Sai bowed, mauve locks falling down and covered his face. Mitsuko smiled back, in her hands was a child, no more than eight months. Sai raised up his head, a soft, longing smile crept up onto his lips. It was enough for him, knowing that Mitsuko was happy. The pain could be sealed in the depth of his heart; no one shall open the paradox box again. Mitsuko held the dear child close to her; it was like how Sai used to carry Hikaru around when he was younger. Sai chuckled softly and endearingly. All parents were alike after all. Even if they do have problems, or even if they quarreled with their kids, they will still make up, and be happy. Sai brushed a lock of mauve away from his face, violet orbs as clear as water was glistening.

"A lovely child. What was her name?" Sai questioned, seated on the leathered couch and taking a sip of coffee in the café. Mitsuko smiled, several locks of hair fell off from her high, tight bun to the nape of her neck. Sai just sat there, as he admired the scene before him. Being a mother certainly makes a woman more beautiful, he mused. He took a glance at his watch.

"Ah!" He cried, out of the blue, startling Mitsuko. Sai smiled apologetically and stood up. He took the bill and waved it around, laughing and smiling happily. "I have to fetch Chibi-chan from his Go lessons! I'll foot the bill!" He smiled and replied. After he paid for the bill, he strode out of the café, putting on his sunglass as usual, with his white tee and jeans with a black coat.


"Waaai," Yui moaned, "being a kindergarten teacher is equivalent to being a slave for the children!" She complained, stretching her arms while sitting on the couch in the staff lounge. The principal, an old woman, handed the cup of coffee to the teacher. Smiling brightly and gratefully, Yui nodded. The principal then settled down beside the teacher. It was only then the woman started to complain about the kids, who were fast asleep in the other room.

"You know, Mosaki-san," Yui cried while old woman just sat, "Those brats, same old Hikaru-chan and Akira-chan, kept playing the Go while the others were asleep. Do they think that I am blind or what?" She grumbled, while the old woman just chuckled wistfully.

"Well, maybe they do really know a thing or two, Yui-san," The old woman replied, while the old woman just laughed suspiciously. The old woman placed her wrinkled hands on her lap and went 'Hohoho' and that simple action made Yui wonder if that old woman was going senile. Yui just laughed sheepishly, entertaining the old woman with sarcasm.

"Aiya," the principal exclaimed, "I have to make a cup of coffee, oh wait, I think he likes tea better." Mosaki murmured and stood up, heading wobbly to the counter. Yui had a look of confusion and questioned Mosaki on who the guy was. Only then, several knocks was heard and the door opened with a slight click. Outside stood a man with long mauve locks that was tied loosely behind his back. The black glasses contrasted with his pale complexion and made his even prettier. In his hands were several big bags of souvenirs.

He noticed the woman and gave a light bow. He took down his sunglasses and smiled. The woman blushed, stood up and bowed back. Mosaki came back with the tea, and placed it on the coffee table. Sai's smile brightened at the arrival of the old woman and skipped happily to her. He dropped the heavy bags on the couch and gave the old lady a friendly hug.

"It had been so long, Momo-chan!" Sai cried, causing Yui to open her mouth wide agape in shock. Her brain could not function, it was the first time, and probably the last time that she heard some one calling an old lady, -chan.

Sai, Mosaki and Yui all settled down on the couch, with Yui doing a self-introduction on her. Sai sat, cross-legged, with the teacup in his hands. He placed the cup near lips and took a sip of it. He then nodded his head and asked about his son.

"Son?" Yui echoed, puzzled. Sai then explained that he still had a son named Hikaru and Yui was speechless. It was only then, she wondered why such a handsome, beautiful, well-mannered father could have such a noisy, loud-mouthed, go-obsessed son. Sai scratched his head, and laughed sheepishly. Her attitude changed immediately.

"Hikaru-chan... You will understand once you see him." She spoke coolly, her arms folded. Sai nodded, enthusiastically. With the nod of approval of Mosaki, he leapt up in joy and went immediately to the next door where his son and Akira were.





The familiar sound of the Go stones came. He walked gently like a cat. He slid to the other corner, unnoticed by Hikaru and Akira, and took a peek at the game they were playing. Musing on how Hikaru fare as he had an upper-hand, he noticed that Akira has improved drastically, since the last time he saw him play.

He stepped out from the shadow into the light, behind Hikaru, while putting his index finger to his lips gesturing Akira to shush. Smoothly and quietly, he placed his hands on Hikaru's eyes, and murmured.

"Guess who this is?" In a sing-song voice, Hikaru grinned and called.

"Papa!" The child shouted, with Akira smiling softly. The child tackled his father and Sai piggy backed Hikaru. At that moment, Akira was clearing the stones and placing then neatly at one corner. With his right hand empty, Sai held out his hands for Akira. Akira looked up, confused.

"C'mon, aren't we going to skip this boring, dreadful school?" Sai spoke, with a childish dread. Akira's face flushed red, and looked down.

"But… Father… Father wouldn't be happy…" He spluttered. Sai just smiled and nodded while patting Akira's head.

"I will call Kouyo-chan and settle that for you," he spoke gently, "now, let's go and have dinner shall we?" Akira looked up, and grabbed Sai's cold, big hands. Hikaru was smiling away, while latching onto Sai. Together, they walked out of the kindergarten, with Sai piggybacking Hikaru, and Akira holding Sai's hands.

"Neeeh, did papa win at the Austreealea tourneemeant?" Hikaru asked, curious. Sai just smiled and nodded and continued on to blabber about how he missed Hikaru and Akira during his five-day tourney trip in Australia.

Even though that moment could not last forever, it was pure bliss, at least for Sai, Hikaru and Akira.

Full Moon –Finis.

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