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P.S. Enclosed is a few excerpts from chapters 1-4, just to give you a small preview. I thought I'd only be nice. -

"Excited to see your lover, again, Kagome?" She said and Kagome shook her head.

"Me? Never!" She said with extreme sarcasm, "Of course I am, you half wit!"

Kikyo laughed and shook her head, "Whatever, Kagome."

After a few moments hesitation a wicked smirk crossed Kagome's face. The two black haired women stayed silent for a few minutes before Kagome began her wicked plan.

"Are you jealous?" Kagome said, using a baby tone.

"Jealous?" Kikyo said and looked up at her cousin.

"Miss Onigumo?" Kagome said and Kikyo flushed slightly.

"NO!" Kikyo protested and crossed her arms.

"Suuuure! I believe you," Kagome said in a sing-song voice.

"I'm serious! Kagome… Kagome!" Kikyo said and Kagome kept smirking, ignoring her cousin, "Kagome! Don't you fucking ignore me! Oy! Kagome!"

Kikyo kept trying to get Kagome to respond to her as they walked. Kagome just kept ignoring Kikyo and laughing at her cousin's desperate attempts to cover up her crush.

"Alright, alright. I give," Kikyo said and crossed her arms, bowing her head, "I admit it… I like him, but only a little!"

"Only a little? Not even a tinsie winsie bit more? Or does a little mean a lot?" Kagome coaxed her cousin to spill more.

"I ain't spilling anymore! I'm serious! I only like him a little," Kikyo said and looked up, a light flush covered her pale cheeks.

"Alright, fine. You like him a lot," Kagome laughed as Kikyo's face flushed more.

"Kagome," The older cousin growled and Kagome smirked before dashing off to the school building, which had just appeared in her line of vision, "GET BACK HERE YOU CHICKEN!"


"Is there possibly a way… anyway… that I can leave my powers to become a normal human, so that Inuyasha and I may live a peaceful and happy life together without worrying that he or our children ma be purified at any given moment?" Kagome said and looked at Akeryou longing for the answer she wished for.

"No… Miko powers do not leave the body at all. They stay for eternity. However, there is a way to turn Inuyasha into a human permanently, if you wish not to take the risk," Akeryou said and stood swiftly before walking over to the numerous bookcases, "The Shikon spell that you used for Kikyo was something similar to the actual Shikon No Tama, which was lost to it's protector many, many, many years ago."

Akeryou returned and sat down with a leather bound book in her hands. The writing was very neat on the cover, but faded. The book itself was worn and old, torn at the corners and down the spine.

"What I am about to tell you is a brief summery of what is found in this journal. This is the journal of your ancestors before you and after Midoriko. It starts with Midoriko's tale," Akeryou said and smiled, "I want you to take this with you and read it. Come back this weekend and talk with both me and Grandmother Kaede-sama."

"Yes, I understand," Kagome said and smiled, nodding her head for Akeryou to start the story.

"The Legend of the Shikon No Tama is a long, treacherous, heart filled and romantic tragedy. It starts with Midoriko herself, your several great ancestor. She had a child, just one child. Midoriko was thrust into a dark world. She cared only about herself and receiving her head priestess place, which was her only wrong and ultimately her downfall. When her son was taken from her, kidnapped to be precise, she went out to hunt him down and take him back," Akeryou paused and looked at Kagome, who was digesting this new version of the Shikon No Tama's legend, "Killing demons, creating enemies, protecting people… this was her job, but the one person she failed to protect was herself.

"Upon finding her son, she found herself a war, which only she could fight. It was a war between her and many demons whom were angry with her, hated her, or wanted her threat to disappear. They attacked, leaving her son to watch the terrible massacre before him. The last thing he saw was his mother using up the last of her power, sealing her soul, and the three other demons who wanted her dead into a ball, which became known as the Shikon No Tama," Akeryou stopped and looked at Kagome, "Her story ends here and his begins. His name is Hikaru. His story is brief, telling of the battle of his mother and the demons, up until him and his wife, Haruko, had their first and only son. When the child became eight and learned to write and read, Hikaru gave Ichiro the journal."

"Alright… what became of the Shikon No Tama?" Kagome asked and Akeryou flipped through the pages.

"It doesn't say. Just as there are pages missing. Ichiro says that there was a rise of a dark demon ruler. He battled many humans, enslaving them and boating of a jewel most powerful. He goes on to say that he defeated the monster, becoming the rightful heir to the Shikon No Tama. He guarded it with his life. He goes on to say that he traveled to a demon slayer village and lived there, using his spiritual powers to assist the slayers. He says that he had stumbled upon a cave where in it rested the frozen bodies of a woman and three demons," Akeryou paused and turned the page, finding a torn page, "This page is torn… the only words I can make out are Jewel… hidden… slayers… and lage."


"Daiki was in the midst of uncovering the secret of the Shikon No Tama when he died. It wasn't a natural death. It was staged almost perfectly, but I found a flaw," Kimmi said and turned to face them, "Daiki wasn't suicidal and they made it look like a suicidal attempt. Kagome… Daiki… your father was murdered."

"But I thought…" Kagome began and Kimmi cut her off.

"He died quietly, peacefully? Nay," Kimmi said and frowned, "What I can't figure out is who it was, and where he did his research. What little that was here went missing after he died. It just doesn't make sense."

"Mama…" Kagome whispered inaudibly. I will discover the truth. I promise you and dad.


The girls giggled as the bell rang, signaling them into silence. Mr. Tenjoya walked to the front of the class right as the door burst open.

"Sorry we're late, sir," Someone said, panting heavily, "I'm Kagewaki Hitomi."

He had long, wavy black hair that descended down his back, reaching below his ass. His eyes were a dark brown, almost black. His face was rather plain, as was the rest of him. He wore a baggy dark blue shirt and baggy black pants.

"And I am Shiori Hitomi," The other, a quiet voiced person said, "I too am sorry, sir."

She had dark violet eyes, almost black, really tan skin, and white hair, reaching just below her shoulders. She wore a white, spaghetti strap, summer dress that flowed to her knees and white flip flops.

In front of Kagome, Kagura went rigidly still and beside her, Kikyo let out an almost inaudible gasp. As Kagewaki's eyes settled on Kagome, she shivered inside.

There was something familiar about his aura and look. He held an evil aura, but tried to mask it. The girl, she held an aura that was tortured with pain, held no evil in it.

Kagome met Kagewaki's eyes and hardened them, turning them into a glare. How dare he affect her cousin and friend like that? Whoever the hell he is will pay!


Every story holds secrets. Each secret uncovers another piece of the story. As the story is told, another story is revealed underneath, with many more secrets to find.

Stories have puzzles. Puzzles have secrets. Secrets have questions. Questions have answers. And answers? They have many things-stories, puzzles, secrets, questions, and more answers.

A story is a repetitive process telling the tale of people, places, or things. Stories become legends, legends myths, and myths become ancient tales long ago forgotten.

A story once written on paper becomes lost to the world that never cared, but to those few who did care, it was never lost; only unraveled through out the ages of time.

This tale, however, was lost to all, until a person willing to change for love sought it out.


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