Summary: Mia gets preg before she becomes queen! Michael and Mia have no choice but to keep it because it's Mia's baby and it will be the new heir after her death. During Mia's pregnancy most of her class and herself goes on a long trip to Europe. Please R&R!

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Chapter 1 (Mia's journal)

October 14-in G and T (gifted and talented)

Hey! Sorry I haven't written since August. I was really busy with all my princess duties, and of course, my boyfriend Michael and his sister Lilly (my best friend).

Right now I am not doing anything except write in my journal. I'm not doing Algebra at the moment because I haven't written in here for ages and I think I should catch up.

So, I should probably tell you a little bit about my summer in Genovia.
The weather was really beautiful, and occasionally there were rainy days, but that doesn't really matter much. Guess who I saw again? Prince Rene! He isn't single anymore-his girlfriend is Miss.Italy (her name is Maria Jazmin). She was VERY annoying. She can't speak English, so she and Rene were talking in Italian all the time to each other, and she knows I'm not princess material, so she kept looking at me and giggling, and occasionally snorting. It made me want to barf all over her perfect feet.

Nothing much interesting happened in Genovia, really, except balls and special events.

When I got back home I called Michael immediately and we had the best time talking!
I missed him so much and when I hear his hot, deep voice I feel like I want to melt.

He's too gorgeous I don't think anyone can handle it! Well I was exaggerating a little but you know what I mean! I can't wait until after school so I can hang out at the Moscovitz's place and be with Michael (and of course Lilly, but in terms of friendship).

I missed Michael so much! When I saw him, I ran into his arms and nearly knocked him over. It made me feel like I had nothing to worry about, but of course I do.
Oops, sorry! I have to go because G and T is over and we've got socials next.

October 18th-in my room

I just came back from a really good date! Michael invited me to one of his friend's parties (they also said I could go). It's one of those parties that involves alcohol, but I swear I am NOT going to touch a single bottle. I can't get drunk and go hyper and embarrass the people of Genovia, what if someone who wasn't drunk got a photo of me, and sent it to the newspaper to write an article about how Princess Mia got so drunk she couldn't even speak properly? That would be even more embarrassing then that time when I was 'kissed' by Josh Ritcher (who, by the way, is a total son-of-a-bitch). I wonder how Michael felt when he saw the picture? I should ask him tomorrow.

Michael said he loves me again! I'm over the moon with joy! I could fly over it, too!
Michael Moscovitz loves ME! I am sooo lucky!

Lilly says I should stop going on about it. Well, I suppose it makes her feel kinda weird because Michael's her brother, right? But I don't care, I love him! So I'm allowed to be happy about it as much as I want.

October 24th-in health and safety

The party's tomorrow evening! I got permission from my mom to go, but obviously I didn't tell her about the alcohol and stuff. I hope nothing serious happens.

I can't stay in this class. It's so boring. Plus, my heart is dying for Michael! I'm sorry if you find me very mushy. I can't help the way I feel.

October 26th-my room

Well, the party was a complete disaster. I don't know what happened. I was having the best time of my life, dancing and partying with Michael and his friends, who were being really friendly to me. We played a game of truth or dare (it was really serious) and I had to go into a room with Michael alone for half an hour. I didn't touch the wine, but I DID go into the bedroom with Michael alone, and we started making out right away, and eventually we got personal and well-you know.

Why am I such an idiot? I didn't even know what to do! I can't believe I let him do that with me! Shit! Oh, my mom will KILL me if she finds out!

October 27th-my room

I just came back from Michael's house. I was really upset, so he held me for a long time and talked to me in a soothing voice, saying that everything will be okay and I'd probably be fine. I love being in Michael's arms. It's the best feeling for me. While Michael and I were sitting in his room, Lilly, Shameeka, Ling Su and Tina were filming the next episode for Lilly's show. They had to go to the streets to film it. I can't wait to see it after, it should be really funny!

When Michael kisses me, all my worries go away for the moment. I feel like I don't have any problems or anything at all, I feel like I'm just me. Just a plain ole person.

I gotta go study, though. Bye!

October 29th-in bed

I'm surprised-I'm actually sick today. I threw up a few times this morning, and mom didn't know why because I was perfectly fine yesterday. I don't know why, either.

Michael said he was going to come over after school to hang out with me (isn't he sweet?) and he was going to play me some songs on his guitar. I can't wait!


Spent the whole day in bed. It was tres boring. I managed to catch up on some Algebra and socials, though. When Michael came over, he sat next to my bed and played me a lot of songs. I loved them all! He kissed me, too, and talked to me for a while.

October 31st-my room

It's Halloween! I'm sick, again. I couldn't go over to Lilly's house to watch movies with our friends (and Michael) because of it. I hate being sick, it ruins everything. Oh well, at least I don't have to go to my princess lessons. Ha!

So instead of having fun with my friends I have to lay in bed listening to fire crackers go off.
Oh, wait! I just had an idea-I could rest in my mom's bed and watch some movies using her TV, which is colour instead of black and white, like mine.


Watching Spanglish. It's okay so far. I've watched Scary movie 3, and the Panic room.

I'm eating popcorn too. This isn't so bad-Fat Louie's beside me, so I have him for company. Do I sound like a loner? Ha ha, I hope not. Oh well, it's not like anyone is going to read this and shout, "Princess Mia's a loner!" that would be embarrassing.

Oh, I gotta go, an exciting part is about to happen.

November 11th-my room

Wow, I haven't written for a week! I had to catch up on so much homework. It was awful! I am still sick-been throwing up a lot. Mom took me to the doctor's but he couldn't find anything wrong with me. I wonder what's wrong? I hope this won't continue for a month. That would mean I'd miss more school than I can afford, and I'd be really behind and miss way too much. Lilly would be really worried too, and would bug me a lot about it, which I totally DON'T need. I'm already suffering the flu. Today is also Remembrance day, and Monday's a holiday, and if I'm sick again I totally can't do anything fun with my friends, and I already missed Halloween with them. Damn it!

November 13th-my room

I hate being sick! It's so, so annoying. I actually don't feel sick during the day, just the morning. My mom still makes me stay home and in bed because she doesn't want me getting sick in school, in case I get sick during the day. So far it's just morning and late morning. I don't know what's wrong with me. It's very weird.

Sorry about these short entries. My homework is keeping me from writing my long ones.

November 15th –my room

I can't stand this any longer! I hate throwing up. It gives me a weird feeling.

November 25th-my room

I've just noticed that my belly looks a slight bigger than it used to be (I have a flat one).

I don't know why-maybe I've gained some weight? I don't know. I think I might have, but I'll just have to see-I hope I'm not pregnant-did I get morning sickness?

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