As a part of fifty Sabata and Django drabbles. Nothing sexual, I promise.

Good Morning

For the time being, Sabata and Django had been forced to share a bed. Lady had informed Sabata that it was only until the extra room construction was taking place. However, it seemed the workers were slackers and rarely did a thing. As more people flooded back into San Miguel, more strange people appeared. Some of them wanted nothing more than to see two girlish boys go at it. They would moan and wail at their window, scaring Django enough to cling to Sabata for emotional support. However, he always managed to wake up before his brother and stealthily sneak off for his morning cleansing. He watched Sabata wake up to greet him with a cheerful "Good morning!" and good breath. Every morning, he carried out this routine in different ways. Every morning, he somehow always tripped on his way down the stairs. Every morning, Sabata was glad that he was forced to share a bed.

One out of fifty... And it sucks. (5/31/05)