Gamera: Invasion of Gyaos.

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"The US, Chinese, and Russian air forces report large number of Gyaos birds converging on Japan" –Unknown Japanese general, Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris

"The Prime Minister has ordered that our attack be switched from Gamera to the Gyaos. All land, sea and air units are to join and meet the attack" –Unknown Japanese general, Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris

"Gamera will fight to the end, even alone" –Asagi Kusanagi, Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris

"Gamera is not alone" –Mayumi Nagamine, Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris

Chapter 1: Approach of hell.

Kyoto, Japan. 1999.

Kyoto had once been the capital of Japan and even after the transfer of that status to Tokyo during the time of the shoguns; the ancient city remained a capital of old Japan as well as a cultural center. It had escaped from the horrors of World War II or so the residents thought at the time. Now the survivors of the horrendous air raids of 1945 admitted that the sight of Kyoto on fire reminded them very clearly of the fates Tokyo and other cities during the ending phases of World War II. Only this time, two monsters from a civilization of Earth's long forgotten past had been responsible for the horror that now swept through the area.

In the middle of the firestorm stood one of the enormous creatures partially responsible for the destruction as if waiting for more unwanted visitors to show up. The kaiju resembled a huge turtle transformed into a huge demon with a sharp jagged shell, large tusks, razor sharp claws, and dark black eyes.

The monster surveyed the destruction and his face showed a twinge of sadness. Despite having no links to any human personally, the monster still felt a link to humanity as a whole and a need to ensure its survival. Whether it was due to the programming of his creators, it really didn't matter since the monster felt that it had a duty to fulfill no matter the odds or the outcome of the approaching battle.

The monster seemed to look out at the night sky as if for the last time before the flames encircled the creature in the hope of adding another victim to a very long list. Instead, it rose like a phoenix into the night sky towards the Pacific Ocean as if rendezvousing with destiny.

Within the ruins of Kyoto train station, four humans watched the departing monster as it disappeared from sight. One of them, Dr. Mayumi Nagamine turned to one of the others and asked, "Do you think that Gamera has a chance against the Gyaos"?

The young woman, a college student by the name of Asagi Kusanagi replied, "I know that in my heart that Gamera will fight to the bitter end". She paused before stating, "I just hope that perhaps that mankind can realize this since the only way we can escape from this crisis is if both mankind and Gamera will work together". They looked at the sky for one more time before shepherding the other two survivors to safety.

Airbases all over Japan

Ever since the re-emergence of the Gyaos, followed by Gamera's destructive rampage throughout Tokyo while battling a group of the winged creatures, all Japanese airbases had been on the highest alert with Combat Air Patrols flying all around the clock. Though the pilots were bone tired, they knew that it was a necessary countermeasure against the monsters.

Now though, the airstrips were crowded with aircraft all warmed up and ready to go as their anxious pilots awaited new information on the monsters. Some had relatives from Kyoto and Tokyo and it was safe to say that the waiting nearly drove them into the brink of madness. Fortunately though, the wait wouldn't last any longer as headquarters transmitted the order to all Japanese airbases, "Send every fighter into the air now". After last minute briefings, the pilots rushed to their planes and soon took the air while the commanders watched and wondered if this would indeed be Japan's last hurrah.

Maritime Command:

The last few days had been pure hell for the people inside the Maritime Command building. Responsible for the defense of Japan, they had done a very poor job thus far despite the dedication of the people working here. Starting with the first wave of Gyaos sightings all over the world, the radar screen swarmed with many of them attacking in different directions. Along with that, the turtle kaiju Gamera had also flown through their airspace as well as an unidentified creature. Both of those monsters had turned Kyoto into the inferno and if it wasn't bad enough, a report sent in by the Americans followed by the Russians and the Chinese eclipsed the current crisis.

Their radar stations, along with the Russians and the Chinese spotted an infinite swarm of Gyaos creatures heading straight at them. Even though they were terribly outnumbered, the Prime Minister had just ordered the JSDF to switch their targets and the commanders were now scrambling everything they had into the air to meet the aerial invasion.

Already in the room, JASDF General Takagi and Lieutenant General Otani observed the proceedings while watching the radar screen. It highlighted the positions of their air units and anti-aircraft positions as well as ships armed with anti-aircraft weapons. Also, it highlighted Gamera's position on the map with a green dot as it headed out towards the Pacific Ocean and the Gyaos swarm.

Otani swore at the sight and replied, "No matter what we do, that swarm will arrive on our shores".

Takagi nodded in agreement but replied, "If the first waves can buy us some time then I'm all for it". He also paused before saying, "I'd never thought I'd say this but at least Gamera is still alive".

Otani cursed at the general's statement and replied harshly, "Sir, that monster has caused just as much damage as that of his kin". He paused before continuing, "We should have destroyed that monster when we had the chance". He, like many officers, were often leery of even considering the giant turtle as an ally despite the fact that the monster's participation prevented humanity from facing extinction during the first Gyaos and the Legion crisis.
Although Takagi shared his subordinate's sentiments, he was smart enough to put that aside and seek any assistance wherever he could find it. He turned to one of the radar operators and yelled out, "Where is Gamera's position and that of the Gyaos swarm"?

One of the radar operators replied, "Gamera is heading east on a direct course with the swarm". He then looked at the screen again before yelling out, "Sir, the swarm will enter firing range of our patriot batters within five minutes".

Otani immediately turned to an aide and asked, "How is the assembly our air units fairing".

The aide replied, "All our airbases are launching everything they have into the air". He paused before continuing, "They're also bringing out aircraft which were soon to be retried". That surprised Otani but then he agreed with the statements since they were going to be terribly outnumbered anyway and needed all the help they can get.

Suddenly, a warning from one of the E-2C Hawkeye aircraft came through over the communications net, "Sir, the Gyaos horded is heading straight for the Ise Bay area", "and we'll keep track of them as long as we can".

Otani nodded and yelled out, "Order all missile batters to fire at will and vector all nearby air units to the area" "Tell the F-15s that they have full authority to engage".

Everyone took their positions and observed the now developing air battle, hoping that their best would be enough for now the fate of the whole country and perhaps the world was now in their hands.

Skies over Eastern Japan

The night sky looked deceptively beautiful with large patches of thick white clouds but with enough space to let the moonlight shine down upon the Earth. For those flying all over the world this night, it would have been an incredible sight to treasure.

Soon however, a black wave of death covered the sky heading east towards the island nation. The birds flew chaotically as they fought with each other for the chance at the prize of human flesh. Some of the weaker Gyaos fell from the sky as their insatiable hunger lead to their demise. Still, they flew on towards their target since it had the lowest amount of Mana (Earth's energy) and was therefore vulnerable.

After 3 years of relentless warfare between man and monsters, it comes down to this. Will humanity suffer the same fate as that of the legendary city of Atlantis or will it triumph against these horrific creatures bred out of man's insatiable desire for knowledge and the power of the gods.

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