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"A spaceship!" Bubbles exclaims.

"That can only mean one thing," Blossom says.

"Yup. The aliens have finally made it to Townsville," Buttercup agrees.

"No, dummy. It means someone is using it as a hideout. But, who?" Blossom wonders.

"That'd be us."

The girls whirl around to see two pudgy little men, one blue and one green, each with two miniature wings on his back.

"Who are you?" Bubbles asks.

"We're the aliens, duh!" the blue one answers.

Blossom looks shocked. Buttercup gives her the raspberry.

Suddenly the three are shoved backward into a wall.

"Stay out of our way!" the green alien warns.

"That does it!" Buttercup yells.

All three girls lunge at the two shocked aliens.

"Oh no. These are the Powerpuff-" the green alien manages to say before a punch to the jaw silences him.

"We should have listened to Him," the blue one laments.

"Had enough?" Bubbles asks.

"Yes," the two bruised aliens answer.

"Good. Now go home."

"Okay, okay."

The two flew off into the distance.

"Great. Now everything's back to normal," Blossom sighed.

"Wrong again," Buttercup says.



Buttercup points to the long line of adults, who are now entering the spaceship.

"How did that happen?" Bubbles wonders.

"I was right! Someone is using the spaceship for a hideout!" Blossom declares proudly. "C'mon, let's get 'em and save the professor."

The Powerpuff Girls fly over the line and into the ship. It is already crowded with adults. On a steel throne in the center, a plump little red man without wings is speaking.

"Now you are my gracious servants. Do as I command or else you will never drink coffee again!" he threatens.

"Yes, master," the crowd responds in a monotone.

"First, you must destroy the Powerpuff Girls. If you destroy them, the coffee will come back."

"Ooh!" the gullible adults murmur.

"Look! There they are!" yells Professor Utonium, standing up and pointing at the three superheroes.

Suddenly the Powerpuffs have to dodge a huge crowd of very angry adults. Of course, they are at an advantage, being able to fly, but the ship's ceiling is extremely low. The girls can only dart back and forth to avoid the many hands reaching for them. More and more adults come into the ship and soon the three are surrounded.

"WAIT!" Blossom screams.

Everyone, even Bubbles and Buttercup turn to stare at her.

"Don't your get it? He has the coffee! Get him!"

"What? I'm not Him! I'm him's cousin, Sir."

The adults look on, confused.

"Him has a cousin?"

"Never mind that! If you want the coffee, go tie him up and we'll get it for you," Blossom promises.

The adults finally get it and soon Sir is tied to his chair. Blossom breaks into a steel cabinet and starts handing out the coffee cans inside. Once all the coffee has been passed out, the adults return home.

When everyone is out of the ship, Bubbles pushes a big, red button, then flies out the door. The door closes and the spaceship blasts away.

The professor now liberated from his trance, walks up to them.

"Um...I'm sorry about the whole pointing-you-out-to-an-angry-mob thing," he sheepishly apologizes.

"That's okay, professor." Blossom assures him.

"Yup! Now that you have your coffee, everything is fine," Bubbles adds.

"I hope it's decaf," Buttercup mutters.

"What was that, Buttercup?" Professor Utonium asks.

"Nothing," she replies sweetly.

So, once again, the day is saved, thanks to...Foldgers!