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For the love of coffee! by ACM a.k.a. Annie May

Boom! The ground shakes a little as a huge spaceship makes a less-than-smooth landing on the outskirts of Townsville. Despite the loud noise, the landing is undetected by the city's residents who lay sleeping because it is four o'clock in the morning. The door of the spaceship opens.

A voice rumbles, "Now, go forth, my faithful minions."

A squeaky voice asks, "Um, could you just go over the plan one more time, Sir?"

Sighing in frustration, the rumbling voice explains, "We will steal all the coffee in Townsville!"

"But, Sir! Won't you really need a bathroom if you drink all that?" another voice pipes up.

"You idiot! I'm not going to drink it! I just don't want the Townsville adults to get their morning coffee. That way I can turn them into my zombie slaves! Not only will I rule Townsville, but with their help I will rule the world," the voice rumbles.

"But what about the Powerpuff girls," a scratchy voice wondered.

"You underestimate me. Of course I have thought about the Powerpuff Girls. My cousin gave me fair warning. Do not worry. The Powerpuff girls are strong, but they are no match for disgruntled adults without coffee! No greater evil has ever been conceived. Mwahahahahaha!" the first voice laughed. "Now go! It is nearly 4:30 am Earth time. You must hurry!"

Three small, stout figures fly out of the ship and into the fading night.

Hours Later

"Good morning, professor!"

"What? Oh, good morning Bubbles," Professor Utonium muttered, feeling around in the cabinet for the coffee can.

When he doesn't feel it right away, he goes to the drawer, pulls out a flashlight and looks around inside.

"WHAT? Where's my coffee?" he asks with incredible volume for a man who is barely awake.

"Don't worry, Professor. I'm sure we'll find it!" Blossom cheerfully reassures him.

"You took it, didn't you? The three of you took my coffee," the professor accuses.

"No way, Professor. Coffee is yucky!" Buttercup exclaims, making a face.

"Don't lie to me. I know you took it. Now I'm going to make sure you never steal my coffee again!"

Laughing like a madman, the professor grabs a nearby rope and ties the three stunned Powerpuffs to a chair.

"Professor, be reasonable about this. You know..." Blossom begins.

"I know that my coffee is missing and you three are the only ones who could have taken it. Now, like the fairy said, I'm going to get more coffee!"

With that, the professor storms out of the house.

"That was weird," Blossom observes.

"Ah, who cares. Let's just get this rope off," Buttercup commands.

The three little girls use their laser beams to burn through the ropes, then set off in search of the professor and his coffee. What they find astounds them.

It seems that every adult in Townsville is in the streets. They have dazed looks on their faces and are all walking in the same direction. The girls see the mayor and Miss Bellum, their teacher, Mrs. Keane, and even Mojo Jojo wandering the streets, mumbling about caffeine.

"Weird!" Buttercup says.

"This looks awfully suspicious. Come on girls, let's follow," Blossom tells them.

The Powerpuff Girls fly ahead of the strange adults to see where adults are headed.

"A spaceship?"