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"Congratulations, Matt!" Tai grinned at him as he lifted his glass of champagne.

Matt grinned back. "Thanks."

They stood just outside the dance room, taking a short break from the crowd of family and friends within. Mimi and Sora had gone to freshen up and Matt didn't want to socialize with the wedding guests without his bride at his side.

"Right woman, right place," Tai went on approvingly, and then cocked a teasing eyebrow. "Don't know about the time though. It's only been four months."

Matt shook his head. He'd been waiting for her all his life.

"Sora keeps saying you charge like a bull, rushing everything."

"Well, I don't notice the grass growing much under your feet, my friend," Matt tossed back at him. "That's some emerald Sora is flashing on her engagement finger."

"I don't plan on loosing that lady. But there's a lot to be said for a long courtship. I'm in no hurry whatsoever."

"We're both coming out winners…"

"And we're not even thirty yet!" Tai declared with immense satisfaction.

Matt laughed at his friend. Age had nothing to do with how he felt about Mimi. She lit up his life in so many ways, he could only marvel at how lucky he was that she took her revenge on him on this very same hotel four months ago…the sweetest revenge, was the best thing that ever happened to his life.

"Hey! What are you doing out here?"

They both turned to see Takeru who was proudly carrying out his role of groomsman to his big brother.

"Waiting for our women," Tai answered. "They left us to powder their noses."

"And very pretty noses they are," Matt commented, grinning at his brother.

"You guys have won prizes with Mimi and Sora."

"You've got one pretty prize too," Matt pointed at Kari who was happily chatting with his mom.

Neither spoke as TK looked across the room to his wife. As if some magic force controlled her, Kari looked at his husband at the same time and gave him a dazzling smile. "I love you, baby!"

TK flushed as he read his wife's lips. Matt and Tai chuckled.

"Aren't you gonna mouth to her you love her back?" Matt teased.

"I bet you guys have plans tonight, huh?" Tai added.

Before TK can say anything, Mimi and Sora came around the corner and saw the three men together. "What's going on here?" Sora inquired.

The two older men just laughed as TK scratched his head.

"Nothing, we're just talking about you two and how pretty your noses are." Tai answered.

Mimi and Sora both rolled their eyes.

"Tai," Sora took his free hand to hers and started pulling him. "Can we dance?"

"We sure can, babe."

He thrust his champagne into TK's hand and followed Sora to the dance floor.

"Do you want to dance, too?" Matt asked as Mimi resumed walking towards him.

"I'd rather steal a few quiet moments with you," she answered.

"Right!" said TK, taking his brother's champagne glass. "A good groomsman knows how to look after the bride and groom's needs. I'll make sure you to get your quiet time."

And off he marched, pausing only to whisper to Mimi, "Bringing you into the family was the best thing my brother has ever done. You two really belong together."

She gave him a small kiss on the cheek as she said, "Thank you, Takeru."

As they walked together toward an empty balcony, Matt can't stop thinking how lucky he was to have Mimi in his life. She was so breathtakingly beautiful in her wedding gown, soft and elegant, clinging to her body perfectly, and her hair gleaming like silk, rippling down her shoulders. But what he saw in her eyes was more wonderful to Matt than anything else…the love she held for him in her heart…and the trust he'd won back.

He held out his arms and she walked straight into his embrace, wrapping her own hands around his waist.

"You're wearing the watch I gave you," she said. "I didn't notice it until the speeches and you made a toast to my parents."

"It felt right to wear it today. I love you, Mimi. There never will be anyone else for me, but you, princess."

"Nor me," she murmured. "You were always the one…the love of my life."

And that was the most magical thing of all, Matt thought as he kissed her, that she'd still been waiting for him when Fate crossed their paths and gave him the chance to realize she was the one for him.

The only one.

His wife…his soul mate…the love of his life.

The End

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