seen, faintly, against the mass of clouds gathering with the darkening pinks and purples of the sunset over Seoul. Tonight wouldn't be a good night for stargazing; it was going to rain.

She was waiting for him to get home on the roof of their apartment. In the time that she had been living with Hwoarang, this small portion of the roof had been their spot. It was special to both of them; a place where they came together to relax and enjoy the other's company.

But on that night, she was waiting for him alone. The sky was beautiful, though it couldn't catch her attention. Her eyes were focused on the corner that she knew he would be turning down on his way home. He would be carrying his bag home from the dojo; it was Friday night and his clothes would need to be washed. Hwoarang would be walking, his eyes on the street until he got within eyesight, he would look up at their spot and she would be there, waiting for him. That's how it had always been.

Xiaoyu waited until the rain began to fall. It began as a light drizzle, gradually picking up until she started to see the thunder and lightning. Shivering and soaking wet, Xiaoyu opened the door to their apartment and ran straight for the bedroom.

She stripped her clothing as she went, leaving a trail of her wet wardrobe leading to the bathroom. She closed the door behind her, closing her eyes to her own nude figure in the mirror, illuminated by the occasional flashing of lightning.

Xiaoyu turned on the shower and waited for the water to warm up enough for her to step into its steady stream. Steam was sliding out from behind the scrappy looking blue shower curtain. Slowly, she placed one foot inside followed by the other. Raising her face to the running water, Xaioyu slicked back her already wet brown hair and began to think.

'Where could he be? Surely he would have called if he was going to be late,' she thought, shampooing her hair. The water was running down her body, leaving streaks of soap from her shampoo. 'What if something happened to him?'

She dismissed the thought from her mind. Scrubbing her skin with a pink sponge, Xiaoyu sighed. The sweet smell of her soap had filled the small bathroom even though the steam was still present.

Once she had finished, Xiaoyu grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself before stepping out of the shower. She let her wet hair drip down her shoulders and flow to the towel where it was quickly absorbed. The air outside of the bathroom was cold; she felt it against her still wet body and shivered.

It had been an hour since the rain began. The storm seemed to have let up, there wasn't anymore thunder or lightning, but the rain was still falling in sheets. Xiaoyu pulled on a pair of ruffled panties and a lace bra that matched. Carefully, she dried her hair and tossed the towel over the shower curtain in the bathroom.

'He'll be home soon enough,' she thought as she sat on the couch and started flipping through the television channels. There wasn't much on TV, so Xiaoyu settled for a movie. She popped it in the player and blinked her eyes, sleepily. Her stomach growled and she sighed as she made her way into the kitchen.

Xiaoyu opened the refrigerator and stared inside blankly. There wasn't much inside, a few bottles of water, some milk, bottles of catsup and mustard, leftovers from dinners past. Taking out a box full of Chinese carry-out, Xiaoyu stuck it in the microwave and watched as it spun around and around.

'I'm not hungry anymore,' she thought, pulling out a pair of chopsticks and carrying the box back to her spot on the couch. 'I'm so bored! Where's Hwoarang?'

She watched the movie, not even sure which one she had picked out. The food sat on the table in front of her, getting cold. She laid down on the couch, a blanket covering her small body, pillows propping up her head of still wet hair. Trying to keep her eyes open, Xiaoyu could hardly stay awake.

Good times last forever
I'll keep my heart with yours

When the door opened later that evening, Xiaoyu was fast asleep. She didn't wake up to answer it, just turned in her sleep and grunted loudly. Xiaoyu kicked the covers off of herself and began to toss and turn.

Hwoarang walked over to the couch and watched her sleeping. He tried not to laugh; she was sprawled across the couch, her arm hanging off of the side and her legs pulled towards her chest. She was tangled in covers and her hair was a mess on the small pillow. Hwoarang smiled down at her; she was beautiful.

He put down his bag and knelt beside her. She seemed to have calmed down again in her sleep. She was breathing softly, the gentle rise and fall of her shoulders was slow and graceful.

Hwoarang leaned in towards her and pressed his lips gently against hers. Sleepily, Xiaoyu opened her eyes. She smiled up at him, grateful that he was home safe and sound.

"Where have you been, baby?" she asked, reaching up to brush a few strands of loose hair out of his eyes. "I was worried about you."

He bent his head down and snuggled into her neck. She laughed, pushing him back up to look at her. He was smiling at her.

Xiaoyu didn't say anything, though it was clear that she was wide awake. Hwoarang kissed her again before saying, "I met up with some old friends after work."

The look that Xiaoyu gave him after he admitted this was one that he wouldn't soon forget. It was a mixture of puzzlement, pain, and anger. It made Hwoarang feel uneasy, as though he had done something that he shouldn't have.

"What?" he asked.

"N-nothing," Xiaoyu murmured.

"No," Hwoarang responded. "What's wrong?"

"You didn't call," she trailed off.

He was silent for a moment. His eyes didn't meet hers. Hwoarang fidgeted in his back pocket for something. Once he pulled it out, Xiaoyu gasped.

There was a huge wad of bills in his hand. "Gambling," he paused. "I'm sorry I didn't call."

"Gambling?" she asked. "What were you betting on?"

"Uhh," he paused. "Geeze, uhh, you see-"

"Hwoarang!" Xiaoyu exclaimed. She was sitting up on the couch and looking down at where he was still kneeling. There was the slight sound of amusement in her voice.

"I fight," Hwoarang said slowly. "I fight for money."

Xiaoyu gave him an inquisitive look. "But, you haven't done that while I've been living with you," Xiaoyu said. "Have you?"

"No," he answered. "Tonight was the first time in a long time."

Xiaoyu suddenly laughed. She started slowly, chuckling at first, and then she could hardly control herself. She leaned back on the couch and held her sides until her eyes began to water.

"What?" Hwoarang asked, trying not to sound too angry. She hadn't ever laughed at him before.

"Nothing," she said between giggles. "You thought that I'd be mad about that?" She laughed some more, this time Hwoarang joined in. "You should just tell me about it next time so I'm not worried about you."

Hwoarang smirked. "I can take care of myself," his smirk turned into a smile and he kissed her.

For every minute I am gone

(I am gone)
Swear you'll never leave me

As the weeks passed, Xiaoyu couldn't help but notice how much time Hwoarang was spending away from home. On the other hand, the money that Hwoarang was making gambling was slowly starting to add up. Surely Xiaoyu was crazy for wishing that he would give up his new 'profession' and turn his full concentration, once again, towards his struggling dojo.

It had seemed that, in the past weeks, Xiaoyu, like Hwoarang's dojo, was slowly beginning to be put on the back burner. He always had other plans or different people that he had to meet up with and wouldn't have time to spend with Xiaoyu anymore.

She began to spend her time off of work at Hwoarang's dojo. Xiaoyu was trying to save the struggling establishment from certain disaster. He had been so proud of it when he first opened it.

All of the students that Hwoarang taught were so kind and caring. She started to pour her full energy into training with the students and offering them help. They became her friends; replacing the empty place in her heart that Hwoarang's sudden and complete absences had left.

Hwoarang noticed a change in Xiaoyu. She was more cautious to approach him, she never started a conversation with him anymore, and she never sat up and talked with him late at night when he couldn't fall asleep.

"Are you tired of me?" Xiaoyu asked Hwoarang one morning over breakfast.

Nearly choking on his orange juice, Hwoarang laughed as he answered, "Of course not! What would give you that idea?"

She adverted her eyes. It seemed as though she was ashamed of having brought up the subject in the first place. Hwoarang could tell that something was wrong, it was the first time that she had spoken to him first in weeks.

"Tired?" Hwoarang questioned, realizing that she was very serious.

Xiaoyu's eyes were focused on the ground. She was silent, staring at her half eaten toast and newly filled glass of orange juice. There was a lump rising in her throat and her heart was pounding.

"Baby," he paused. Hwoarang reached towards her with his arms opened wide. He pulled her into a hug. "No, I'm not tired of you."

"It's just that-" she trailed off in thought. She couldn't find the right words to express how she felt. Her mind was racing and she could feel tears welling up in her eyes. She sighed.

"Just what?" Hwoarang asked. He was trying not to sound concerned; his arm was around her waist and he was brushing a few strands of hair out of her face.

"I love you, Hwoarang," she began. "I really do. And I can't stand the thought of losing you!"

Hwoarang didn't say anything. He looked down at her; his beautiful Xiaoyu with tears streaming down her cheeks and no sign of the smile that normally greeted him each morning. "Oh, baby," he whispered. "I love you, too. And I swear to you that I'm not going anywhere; not without you."

I'll be there every time
in your heart and in your eyes

She was asleep that night when he returned home. The TV wasn't turned on, though the radio was playing in the background. There were several bridal magazines open in front of where she had fallen asleep.

Hwoarang looked at the pictures; beautiful women were spread across the pages and they were all smiling and happy. 'Is this what she wants?' he asked himself. Hwoarang smiled watching her as she slept; thinking about how beautiful she would be walking towards him in a white dress with her beautiful smile.

He picked her up, careful not to wake her. In his arms, Xiaoyu seemed to be smiling in her sleep. 'Maybe she's dreaming of me?' Hwoarang thought as he laid her on her side of their bed.

Before he turned towards the bathroom, he took one last look at her. She was lying peacefully, happy in her dreams. He hadn't seen her like that in so long; it cleared his mind a little bit.

Hwoarang removed his shirt and tossed it on a pile of clothes outside of the bathroom door. He heard Xiaoyu laugh softly. He turned his head to find her sitting up at him from his side of the bed and smiling at him.

"Hey!" he exclaimed. "What do you think this is? A peep show?"

Xiaoyu laughed as he walked over to the bed and pushed her down gently. As he climbed on top of her, she ran her hands across his chest, feeling the muscles. He was thin, his only real shape coming from his muscles. Xiaoyu smiled. 'But he's adorable,' she thought.

"I missed you, baby," he whispered into her ear.

His breath was warm and Xiaoyu could feel him trace her collarbone with his fingers. She was trapped beneath him but it didn't matter because there was nowhere else that she would rather be.

Kissing him up and down, her hands moved across his skin. It was hot to the touch. She stopped herself suddenly, looking into his eyes. His soft hair fell in layers across his face. Xiaoyu lifted her hand to brush a few strands out of his eyes.

She could sense a tension in his body; a feeling of fatigue that was pulling at him and she could feel it inside of herself as well. In looking at his tired features, Xiaoyu could tell that something wasn't right; there was doubt in his eyes.

Xiaoyu gazed up at him, her confident smile was gone; melted into something tender. She would make it better; she could heal this pain.

She held him close to her for a long while, just looking into his eyes, before he broke her gaze with a kiss. She arched her back, slightly, to meet his lips. His mouth shaped hers, slowly and tenderly, parting her lips with his tongue.

Hwoarang reached out towards her. His hand rested on her tiny waist and twisted the fabric of her small tank top. His touch felt wonderful to her, though a small gasp escaped her lips when he suddenly pulled the shirt over her head.

The chill in the air caused her to shiver. Instinctively, she pulled her arms about her and closed her eyes. To this, Hwoarang responded by gently pulling them away and kissing her chest. He pulled her body towards his; hoping to warm her once again.

Her hands traced the curves of his arms and slid across his broad shoulders. He held her hand while he left a trail of kisses leading from her chest to just behind her ears. "I love you," he whispered.

Xiaoyu softly sighed as Hwoarang's hands found their way to her breasts. He caressed them and she drew in a quick breath. Her eyelids fluttered closed. A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt Hwoarang's lips fell upon her breast. She pulled him closer and ran her fingers through his silky hair.

Her hands moved, then, to his waist. She fumbled with his belt but his hands stopped hers. She looked into his eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him into a kiss. He worked at his belt and removed his pants while Xiaoyu showered him with sweet, sensual kisses. Before she realized it, her panties were on the floor next to her shirt and his pants.

"Xiaoyu," he whispered her name as they became one. She gasped as she felt him inside of her; his pressure against her. Their bodies met; intertwined in rapture. And in an instant, it was over.

He lay against her, panting. And she gently stroked his soft hair out of his eyes. "I love you," she whispered to her sleeping lover. "And I promise you that I always will."

I'll give it up this time again
some things are better left unsaid

The next morning, Hwoarang woke up to find the place in the bed next to him empty. He sat up in bed and threw his feet to the floor. It was ten o'clock and the sun was pouring through the window.

"Xiaoyu?" Hwoarang asked, walking down the hallway.

"Hmm?" she responded from the kitchen. Her eyes didn't leave the paper in front of her when he sat down across from her at the small table. 'Kazama to Meet with Mayor,' she read to herself. She tensed. It had been nearly a year since she had seen him; a year since she had really even thought about him.

"What's wrong," Hwoarang asked as he took a bite of toast.

Xiaoyu had begun to shake slowly; her movements were hardly noticeable. Hwoarang reached across the table to hold her hand, an action to which she responded to quickly by shaking herself from his grasp.

"Please," she whispered. "I need to be alone."

"Baby?" he asked, watching helplessly as she walked back towards the bedroom. He heard the bathroom door close and he heard the water begin to run a few seconds later. Hwoarang pulled the newspaper that Xiaoyu had been reading towards him and read the headline for himself.

And all I have are lasting dreams
our words spoke more this time it seems

Hours passed before she emerged from the bathroom. Hwoarang had been waiting for her on the edge of the bed. His head had fallen into his hands and he was rubbing his eyes.

She stepped out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel. Her eyes were red and swollen; she had been crying.

"Hwoarang?" she asked. "What are you still doing here? I thought that you would have left."

He looked up at her; there was a look in his eyes that Xiaoyu had never seen before. "I couldn't leave without telling you goodbye and making sure that you were ok," he whispered.

Xiaoyu sat next to him on the bed. Her hair was dripping down her shoulders and the towel was beginning to become so wet that it was useless.

"I'm scared," she whispered.

Hwoarang knew. "It's ok, baby," he pulled her into his arms, ignoring the damp towel that was pressing against him. "I'm here, remember? And as long as I'm here, nothing is going to happen to you."

And she believed him; at least, she thought she did. Though she loved Hwoarang, how could she be sure that he could protect her from Jin? What would happen if they met? Xiaoyu knew that she would never forgive herself if anything happened to Hwoarang.

"Please," she whispered. "Please, don't leave me."

Hwoarang was startled by her request. "Of course I won't leave you, baby."

"No," she corrected. "Don't leave me alone today."

He didn't say anything for a minute. He had to go out today; there was no way around it. He had promised everyone that he would be there. "Come with me?" he asked. "It's about time you see what I've been doing all of this time."

She didn't say anything but nodded her head yes. He kissed her and smiled for the first time since he woke up.

And I can't sleep without you
and I can't breathe anymore

They walked for a long time before coming to an alley that Hwoarang turned down. Xiaoyu stayed behind him holding his hand for protection. It was almost empty, save for a few trash cans and a lot of broken glass.

It didn't look as though anyone was there at first; it was hard for her to see in the dimly lit alley. But then she noticed men and women casually leaning against the trashcans and walls of the alley. No one moved when Hwoarang led Xiaoyu in front of him.

She didn't say anything or even move. Xiaoyu stood in front of all of the strange faces and tried to keep her head high. Her heart was racing and her mind was swimming with thoughts.

'This is what Hwoarang does?' she asked herself. 'He fights these people for money?'

One of them moved forward towards Xiaoyu. His dark hair was styled much in the same way as Hwoarang's. He was muscular, though not as lean as Hwoarang. He walked a circle around her; she was uncomfortable but didn't move. Xiaoyu looked into his eyes once he had stopped.

"This is her?" he asked Hwoarang. He didn't sound disappointed but it didn't sound like he was excited to meet her either.

"Yeah," he responded. "Xiaoyu, this is Leun. Leun, Xiaoyu."

She reached her hand towards his to shake, but he pulled her into a hug instead. "Welcome to the family, babe," he said.

He linked his arm in hers and led her about the circle that was beginning to form around them. He went to the side with the men first; there were five. They were all looking at her strangely; it made her uneasy. She turned her head back towards Hwoarang. He weakly smiled at her and raised his eyebrows, bidding her forward. He looked a little bit nervous.

There were five men standing in front of her. The first had short dark hair and looked very thin. The one next to him wore glasses and his bangs fell in front of his eyes. There were two in the back of the line that appeared to be twins, each with long dark hair pulled into pony tails that fell down their backs. The final one was taller than Hwoarang but every bit as muscled. His hair was brown and wavy.

"This is Hyun, Jae-Ki, and Kim," he paused, pointing at each of them in turn. While he looked at the other two, he sighed. Pointing towards the twins, he said, "You don't need to know them."

Xiaoyu smiled up at Leun. She liked him; he had a kindness about him that she couldn't quite understand yet. Turning her gaze back towards the men she had just been introduced to, she waved and smiled. "Nice to meet you all," she said. "I'm Xiaoyu."

Before she had time to say anything more, Leun was leading her towards the women. "This is Ji-Ya and Pyeong-Hwa," he said to Xiaoyu.

"Nice to meet you," she whispered shyly. They were both very pretty, the first, Ji-Ya, had long black hair that fell past her shoulders and elegantly down her back. She was toned but, as far as Xiaoyu could tell, not a fighter. Pyeong-Hwa was different. She was clearly a fighter; her muscular arms and lean figure gave her away. Her hair was brown and fell to about the same place as Xiaoyu's.

Ji-Ya spoke first. "We were wondering who would be the one to finally tame our Hwoarang," she said. "And, honey, you're the first we've ever met."

Pyeong-Hwa laughed. "Absolutely, love," she pulled Xiaoyu closer to her and whispered. "We were beginning to wonder if he was EVER going to bring you to meet us. It's like he was ashamed of us or something."

"Why would he be ashamed?" Xiaoyu whispered back.

Neither one answered her question. Leun wasn't by her side anymore; he was talking to Hwoarang. Both men had their arms crossed at their chests and were talking. Leun was looking at the ground and pushed a few pieces of glass across it with his feet. Hwoarang scratched his head and laughed.

"She's great," Hwoarang whispered.

"And hot," Leun added.

Hwoarang gave him a look that said he was crossing a line. Leun only laughed and lowered his gaze once again.

"So?" he asked. "You think she'll fight?"

"I'm not sure," Hwoarang confessed.

"I hear footsteps," one of the other men whispered.

"Places, everyone!" Leun demanded.

Ji-Ya pulled Xiaoyu towards the wall with her. "Now, just stand back," she whispered. "You wouldn't want one of them picking you for the fight, would you?"

"Picking me?" Xiaoyu asked. She was very confused.

"Yes, honey," Ji-Ya answered. "These men come down our alley to fight. The rules are that they pick any one of us to fight. It's two rounds unless they each win one, then there's a third to settle it."

"But," she paused. "Where does the gambling come in?"

"We all bet on who the winner will be," Ji-Ya whispered. "Our fighter tries to win the first fight; putting on a show to let everyone think that he is really struggling. When the second fight begins, they throw it and lose terribly. Now, whoever the opponent comes with normally begins to throw in tons of cash, thinking that their man will win. Following me?"

"And our fighter wins the final fight," Xiaoyu finished.

"Absolutely, honey!" she exclaimed.

They both turned to look at the group of businessmen who had walked down the alley. Their expensive suits and black sunglasses didn't fit into this scene at all. They all looked horribly out of place; like none of them were ready to fight.

Leun walked forward, introducing himself. "Welcome!" he said with his arms open wide. "You here for a little contest?"

"Yes," a voice from behind the group said. Xiaoyu knew that voice, but from where? "A contest," it finished.

"Well," Leun began. "Pick your opponent."

Stepping forward out of the crowd of his partners, Jin Kazama sneered. Xiaoyu gasped and grabbed onto Ji-Ya's arm. She tried to hide behind her; tried everything to get out of his sight. But he had already seen her.

Good times last forever
I'll keep my heart with yours

Jin walked past Leun and stopped in front of Hwoarang. Hatred filled both of their eyes as they looked at each other. Jin's business partners and Hwoarang's friends watched the two men standing there; neither one moved, they just stared each other down.

"Ready for a rematch, Kazama?" Hwoarang spat.

Jin laughed to himself. He took off his long jacket and draped it over his arm. "I'm not fighting you," he growled. "I'm fighting Xiaoyu."

She fell to the ground when she heard him choose her. Ji-Ya bent down to comfort her new friend. "Honey," she began. "What's this all about?"

Pulling her back to her feet, Ji-Ya stood in front of the cowering young girl. Xiaoyu was holding the hand that Ji-Ya was offering to her behind her back. Her breathing had escalated.

Jin left his place in front of Hwoarang and walked towards the two women who had been leaning against the wall. He took a few steps and sneered. Jin laughed before he pulled Xiaoyu away from Ji-Ya's protection.

"I've been looking for you," he whispered, holding her close to his face. Xiayou had her eyes closed and was praying that someone would save her. "I'm here to win you back."

Hwoarang had come up behind Jin and pulled him away from Xiaoyu. "Get off of her!" he exclaimed, taking up a fighting stance.

"Stay out of this!" Jin yelled as he turned back towards Xiaoyu. "I choose to fight you. What do you say?"

Xiaoyu's eyes still hadn't opened. Her heart was beating faster and faster in her chest. Tears were in her eyes but she refused to let them fall. Her mind was screaming thoughts; why would no one help?

"Yes," she whispered, as she opened her eyes. "I will fight you."

Jin smirked. "Not under the same terms, of course," he began. "I don't want your money. I want you."

"Not an option!" Hwoarang exclaimed. "We fight for money, here."

Leun stepped up behind Hwoarang to help. "It's true, Kazama," he began. "Our terms are non-negotiable."

Ji-Ya had come up behind Xiaoyu and taken her by the shoulders. Slowly, the two women began walking away from Jin. All of Hwoarang's friends stared at the scene in front of them. There was nothing any of them could do.

"This doesn't concern you," Jin began. "The two of us will fight on our own terms. If I win, Xiaoyu comes back to Japan with me. If she wins, she stays in Korea with all of you. There will be one match."

He stared down at Xiaoyu. She couldn't even bring herself to look at him. He gently cupped her chin in his hand and pulled her face up to look at his. A strange look passed over his face and in his eyes was the same look of passion that he had shown towards her on the last day she had seen him; they day she left him.

Jin pulled her into his arms quickly and kissed her passionately. Xiaoyu's eyes opened wide and she struggled to break free from his embrace. Something in his kiss was familiar; something like the feeling she got when Hwoarang kissed her.

Hwoarang rushed forward, followed by Ji-Ya and Leun. Hwoarang pulled Xiaoyu out of Jin's arms while Ji-Ya and Leun held Jin away from her. Xiaoyu was shocked; her head was spinning.

She took a few steps forward and glared up at him. "Don't you ever touch me," she glared as she said it. "I hate you, Jin Kazama." Before she turned to walk back towards Hwoarang and Ji-Ya, Xiaoyu spit at his feet.

Jin turned his back towards Xiaoyu and began to walk towards his business partners. "You're still good," he said as he stopped in the middle of the alley. "He hasn't ruined you yet."

Hwoarang wrapped Xiaoyu in his arms and brushed a tear from her eyes. Leun was standing to the side of the alley, glaring at Jin and his counterparts. Hwoarang hated Jin more than he ever had before. It was one thing to hurt him, but to hurt Xiaoyu; he wanted to kill him for that.

"So," Jin began. "Have you decided?"

"Yes," Xiaoyu spoke softly, gathering her strength. "When I beat you, you'll never come back. You'll leave me alone forever."

"And when I win, you will come back with me to Japan," Jin smirked.

For every minute I am gone

(I am gone)
Swear you'll never leave me

Jin was facing Xiaoyu in the middle of the alleyway. His business partners were behind him and Xiaoyu's new friends stood behind her. Leun stood between them; he had a look of sadness on his face.

Xiaoyu turned back to look at Hwoarang. He was kneeling on the ground with his face buried in his hands. Ji-Ya was beside him with her hands on his shoulders. There was a look of sorrow in her eyes. For what seemed like the first time, she looked at Pyeong-Hwa, Jae-Ki had his arm around her and she wasn't looking at the fight. Kim and Hyun stood with the other two men, looking sad.

Her heart began to race. 'Is this the last time that I will ever see any of them?' she thought while she turned to face Jin again. There was a look of triumph in his eyes. 'He thinks he's already won,' she thought to herself.

Before Leun signaled for the fight to start, he placed his hand on Xiaoyu's shoulder. Staring into her scared brown eyes, he could tell that she was at such a disadvantage. Jin was nearly twice her size; his strength greatly surpassed her own. Surely he would defeat her quickly, needing only to land a few strong blows.

"Be strong," he whispered. "Don't leave us yet."

Xiaoyu remembered the promise she had made when Hwoarang proposed to her. He was on his knees in the park near the apartment that they shared and she had started crying, knowing exactly what he was going to do. He was shaking a little. And she could tell that he was nervous.

"Xiaoyu," he had said her name so softly; he held her hand so gently in his own. "Will you marry me?"

Through her tears, she had fallen to her knees in front of him. In his eyes she could see so much hope. She wrapped her arms around his neck and cried even harder. "Do you really mean it?" she had asked.

"Yeah," he said as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. He could feel her tears begin to soak through the shoulder of his shirt. "I don't know what I'd do if you ever left me."

"I swear I won't ever leave you," she held him close to her.

"Is that yes?" he asked anxiously.

"No," she laughed through her tears and kissed him. "That was!"

He pulled a ring out of his pocket and slid it onto her finger. She smiled when he wiped away the tears that remained on her cheeks and kissed her.

She wasn't ready to leave him, not yet. "Wait!" she yelled, snapping back into reality.

Leun looked at her and watched the fear in her eyes change to a look of hope and determination. She turned around quickly and ran back towards Hwoarang. He wasn't looking up at her.

She bent down next to him and pulled him into her arms. "I'm not going anywhere without you," she whispered. "I swear I'll never leave you."

He looked up at her and there were tears in his eyes. "I can't live without you," he whispered. "I love you."

"I love you, too," she kissed him before she turned back towards Jin and Leun. She didn't turn around to look at him again. She didn't look at any of them; just Leun when she told him that she was ready to begin.

"Fight!" he yelled.

I'll be there every time
in your heart and in your eyes

He punched first. Xiaoyu was quick, but not quick enough to dodge. His fist hit her in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her and causing her to fall on her back. Regaining her composure, she got up just in time to dodge another attack.

Countering Jin's attack with her series of punches, Xiaoyu leapt into the air and landed behind a confused Jin. Quickly she kicked him in the back. Waiting for him to turn around, she slammed her palm against his nose, saying, "Oopsie, hope I didn't ruin your modeling career!"

Jin held his nose and felt the blood rushing out of it. He glared at her and stood in his fighting stance once again. Everyone was watching now, it seemed as though the small young woman could hold her own in a battle against Jin.

"You've gotten better," he growled. "But I'll still win."

Xiaoyu moved closer, quickly beginning to dance and spin around him. She landed an occasional punch as she went. Jin landed a devastating punch that sent her sprawling across the ground. She whimpered as she looked at her arms, bleeding from cuts that the glass had left.

Pulling the pieces of glass out of her skin, Xiaoyu stood up and looked at Jin. His nose was still bleeding and he was smirking at her. She rushed towards him, only to be sent back to the ground.

She got up slowly and she could feel her legs shaking beneath her. Jin was charging towards her this time but she was ready for him. Dodging his attack with a cartwheel, Xiaoyu did a back flip onto Jin's shoulders and began to pound her fists against his face.

She jumped down as he fell to the ground. He was lying on his stomach and was very slow to get up. He looked at her and began to walk towards her. He was close; too close. He was weak; it was almost over.

Finally, she grabbed his wrists and looked into his eyes. Before he could react, Xiaoyu put her foot on his knee and pushed herself up above him. She put her opposite foot on his neck and pushed off as hard as she could.

There was an unpleasant crack and Jin fell to the ground with a low grunt. Xiaoyu stood a few steps away from where he was lying. The match was over and Xiaoyu had won.

She bent over him with a smile on her face and waved her hands at Jin; taunting him. His eyes were blurred, but he could see her above him. He watched her turn away from him forever.

All of Hwoarang's friends rushed out to congratulate her. Ji-Ya took Xiaoyu's hands in her own and they began to spin in a circle together. Pyeong-Hwa and Jae-Ki were holding onto each other still, laughing and smiling.

"Show us some of those moves again!" Kim requested.

"Yeah!" Jae-Ki responded. "Where did you learn how to fight like that?"

Xiaoyu blushed. "My uncle taught me," she said quietly.

"He must have been some uncle, love," Pyeong-Hwa added.

Hwoarang stood next to Leun. They were both smiling with their arms crossed at their chests. Xiaoyu stopped and looked at him. He was looking at her lovingly while Leun said something to him.

Pyeong-Hwa grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her into a hug. "You alright, love?" she asked, looking at Xiaoyu's bleeding arms.

"More alright than you know," she whispered.

Jin was next to Hwoarang, then. He didn't look into his eyes but held a check in his hand. "The money for the fight," he explained. "Take care of her."

Hwoarang refused to take the check from Jin's hand. "I don't need your money to take care of her," he said coolly.

"It's the only way that I know to show her that I'm sorry," he began. "Please, for her?" Jin was looking up at him now. There was a strange look in his eyes, was it … pain? He placed the check in Hwoarang's hand and turned to walk away.

"Thank you," Hwoarang called after him. Jin turned around and gave him a weak smile. He turned the corner and walked out of sight.

In your eyes

"Hwoarang!" she called his name as she ran up to him and threw her arms around his neck. She didn't say anything but held him close for a long time.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face in her soft brown hair. "I knew you could do it, baby," he whispered in her.

Xiaoyu laughed and pushed herself away from him just enough to look into his eyes. Hers were full of tears; he kissed them all away. They were surrounded by all of his friends; his family. Maybe he did have something to give her after all.

They were the last people to leave the alley that night. Together, Hwoarang and Xiaoyu walked slowly back towards their apartment, enjoying each other's company. It wasn't the beginning of the end after all; just the start of a new beginning together.

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