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Of things to Note:

Since it took me quite a while to thought of this plot and I do hope that I will no bore you to death with my little notes and such, so please read this as there will not be any interruptions in the middle of the story. If you are confused, just scroll back up to see this note here.

1st. This will not be Shounen-ai.

2nd. Things stated will be fictional.

3rd. There are some things which I am unable to translate, so it will stay as it is. Things like HnG ranking, Insei, Kisei, etcetera.

And suffixes such as:

'-chan' means little which is used for close friends, relationship, father and son, mother and daughter. It will be weird if I write, 'Little Hikaru'… So it will stay as it is.

'-san' this actually can be translated, but it will be very weird. It is a formal tone, such as Mr. Mrs. Ms., and such.

'-sensei' means teacher. It will sound very weird if I translate it as it will be translated to, 'Teacher Touya' which was used rarely, or rather, no one uses it anyway.

4th. I actually wrote 'Shindou Mitsuko, which is Hikaru's mum. Don't think of it as the chubby aunt you see in the anime/manga, this is actually more than a decade over the actual thing. Use your imagination, okay:P

Prologue –First Phase

'Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.' -Eddie Cantor (1892 - 1964)

It was weird. He was feeling uncomfortable. Beads of perspiration were dripping down on his back. The bed sheets were draping onto his body, his body was getting warm and the room was so stuffy. His eyelids were closed tightly.

"Nggg…!" he gave a soft and uneasy moan, his long mauve colored locks was clinging on his sweat-covered back. His form stopped stirring, as his violet eyes snapped open in an instant. He sat on his bed, gasping for air. He closed his eyes and opened them again. His ragged breathing became slow and calm.

He gave a sigh, thinking that his life had been way too stressful. He slid his leg out of the bed, onto the ground and stood up. He brushed his hair away from his forehead and took a glance at the digital clock lying on the end table beside his bed.

'4:53am, what an earthly time of the day,' he thought, his little voice in his head dripping with sarcasm, 'as if something impossible was going to happen.'

That was what Fujiwara no Sai, the owner of two titles in the world of Go, presumed, after his experiences of living on Earth for twenty years. He waited, for something to happen while standing in the middle of his bedroom idiotically. However, nothing happened.

Feeling like a moron, he gave a sigh and strode out into the living room, switching on the lights in the process. He fixed himself a cup of tea using a teaspoon and settled himself on the living room couch. Idly, he flipped through the magazine, 'Weekly Go', and saw the same old thing. Albeit the Go problems were fun, it was also getting increasingly unexciting.

"If only something thrilling would happen," he wished. It was as if God has heard his prayers, he heard a little cry. Slightly startled, he placed his cup of tea on the coffee table while the voice just got louder and louder.

'A baby's cry!' the little voice in his head exclaimed, as he placed his hands on the wall, pressing his ear on it, trying to locate where the voice came from. It turned out that the source of the wailings (quite loud now), was from a kid outside his house, on his doorsteps.

"Oh," he realized, when he saw a little kid on his doorstep, wrapped in a thick blanket, less then a year old, wriggling his arms, crying. Feeling satisfied, he closed the door, took two steps forward and paused.

'Wait a minute,' he could not register what has happened, 'is that a kid outside my doorstep?' he then stood there, took two steps back, turned around and opened the door. His gaze scanned through the child, who had tears in his eyes. Through his instinct, he crouched down and carried the child in his arms, and saw a letter which he have not seen on the first glance, inside the blanket of the child. Gently, he rubbed the kid's little palm.

"You poor little thing," he cooed gently, frowning. Taking in quick paces, he switched on the heater, and sat on the couch. He rocked the child gently, while the child whined softly and settled down to sleep once more.

"You must be very cold, outside on my doorsteps," he murmured. With one arm holding on the child, he skimmed through the letter, coolly, wanting to know who the inconsiderate mother of the child was.


It took so long for me to finally have the courage to write this letter to you… I have been considering whether to tell you, but I really cannot raise this child. This child was yours… I have been pregnant at the time when we broke up. I'm sorry. I am sorry for everything. That was a night's stand after all. It was too… sudden. My husband does not want this child. I have no other choice left. With your current status, I am sure you could, raise this child. He was having your blood after all.

Shindou Mitsuko.'

Sai dropped the letter he was holding at that time, as if fall on the ground. He had never been this shock for his twenty years of life. His soft, mauve gaze fell on the child yet again, yet this time, he saw Mitsuko's face in the little child.

'It does not matter now, whomever child it was,' he thought, for the sight of the darling little thing soothed him. Chubby little face, smooth skin and miniature hands and foot. That little child had his blood flowing in him.

Sai raised the baby's cheek to his face and gave a soft rub. He nuzzled the baby and gave a little sigh. However, this time, it was a sigh of contentment.

"How cute," he spoke tenderly as a small smile was plastered on his lips, just like a beautiful portrait of a father and son.

Finis –Prologue: First Phase

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