Kim Possible:Babysitting Woes

AN: This is about when Kim Possible is very young and before the birth of Jim & Tim. I think Kim could be a holy terror if she ever wanted to be and so you're about to get a glimpse of that time. Given her 'skills' she could be quite the terror. You think Dennis the Menace was hard on babysitters? Surprises and Terror awaits! LOL!

Be brave! All you babysitters and babysitters to be should NOT read this. Just Kidding! (Maybe)

Also, Ron has a big imaginary friend called Rufus at this age. Rufus as the naked mole rat is gotten later when Ron is a young teen at the beginning of the Team Possible-Stoppable. (As seen in episode "a sitch in time")

I don't actually know how old Shego is, so I am guessing for this story.

Chapter 6: 5th, you know the drill by now.

(Go City)

The Possible clan walks out of the hotel that they'd just checked into with a certain young redhead walking behind them with her arms crossed and a pout on her face.

Mrs. Possible turns around and says, "Kimmie? What's wrong?"

Kim says just one word as if that made it clear as day, "Ron!"

Mr. Possible turns to his young daughter at the mention of the young blond boy's name and sighs, "I already told you, he can't come along. The board is only paying for our family and that's all. Besides we won't be gone all that long."

Kim stomps her foot and says, "I don't care! I want Ron! He's my best friend and he should be here! His parents said we could take him along with us!"

The two adults glance at each other with the eyes from the redhead woman's saying "I told you this would happen." To the slightly taller husband.

Mr. Possible tilts his head forward, scratching at the back of his head as he wonders what to do. After all, his daughter could be a real handful when she wanted to be. He thinks, "I sure hope that she isn't this headstrong when she's a teenager. There'll be no stopping her then."

Kim stops walking and says, "I'm not going to any... syn… sym…"

Mr. Possible frowns and says, "You are too coming to the symposium young lady! We're in a strange city and there is no time to find you a babysitter on such short notice again!"

Just then a voice from behind says, "You're looking for a babysitter?"

All heads turn to the source of the new voice to see a woman with long black hair that stopped about waist level and green eyes even darker than Kim's. She was wearing a green jacket with black cuffs, which was open enough to reveal a brighter green shirt. She also wore a pair of black jeans that had green patches sewn into it in various places.

Who are you says Mrs. Possible, "I am Sherry Go. Sorry for eavesdropping but you guys were talking a bit loudly." She looks at Kim to emphasis whom she thought was the loud part.

Kim's parents at each other for a few moments before Mrs. Possible says, "I could stay behind and take care of her."

Mr. Possible sighs and says, "I'm afraid that's a no can do honey. Everyone is expecting us and that includes the big board members. If we show up and she causes trouble…" He didn't need to finish the sentence, as his wife would understand that it meant being out of work and with two babies on the way the expenses would be difficult.

Sherry says, "Look, if you're worried about me I have better credentials than most and I work for a babysitting agency."

Mrs. Possible shakes her head and says, "It isn't that… it is just that our Kimberly can be a real handful when she wants to be. She's already driven off just about every babysitter that we've been able to find back home."

Sherry's eyebrows jump up for a second at the news and then a slow grin appears on her face before she says, "Is that so? Well I've yet to meet a kid who could drive me off. I like a challenge." She can see the doubt on their faces so she says, "I will call in others from the agency and I have some brothers who can help too. Will that be enough?"

Mr. Possible says, "Well… it should only be for about two hours. How much trouble can she get into?"

Mrs. Possible thinks, "I'm afraid to guess… Still, I guess there is no other choice."

Mr. Possible says, "Ok, we agree. What are your fees?"

Sherry smirks as she looks at Kim and says, "Normally I charge $7.00 an hour but if she's as fun as I hope she is, then you just might get it for free."

Mrs. Possible says, "For free? I don't understand."

Sherry says, "You see, I am aiming to be a teacher for the undisciplined and so the more unruly or troublesome a child is, the more experience I get so if I actually get a challenge out of a babysitting job I charge nothing."

Just then the ride for the science symposium shows up and all it took was one look at Kim's face to know that if she went, it would be complete and utter chaos.

Mr. Possible says, "Fine, you are the babysitter and we should return in 2 hours."

Sherry nods and says, "No problem. Take all the time you need. It'll give Princess here and I some time to get to know each other." She grins with confidence at the two adults before they finally turn to the waiting car.

Mrs. Possible gets in first and then Mr. Possible but before the door is shut he says, "Be sure to behave for the babysitter until we get back ok?"

Kim just stares angrily at her father, which doesn't stop even after he shuts the door and they drive off until her parents, are out of sight.

Sherry says, "Hey there, you and I are going to get along just fine aren't we?"

Kim just turns her head and says, "I've driven off more babysitters than my parents have lived in years." She then spins on her heel and walks back into the hotel without saying another word.

Sherry smirks as she says, "Oh she is going to be a fun one. I can just tell."


Mrs. Possible says, "Are you sure that it is ok? We just left Kim with a babysitter that we don't even know. Aren't you worried at all?"

Mr. Possible shakes his head and says, "I'm sure everything will be ok. After all she hasn't chased every babysitter out of the house."

Mrs. Possible frowns and says, "That's only because the only one that was able to stick around was Nana, a relative."

Mr. Possible smiles and says, "Of course which is just proof that our little Kimmie can be a good girl if she wants to be."

Mrs. Possible is still unconvinced as she says softly, "If you say so honey…" noticing that her husband didn't hear him as another scientist starts to talk to him at a pretty loud volume.

(Back at the hotel)

Sherry Go was beginning to see just what Kim's parents meant about how the little girl had driven off just about every babysitter back at home. Still, she'd gone up against some pretty touch children before and she'd always triumphed before by the end of the night. She was confident that she could do it with the little girl whose green eyes burned in defiance and strength at her.

Now all Sherry had to do was resist the urge to use her powers in front of the kid. She'd learned her lesson about doing that after the fiasco where she had done it and while the kid had not told her parents, she'd told her friends and so she became the most requested babysitter at her agency just so they could see her use her powers.

At least Sherry didn't mind the fact that most of the parents were willing to pay the higher fees that came attached with her being the babysitter, as long as they could come home to a house that wasn't destroyed and in thanks to her powers she could keep them occupied enough that they'd come home to see exactly everything where they left it. This alone got her high reviews with the babysitting agency but left her little time for a social life. Something about the money made it too hard to resist.

Sherry looks around the large adjoining hotel suite (1 room for the adults and 1 for Kim) with plenty of room for running around.

Sherry was plenty surprised at just how agile the girl was. She seemed to have grasped cheerleader moves and a surprising amount of martial art moves as well. In the past, she had her own martial art training to counter any slippery rugrats but with both skill sets in the little girl. It made things very difficult indeed to rein in the little girl.

Sherry could feel an odd sense of… peace as she battled the young girl even though she was beginning to frustrate her. The reason was elusive to her as she would leap at the girl and Kim would do a cheerleader forward flip onto her back before leaping off with the thrust off sending her all the harder onto the ground.

Sherry decides to put the thought away for later, after she'd captured the little girl who was as proving to be every bit as smart and skilled as herself. Something that she wasn't used to and it was proving to be very frustrating.

Sherry says, "Come here Princess, it is time for you to brush your teeth so you can go to bed." She wags her finger in a "Come here" kind of way with a smirk upon her face as she could tell that the little girl standing defiantly before her was going to do anything that she was going to say.

Kim proves her right as she shakes her head and says loudly, "No! And you can't make me! Nyah!" She sticks her tongue out as she does the "Nyah" part and bolts to the right.

Sherry runs after her and as Kim runs around the bed, she leaps onto the bed and is about to grab Kim from it when she ducks and crawls under the bed.

Sherry growls and she shakes her hands and just for a brief moment her hands flicker in green. She almost shouts, "Come back here, you!" before she restrains herself and simply says, "Come back here!" a bit louder than normal.

Kim pops up behind her and shouts, "No! You're evil!" as she pulls on the bed sheet hard enough to cause Sherry to fall half off the bed with her head half being the part that falls off the bed.

Kim walks around cautiously as she hears the loud 'thunk' sound. She sees that Sherry had been unable to move her arms fast enough to fully shield her head.

Upon seeing that Sherry's legs hand become a little tangled in the bed sheets, she gets an idea and slowly smiles before she moves forward and starts to use the sheets to tie up Sherry in the same kind of style she'd seen at a rodeo when she visited her uncle for the first time.

About thirty minutes later Sherry came to and she was very surprised! She found herself hog-tied with her arms and legs tied together in the air. She knew she should have been upset but she couldn't help but admire the fact that the little girl had somehow actually done a very good job of tying her up!

She wishes for a moment that she had this little girl on the Team Go since they were pretty much useless when it came to tying up the bad guys. She was the one who had to do any of that. She mentally sighs as she felt the strain of trying to do everything that her mentally challenged, lazy brothers were always asking her to do.

In one night, Sherry had seen more cleverness, brains and skill than she saw in all of her brothers. She loved them but they really drove her crazy at times and plus evil was starting to look pretty attractive lately with all those villains always taking charge of the planning and the thinking. A thing that she was quickly tiring of doing for her own brothers and their team which in actuality felt more like her team even though her oldest brother ran it.

Just as Sherry felt a little bit of evilness creep into her heart as she recalls the last words Kim had shouted at her, "You're evil!" The parents walked in through the door, back from the symposium.

She couldn't help but say, "Oh drat" after she hears Mrs. Possible cries out as Mr. Possible bellows for Kim to show herself.

Sherry finds herself untied by Mrs. Possible in no time at all as if she was well versed in the style she'd found herself all trussed up in and guesses that she wasn't the first babysitter to end up like she had.

She smiles despite the absurd situation that she found herself in, in which Mrs. Possible was apologizing and trying to assure her that her Kimmie didn't normally do such things. She puts up her hand and says, "It is all right! Really! I learned a lot tonight and so like I told you both earlier, I won't be accepting any pay."

Mr. Possible approaches Sherry with the young Kim in tow and he did not look happy. He says, "She has something she'd like to say to you." He looks down at her and says, "Go on now."

Kim just stares the tall woman before she says, "I'm sorry for causing you trouble tonight and for tying you up." She then in a mutters lowly but still loud enough for Sherry to hear, "I still think you're evil though."

Everyone is surprised as Sherry just breaks out into laughter and then smiles at the parents as she says, "My brothers would disagree with you Princess, but you know what?" She leans in close to Kim and whispers, "I think I agree with you…" winking at her before she straightens up.

Sherry refuses any money that either of the Possibles try to shove her way and says to them before she walks out the door, "Keep an eye on that one, she's got potential to either save the world."

Kim is surprised at this and whispers to herself, "Save the world… yeah, I could do that." She smiles for once ever since meeting her babysitter, something Sherry sees before she walks out of sight and into the hallway.

Sherry walks to the elevator and steps into it, pressing the button to send her down to the ground floor. However, before the door closes she says, "Yeah… I think I like evil…" Her hands igniting in full intensity, giving the small, empty elevator an evil green glow which along with the way her head was tilted forward to cast dancing green shadows upon her face that had a definite beginnings of an evil little smirk.

The elevator doors close, along with the green light emanating from them and had anyone been near the doors they would have heard an evil little laugh coming from them before the elevator whisked her away to the ground floor.

AN: Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed this chapter of Babysitting Woes. Yeah, I brought in Shego as Kim's babysitter. Team Go was still a team at this point. I hope you all enjoyed the story as well as the final scene. I could picture that scene so vividly in my mind that I got little chills from it so I hope I did it justice enough to give you chills too. What did you think of Kim being stubborn about missing her best friend Ron? Just imagine what would have happened if Ron had actually been around and helping Kim face Sherry? Looks like Kim has a habit of running into the very same people who will one day end up being villains that she'll save the world from. What did you think of Sherry's babysitting fees? A little high or not? Interesting how Kim and Shego started each other onto their ultimate path, is it not? So, anyone have any suggestions as to who they'd like to see next in this little series?

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