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Chapter1: Visitors

The street light flickered on and off outside of house of #4 Privet Drive. Everyone was asleep inside of the house except one person. Harry Potter laid on his back staring at the ceiling. He had just woken up from one of his terrible nightmares that he had been having ever since the incident at the ministry 2 months ago. He would dream of Sirius looking at him as he fell through the veil, Harry unable to do anything. Sirius would tell him it was all his fault his parents, Cedric, and himself died. That is when Harry would wake up in cold sweats, and be unintentionally screaming.

These screams were so loud that the Dursleys' had sound proofed his room the third day after he had arrived. The Dursleys', Harry's last remaining relatives, if you could call them that, had been exceptionally nicer to him this summer. Ever since he could walk they had him cooking and cleaning, openly talking about how disgraceful he was or how " ill-mannered" he was. This all changed, though, when Mad-eye Moody had a little "talk" with them at the end of term 2 months ago. They weren't acting any nicer, they just ignored him and acted like he wasn't there, which didn't bother Harry at all, in fact he really appreciated it. He had actually finished all his summer homework, he was sure Hermione would be proud. A pang of pain went through Harry's mind as he thought of Hermione, he had almost got her, along with Luna, Ginny, Ron, and Neville, killed at the ministry.

Tears of guilt and pain stung at Harry's eyes, threatening to fall, but Harry swiped at them angrily, he was not going to be weak. He had to be strong, the world depended on it. Another heavy thought feel on Harry, the prophecy. He had found out just a couple of months ago that he was the only one that could kill Voldermont. Not only that, but he had to kill him or be killed himself. Harry let out a heavy sigh and looked at his clock. 12:30am. Harry's second least favorite day, his birthday. Living with the Dursleys' meant that Harry was never thrown any kind of a birthday party, they always told him that people like him didn't deserve birthdays, so he learned to dread his birthday too. He looked at his desk and saw a bunch of un-opened letters from his friends. He felt guilty about not reading them but he didn't want to hear how it wasn't his fault, he had finally come to terms with everything and it all pointed back to Voldermort.

Harry slowly got up from his bed and opened his window to look outside. Hedwig was on one of her nightly hunts like she did every night. In the distance, Harry could see black specks coming towards him in the moonlight. When the got closer, Harry realized they were seven owls.

He moved out of the way as they all made their way into Harry's room, all carrying large packages or letters. Harry decided to pluck Pig, Ron's owl, out of the air first. He untied the rather large package from its leg and watched as it flew back out of the window. He read the letter attached to the poorly wrapped package, recognizing Ron's horrible hand writing.

" Dear Harry,

I saw this and thought you might like this. It seems Fred and George's shop is doing awesome, they have opened up vaults in Gringotts for all of us and they're loaded with money! I asked mum if you could come and stay with us but she said you were better off there, whatever that means. You better be able to give me a run for my money next time we meet. Hope to hear from you soon."


Harry smiled and opened the package. He gasped when he saw a full wizard's chess set sitting in his lap. It must have been custom made because one side was Griffindor colors, while the other was Slytherin. ' The twin's shop must be doing well if Ron could buy this!' Harry thought. He put Ron's gift aside and picked up the next one which was delivered by an owl Harry didn't recognize. The gift had to have been at least 7 feet long and weighed near 20 pounds. He unwrapped it to find a sword in his hands. It's handle was a foot long, gold colored with different inscribing's carved in it. The blade, coming to 6 feet in length, was silver and had runes that Harry couldn't recognize engraved in the blade. ' Melin's beard!' is all that came to Harry's brain. He picked up the letter that had come with and read it.

" Dear Harry,

I found this in a weird little shop while I was in Bulgaria and thought you might like it. I'll see you at the beginning of term next year."


Harry sat admiring the sword for a while before turning to a basket shaped gift he recognized as Mrs. Weasley's home cooking. He picked up another package that was sent by Eerol, the Weasley's other owl. He picked up the letter that came along with package and read it.

"Dear Harry,

I know we really don't know each other that well, but after the ministry incident, I thought we could get to know each other better. I was shopping with my mum when I saw this and figured since your birthday was around the corner I'd get it for you. Hope you like it! Oh, and watch out for my brother when he's around Luna, he's been acting really strange. Hope to see you soon!"


Harry thought about what she said about Ron and Luna, but finally shrugged it off and opened the gift. When he saw what it was he smiled and silently thanked Ginny. It was a wand holder for his arm, made of leather with an etching of his initials on it. He strapped it on immediately and put his wand in it. He turned to an owl that he recognized as a Hogwart's owl.

He opened the letter to find his school books list inside with another parchment marked O.W.L.'s. He cautiously unfolded the parchment and read it slowly.

" Dear Mr. Potter,

Inside contains your O.W.L results. They are what decide your job and path in life from here on out. You will also find a list containing classes you may take. Please mark the classes you wish to take.

Deputy Head Mistress,

Minerva McGonagall

Ordinary Wizarding Level results:

Transfiguration: Oustanding

Herbology: Exceeds Expectations

Charms: Outstanding

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Outstanding

Potions: Acceptable

History of Magic: Poor

Divination: Dreadful

Care for Magical Creatures: Outstanding

Astronomy: Poor

Congratulations Mr. Potter, you have received four O.W.L's . "

Harry stared at his results and read over them twice before a thought rose in his mind. 'I can't become an Auror anymore'. He needed an Outstanding in Potions but didn't get it. He sighed and put the paper aside. ' Well at least I won't have Potions anymore,' he thought happily. He picked up the package that was brought by an owl Harry didn't recognize.

"Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday! Oh, I'm having so much fun here in Australia! Did you know that some wizards can actually communicate with kangaroos? It's amazing! Ginny tells me that Ron has a bit of a crush on poor Luna. I'm so glad he's finally got over me, it never would have worked out. So Harry, what did you get on your O.W.L results? I got seven! Can you believe it? I didn't make one in Potions though, but that's alright. I picked this gift up in one of the wizarding towns we visited, hope you like it. Write back!"



Harry smiled at his best friend's enthusiasm. She was always that smart, book loving, beautiful witch. ' Beautiful? Where did that come from?' but he already knew the answer. Harry had started falling for Hermione last year before Halloween. It started off as nothing but grew to so much more. He shrugged off the thoughts for the time being and reached for her gift. It was small and rather light, a change from the usual books she sent. He slowly unwrapped it and gasped at what was inside the wrappings. A silver ring with a pheonix in flight engraved in it fell out of the wrapping paper. There were two red gems where the eyes should have been and there were runes etched on the sides. All-in-all, it was the best present Harry had ever received. He quickly put it on and admired it on his finger. It seemed to adjust its fit to Harry's hand when he placed it on his finger. He then turned to the last letter. It, unlike the other packages, was brought by a falcon. He slowly opened the letter, hands shaking slightly. When he finally got it open he read the three words on the page.


His stiffened and grabbed his wand. He took a couple deep breaths and turned around. When he had fully turned around, he saw to cloaked figures.

"Hello," the first one spoke.

" Mr. Potter," the second one finished.

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