TITLE: Superglue

AUTHOR: Parisindy

DISCLAIMER: No money was received or exchanged.
We do not own Andromeda or any of its Characters.
This is purely for fun.

NOTES: Reply to Nureek's challenge: What would happen if Harper had to have his jaw wired shut with an injury while he recovered...or because of some other reason...

Thanks and hugs to Eljay my wonderful Beta

There were voices and he knew something was wrong. Noises he couldn't quite understand flew in and out of his ears like bees. There was something in his nose, it was hard to breath, and everything hurt.

He had to get away.

He batted at the bees and thrust himself upwards as he tried to escape what plagued him.

"Harper, no. Shh, You're okay, it's okay." Beka was here; Beka would help him he just had to tell her.

"Mphff," He groaned.

"Okay, just lie back let and Trance help you."

He couldn't help but obey; any other action would have been too hard. Adrenaline coursed through his system making it hard to breath. He couldn't get any air through his mouth and there was something in his nose. He tried to swipe at again but strong firm hands pulled his arms away.

Beka was still near him and he relaxed a little. Her voice chanted in his ear, "deep breaths through your nose, in and out that's it. Do it again; in and out. Slower okay? In and out."

He followed her direction and slowly things came in to focus around him. Med deck again.

He wanted to ask what he had done but he couldn't seem to get his voice to work. No that wasn't it; he could make noises. He looked at Trance pleadingly as she came in to view. He needed to know what happened.

Trance brushed his bang from his forehead. She was always so calm nothing panicked her. "Do you remember what happened?"

He tried to reply but again all he could manage was a faint groan. He tried to shake his head but pain shot from his ear straight down to his dataport. He winced, closing his eyes as he waited for the discomfort to pass.

"He should have known better," came Beka's voice from the left. "But, I'm still going to kick Rhade's ass."

Harper opened his eyes and looked up at Trance and Beka, sadly.

"Oh, don't even give me those puppy dog eyes Seamus Harper, you know better than to do what you did!"

"But hitting him over the head then nano-gluing his teeth together is a bit much," Trance admonished, shaking her head in disgust. "I've never seen a compound quite like this. It's going to take me a while to figure out an anti-agent. I can't believe the glue got all the way in to his sinuses, but at least the breathing tube in his nose seems to be helping. Beka, he could have been seriously hurt!"

"Well, someone needs to be accountable for this! Rhade and I are going to have a long talk," Beka raged. "Still, Harper, I hope for your sake you've learned your lesson! Never, ever make jokes about a Nietzschean's mother!"

The end