Just so everyone knows, Padme and Anakin were the same age in TPM (14). This is a major AU, but hopefully an interesting and exciting one.



Senator Padme Amidala stood by her Coruscant apartment window. The sunset over the massive buildings were truly a sight to behold, but Padme's thoughts were anywhere but on the surrounding landscape.

Her hands clenched nervously at her sides and then quickly resigned herself to playing with the charm that had been buried deep within the bodice of her gown. She allowed her mind to wander and she reluctantly looked down at the small wooden item in her hand. It was beautiful, simple, but beautiful because he had made it for her. The intricate carvings were impressive, even for the then nineteen-year-old who had designed it especially for her.

She sighed and slowly seated herself on her plush sofa. Once again, her eyes drifted to the small jappor snippet that now fell nearly to the middle of her stomach. It was without a doubt her most prized possession because of its emotional value to her. He had spent hours meticulously carving each little marking on the tiny piece of wood and presented it to her with such a look of pride mixed with love. She knew that every hour spent to him was worth it, because he had made it for her out of love.

It had been two years since she had seen him last. Two years since he had left Naboo for Coruscant, leaving her behind. Now all she had were her memories of him, because she knew deep down that everything that had gone wrong was completely her fault. He had loved her, deeply and completely. But she had ruined everything with one mistake that had changed their lives forever. And they were never going to get back the short time they had together. Now, their lives were moving in different directions, even if he did still love her…but he couldn't possibly, not after what she had done.

She sighed again, knowing that there were more pressing matters that she needed to be concerned with. She looked up to see Sabe's concerned eyes.

"Milady, the Jedi and your fiancé will be here within the hour."

Padme nodded promptly and motioned for Sabe to take her leave.

Shaking her head, she moved over to the window again. The circumstances in which they were to be reunited were nearly incomprehensible. There had been several assassination attempts on her life and now the Senate's last resort was to enlist Master Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and his padawan, Anakin Skywalker to ensure her safety. She was frightened for her life, of course, because the threat of death constantly hung over her head. Yet, it was possible that seeing Anakin again was more frightening than death itself. For she would have to look her past in the eye and still maintain the future laid out before her.

She closed her eyes and soon, she drifted back into another world. A world where a young Queen fell helplessly in love with a padawan. A world where it seemed as if nothing would ever separate them.

Padme could only laugh at that. She had been so naïve and so in love. If only she had known then what she knew now, she could have spared herself the way she now felt. Even the best laid plans can come crashing down and that is exactly what happened.

Yet somehow, as if they had a will of their own, her eyes closed again and she was transported back to that day which seemed so long ago. The day that he came crashing into her world.