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Beatin' Down to Beatin' Up

Chapter One- Welcome to my life

Summery- Inuyasha has always been teased and abused in school by his peers for being a half-demon. What does he have in common with Kagome? Kagome has always been beaten by her father, when it goes to far her mother kicks him out and divorces him. Now, here is what he has in common with Kagome; They are both each others strengths. Friends since birth. They are each others strengths, like Brother and Sister. Welcome to their lives.

Chapter One- Welcome to my life

No you don't know what it's like

When nothing feels alright

You don't know what it's like

To be like me...

Kagome Higurashi watched mutely as her father slapped her mother. He was drunk… again. When is he ever somber? Never.

'I can't believe Mama just puts up with it. I mean kami! He's always drunk. Slapping us, hitting us, throwing crap at us. He never stops. Not since grandma died. Now, I expected this from grandpa. Throwing a fit. But HIM? Never. What a bastard…' Kagome thought bitterly as he threw a bottle at her this time forcing her to duck.

"Stop this!" Kagome yelled at her father.

"You whore! I can't believe you. This is what you deserve! I wish you were dead!" he yelled at her as she flinched inwardly.

"I'm sorry Grandma died, but you need to get over it. It's been three years," She said as another bottle came flying her way, only this time it smashed into her side and cracked her ribs.

"You bastard!" Kagome yelled at him as a blue light surrounded her.

"Shut up!" he yelled and back handed her.

"Mama, take Sota to Grandpa's and STAY THERE! Don't come back," Kagome yelled and her mother obeyed.

Flash back

"Mama, if he ever gets out of hand I want you to leave for grandpa's with Sota. Call Inuyasha AND the police. I want you to stay there until the police or Inuyasha gets there. Then lead them here. I can hold up a barrier long enough. I promise you. But promise me. Promise me that you wont leave Grandpa's no matter what. PROMISE ME MAMA!" Kagome told her mom.

"I promise baby. I swear to Kami that I will. I won't fail you," Her mom promised.

"And neither will I," Kagome responded.

End of flash back

Kagome felt a blow to her gut as her father punched her and she fell to the ground in pain.

'Stupid butt-hole. I wish he was dead.' She thought to herself as she sent a ball of blue light at her father.

Five minutes later she felt a blow to the head as she heard Inuyasha burst into the house followed closely by officers. The last thing she remembered was Inuyasha holding her close saying that it'd all be ok.

Kagome woke up in the hospital room and noticed that her brother and mother were there. Her mom was asleep and Sota was holding onto her hand. She looked around for Inuyasha and didn't spot him.

"Inuyasha," She whispered hoarsely.

"She's awake!" said Sota.

"Where's Inuyasha?" she asked again a little louder.

"What?" Sota asked and walked over to Kagome.

"I want Inuyasha," She said slightly louder.

"Hold on," Sota said and got up to get Inuyasha.

He walked out of the room and got Inuyasha. The hanyou and 14 year old walked into her room in the hospital. Inuyasha rushed to her side.

"Hey," Inuyasha said as he sat down and grabbed her hand.

"Hey. How long have I been asleep?" She said and gave his hand a squeeze.

"About 5 or 6 days. Are you ok?" he asked her giving her hand a squeeze back and rubbing it with his thumb.

"I'll be ok…-" she started falling into a world of unknown darkness and nightmares.


She watched helplessly as her father beat her. He used a belt, his hand, his shoe, a vase, and all sort of other things.

"Daddy" she chocked out "Please stop,"


"Stupid girl" she heard her father yell and throw something and she whimpered.

He kicked her and she whimpered again.

"You like this?" he yelled and back handed her.

"Kenji, stop. Please," She heard her mothers voice and footsteps.

"Shut up Aoyama," He yelled and hit her with a vase and she fell on the floor unconscious

"Kagome… kagome… kagome…" she heard her father say.

"You look more beautiful than ever," He muttered and knelt down.

He helped her up and pressed his lips firmly on hers. Kagome was scared now. Her father pulled back and struck her. She blacked out and he had his way with her.


"Stupid whore! I hate you! Go burn in hell!" Her father yelled and threw a bottle at her. It hit her head and she fell into a dark a bliss.

End of dream

"AHHHH!" Kagome woke up screaming to death with tears streaming down her face clutching her blankets and somebody's hand.

It was the middle of the night and her mom and the rest of her family left for home to sleep.

"Inuyasha?" she asked as she realized she had warmth in her hand other than her own.

"Yea?" he replied and got up and sat on her bed to hold her.

"I-I- h-he a-al-almos-t-t k-kill-ed-ed m-me," She said through tears.

He wrapped his arms around her and rubbed her back and rocked her back and forth. He comforted her as he always had just like she had. Through 8 years of hers and all of his life.

The two 18 year olds had gone through so much as kids and friends. Her father had abused her since she was about 10 and their peers used to tease him. She had been raped by her father and he had been through hell.

"Shhh… It'll be ok. Shhh… its okay Kagome," He murmured softly.

"I-I d-dreamt-t o-of the t-time h-he first b-beat m-me. And o-of w-when he r-raped-d m-me. And o-other t-times," She bawled into his shirt.

He gathered her into his arms and laid on the bed with her facing his chest. (they are not doing anything guys:P) She laid down and soon fell fast asleep with Inuyasha. Neither of them aware than morning would soon be upon them and that three people would soon see then like that.

"Inuyasha… Kagome…" Mrs. Higurashi said and shook the two slightly.

"Huh? Mama?" Kagome said as looked around.

"The doctor said you could leave. But you have to be careful of your ribs," Her mother said gently and set some things on the bed.

"Ok. Hello Mrs. Takahashi," Kagome said and bowed as well as she could.

"Dearest. Are you alright? And how many times do I have to ask you to call me Izayoi?" Izayoi Takahashi said to Kagome pointedly as if saying 'Stop it or else you're in trouble.'

"Never better. At least just once more of course, as always," Kagome replied to Kimmi and giggled in surprise as Inuyasha's arm wrapped around her waist and drew her closer to him.

"Kagome, don't forget you have school in about an hour and a half. Get Inuyasha up so you can go get ready for school," Mrs. Higurashi said and began walking out of the room.

"Alright mama," She said to her mom as they left and she laid down and snuggled up to Inuyasha.

She reached up to Inuyasha's ear and rubbed it and his Golden orbs flew open in surprise.

"Kagome," He breathed a sigh of relief knowing now that it was Kagome.

"Well, good morning to you handsome," She giggled and stopped rubbing his ear and he reached up and grabbed her hand.

"Good morning beautiful," He said and gave her a big, gentle hug.

"Time to get up so we can go," She whispered and put her head on his chest.

"Their letting you go?" Inuyasha asked and wrapped his arms around her.

"Yea. It's been almost a week! I have to get dressed and get a wrap for my ribs, just incase" Kagome replied and snuggled into his chest.

"Ok. Are you going to school today?" Inuyasha asked and she nodded.

"Yea. Mama's making me go today. She says I have to be careful of my ribs. I should be alright in a day or so," She explained and sat up.

"Okay… You ready for this?" he asked her in concern as he sat up after her.

"Yea," Was her reply as she carefully got off her bed and went to the bathroom with her clothes and got dressed.

She walked out 30 minutes later with her long black hair put into a beautiful messy bun considering her situation. She had on her black eye liner and blue mascara. She had no other make up on. She was wear a tight black shirt that said 'Shut Your Mouth' on it in green and a pair of blue jeans that fit tightly and had one pocket on her left thigh with buttons on it and two in the front on the sides and two in the back with buttons on them. She also wore her black converses with green shoelaces. All in all she looked radiant.

'My best friend looks absolutely gorgeous.' He thought 'Wait! What am I thinking? She's like a sister to me!'

'You like her.' Said a voice in his head.

'Not you again!' he thought back.

'Yes me again. Your such a stubborn dog.'

"Earth to Inuyasha. Your turn to get dressed," She said to him.

"Oy, wench. Don't do that," He said.

"Here," She handed him his stuff to get ready "Now go get ready. You have to drive. My ribs are bruised pretty badly. And my name isn't wench Inuyasha. You know my name,"

"Alright bitch," (Not swearing! Inuyasha just, fundamentally, all but claimed her his woman. Dogs… Bitch Female dog. Therefore Inuyasha calling Kagome a bitch is basically like Kouga calling Kagome HIS woman.)

"Inuyasha… I'm not a bitch!" she grounded out as he snickered at her.

'No. But you're my Bitch.' He thought, little did he know he thought it out loud and Kagome barely heard it.

He gladly took his stuff and left for the bathroom to get dress.

With Inuyasha

"I'm falling for my best friend," He thought aloud.

'Yea… you are buddy.' Replied his conscience.

"Damn would you go away?" he asked.

'No… I'm your conscience therefore I cannot go away.' It replied to him.

"Whatever," He said and brushed his long silver hair.

Inuyasha walked outside into the hospital room where Kagome was waiting for him.


'Oh my god. He looks so fine.' She pondered 'Oh no. I cant think that way!'

Inuyasha was wearing a pair of black baggy pants with tons of pockets. He had on a white wife beater with a red short sleeved button up shirt on over it. He had on his red converses. He had his long silver hair in a ponytail at the base of his neck. All in all he looked hot.

He walked over to Kagome and wrapped his arm around her and hugged her gently. They walked out and checked on her wrap. They got it and checked her out of the hospital.

They walked out to find Inuyasha's red Mercedes bens. They got in and took off for school.

They got there with no problems and they were actually on time. They got out and Inuyasha wrapped an arm around Kagome protectively which she was thankful for. This wasn't an unusual sight. Everyone has seen them like this, Inuyasha's arm around Kagome's waist. He always gave her hugs and kisses on the cheek and same with Kagome giving Inuyasha ones. Everyone thought they were a couple, more or less. Only people who knew how close they were understood.

"Inuyasha! Kagome!" shouted two voices easily recognized as Sango and Miroku.

"Ahh! Pervert!" Sango screamed and along came a huge smack.

"Sango-chan!" Kagome shouted and raced over to them with Inuyasha right behind.

"Hey Kagome-chan. How are you?" Sango asked cheerfully embracing her friend.

"Sore," Kagome said as she pulled back.

"Inuyasha told us not to worry. He gave us updates, and you did have any homework. So no worries," Sango said and nodded at Inuyasha.

"Yea, at least mom and Souta got away though. Thankfully. I blacked out as Inuyasha and the police came.

"Good. I don't have anything to make up. YAY!" she said cheerfully and did her 'little dance'.

"Oh. So are you fairing well, other than being sore?" Miroku asked in concern for his friend.

"Yes. Come on let's go to our lockers and then to class," Kagome replied and headed inside talking animatedly to Sango about the previous Friday night.

The bell rang and soon the four friends found themselves late for Mr. Tenjoya's History class.

"Higurashi, Kagome?" Mr. Tenjoya called.

"Kagome? Is Kagome here?" he asked.

"Takahashi, Inuyasha?" he called.

"No Inuyasha, either," He mumbled.

The door burst open and Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, and Kagome walked through.

"Sorry, we're late, sir. We were fixing up something," Kagome said apologetically.

"It's ok, Kagome. Your mother informed your teachers that you and your friends might be running a little late. Can I talk to you four in the hall for a moment?" he asked in reply.

"Yes, sir," The four friends replied and walked out the door closely followed by Mr. Tenjoya.

"Ms. Higurashi, your mother called the office and said that you had a problem with your dad and that he had harmed you and your family, again. Is that right?" Mr. Tenjoya asked concerned and with a pointed look saying 'Answer truthfully.'

"Yes. He took it to far this time. I am pressing charges. Today after school I am going downtown and telling the police. He's done this for 7 and a half years and it is going to stop. He almost killed Sota and mama. I am strong enough and can handle him long enough for mom and Sota to run to my grandfathers house and call Inuyasha and the police. He is in custody right now and I do believe I heard mama say something about him getting the death penalty. Though I'm not sure, and I won't lose a wink of sleep over this ordeal," She animatedly explained while using hand motions to clear everything.

"I see. Are you alright?" he replied after a moment of thinking.

"I'm fine. A few bruises, but me being a miko helps with my wounds. I can heal them in an instance," She replied as a pink light surrounded her, "See" it engulfed her, and then vanished.

Her ribs were healed and her cuts and a nasty bruise on her side vanished.

"My miko powers work a lot like Demon blood. I'm full miko, so I can heal a lot quicker and use a lot less power. Most of the wounds were healed when I blacked out and during the time I was in the hospital. Oh, yea Sango, are you coming to work out today to help me practice?" Kagome explained while looking at each of their faces.

"Yea. I think I will. Inuyasha, Miroku, You guys too?" Sango asked looking around and her eye twitching as she felt a hand caress her butt.

"Yep," was Miroku's reply and a loud wham and 'PERVERT!' rang through the halls.

"Kagome, I really don't think you should be training again," Inuyasha said with his look and hugged her.

"Inuyasha… You're not my mom. Don't tell me what to do. I know you think of me as a sister, but don't treat me like a baby. I'm perfectly capable of knowing when I can handle things and what I can handle," She replied stepping away "Don't worry, I'll be fine.

"Ok… but I still think you shouldn't," (OOC I know.) Inuyasha mumbled and wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Thank you," Kagome replied and helped Sango wake and unconscious Miroku up.

"Let's get back into class," Mr. Tenjoya replied and the four friends and teacher went into the class.

! Gym !

The two girls went into the girls locker room and heard a male voice yell "Miroku, Sango is so going to murder-a-lize you! You don't go into the girls locker rooms!"

"Miroku! AHHH! You pervert!" Sango yelled and ran out with her Hirakotsu, all dressed in her Maroon top and black bottoms. (An: 1)


"But Sango! I didn't mean to-" Kagome heard Miroku protest.


"You stupid pervert!" Sango screamed and slammed the large boomerang on his head.

!-WHAM! -!

Kagome giggled as she finished getting into her black bottoms and her green top and walked out. (An: 1) She looked around and noticed Inuyasha with an unconscious Miroku and a very pissed Sango. Kagome walked over to them and sat down.

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