James slowly stirred and looked around. He sat up in bed and wondered how he got there. His eyes went towards the white walls of the hospital wing and then he remembered. He remembered sharing secrets with Rana. He remembered flying on a broom, his arms wrapped securely around her. Memories filled his head: Noticing Remus and Dumbledore, curiosity getting the better of him, the Whomping Willow attacking him, and finally Rana getting injured. He gasped at that last thought and jumped off the bed and all but ran to where Rana lay sleeping.

James sighed and brushed some hair from her eyes. He leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her lips before he sat down in a chair near her bed, taking her hand gently in his. He sighed. Her skin was so soft, like a baby's. He lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it gently, smiling as he heard his princess stir.

"James?" Rana asked sleepily as she slowly opened her eyes. She rubbed them sleepily and let out a little yawn.

James smiled. "Rani, you're awake," he whispered.

Rana looked at him and smiled sleepily. "Where am I?" She felt pain shoot down her back and groaned. "I'm so sore."

James frowned. "You're in the hospital wing. It was my fault." Tears built up into his eyes.

Rana shook her head. "It's not your fault," she whispered. "It was just being in the wrong place at the wrong time…" Rana said quietly.

"But I put you there…"

"No you didn't James," Rana said softly. "If you are to blame, I have to blame myself as well." She smiled at him. "How about finding out when I can get out of here?"

James wiped his eyes and kissed her cheek. "As you wish, princess," he whispered.

Rana smiled a bit at his words. James kissed her forehead and slowly rose out of his seat. He'd been so scared. What if she'd died? He couldn't have imagined life without her? The worst part was that it would have been his entire fault. He quickly wiped away his tears from his eyes and tapped Madame Pomfrey on the shoulder. She turned around from stocking her potions. "Mr. Potter? Whatever is the matter?" she asked in concern.

"N..Nothing, Madame Pomfrey," he lied. "I was just wondering when Rana could be released."

Madame Pomfrey smiled gently at James. She patted his shoulder. "Stop worrying, child. She will be fine. Come, I'll go check her out and if all's well, she can leave."

James ran a hand through his messy hair and let out a breath before quickly following Madame Pomfrey back to Rana's bed. He sat down in her chair and took Rana's hand in his gently, affectionately kissing the back of her hand. He sighed. Her skin was so smooth, so soft. He lifted it up and held it against his cheek. How was he supposed to make it through this year?

Madame Pomfrey hid a smile through all this as she gave Rana a potion. It was clear to her that James' feelings went past friendship. She was willing to bet the two of them would be a couple before they graduated. "Alright, Miss Rai. You are free to go. However, I want you to take it easy over the next few days."

Rana nodded slowly as she slowly sat up. "Thank you Madame Pomfrey," she replied quietly as James lifted her off the bed and led her out the doors. She let a sigh of relief. She loved the nurse, but one could only stand the hospital wing for so long.

James smiled at her. He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She was so beautiful. He leaned and kissed her forehead. "Your hair's a mess," he teased.

"So is yours," she joked.

He ran a hand through his hair and let out an overly dramatic sigh. "I know. It doesn't listen to me. Maybe it'll listen to you?"

Rana smirked. "I like it messy. It makes you look adorable." She smirked and skipped off, knowing that would get him. Rule One: Never call a guy adorable.

James stared after her, his jaw opening and closing like a fish. Rana turned around and giggled. "What is it James?" she asked innocently.

He smirked, slowly walking towards her like a tiger about to pounce. "Did you forget Rule One?" he said in an evil voice. "I'll give you a head start...1" Rana chuckled nervously. "2" Rana squeaked. "3!" Rana squealed and bolted, laughing madly, James running after her.

She continued to run, running into several students.

Watch it, Rai!" Paige yelled angrily at her. She got up and was nearly plowed over by James. Rana bolted out the castle doors. She squealed when James tackled her and started to tickle her.

"James!" Rana laughed. "Stop!"

James smirked. "What's Rule One?" he asked, still tickling her.

"N.never call a guy adorable?" she said through laughter.

James smirked. "And will you call me adorable?"

"N---no," she laughed. "Please stop."

James grinned and pulled away. "Good! You learned."

Rana snickered. "But I still say you are adorable." She grinned cutely.

James stared at her in disbelief. "Rani…"

Rana giggled. James' breath caught in his throat. She was so cute…so adorable. She looked like an angel. The way her eyes sparkled and her smile. Oh that smile made him want to kiss those lips. Without knowing what he was doing, he began to lean down to place the kiss he longed for against those sweet lips. He suddenly stumbled backwards, coming to his senses, hearing Sirius, loud voice, followed by Remus' and Peter's quiet voices. He closed his eyes, hoping they didn't notice the red on his face and that he didn't scare Rana off.

Sirius smirked. "Hello, lovebirds."

James gave him a glare. "Oh, shut it Sirius. Rana and I were just goofing off."

Sirius grinned. "And you were about to kiss her!"

"Was not!" James yelled.

"Were too!" Sirius countered.

"Was not!"

"Were too!"

"Was not!"

"Was too!"

"Was too!"

"Ha! Got you!" Sirius grinned.

James blinked, letting the fact Sirius had used his own trick on him and scowled.

"That wasn't fair!" Rana complained. "And we weren't kissing! Will you drop it? Why are you so obsessed with mine and James' relationship?"

Sirius stared at her. "B..b..because James is my friend! I have to make sure he doesn't end up doing something stupid."

Rana looked at him, hurt. Tears flowed down her face. "I see. So I guess in your book, I don't deserve spending time with James, who happens to be my best friend. I get it…I know when I'm not wanted."

James glared at Sirius angrily. "Sirius! What is wrong with you?"

Rana wiped her eyes. "Save it, James. For reasons, I do not understand, Sirius dislikes me. I'll see you."

"Rana…I…" Sirius started.

"Don't bother, Sirius." She said coldly and ran off in tears.

"RANA!" James yelled after her. He turned to Sirius. "I hope you are happy! I was having a pleasant time and you had to go and ruin it by not thinking!" he shouted. He rubbed his forehead. "Don't bother speaking to me till you apologize!" He ran off after Rana.