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This fic was written by my brother and I. His penname is Jake Skywalker.


Here's a Potter
There's a Potter
And another little Potter
Magic Potter, wizard Potter
Potter, Potter, duck.

Potter Potter flying Potter
Hogwarts ferret Quidditch Potter
Potter Potter Hedwig Potter
Potter Potter duck.

Harry was quite famous
His scar was famous too
For it proved his crazy past
Was really rather true
He was but one-year-old when he
Defeated You-Know-Who,
So he lives to tell his tale
In Harry Potter 2.

Did you ever see a Potter
Cast a spell on Malfoy Potter
Hairy Potter, Harry Potter
Potter Potter duck.

Half a Potter
Twice a Potter
Not a Potter
Crazy Potter
Potter on a broomstick Potter
Potter Potter duck.

Now the story's over
Defeating Voldie's done
Conquering bad guys isn't, though
Exactly lots of fun
Harry's back at Privet Drive but
He'll come back for more
'Specially since in Hogwarts
There's lots more fun in store.


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