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Sai's Rebirth: The Shindou Life Chronicles


Chapter 1

Year 2: Shadows of Skill


Hikaru stared fondly at his little brother. With each passing day, Sai grew more and more. He was becoming more and more like the Sai he remembered, the ghost that had changed his life. Hikaru had no real proof, but he was sure that Sai was the reincarnation of his namesake. In Sai's childish enthusiasm, he could see the ghost Sai.

Although, there was still the matter of Go. Sai had yet to touch a Goban. Of course, Sai had just learned to walk, he couldn't even talk yet…

"Igo!" A childish call snapped Hikaru out of his musings.

"Did you say something Sai?" Hikaru asked.

"Igo! Play!" Sai stated proudly.

Hikaru chuckled, that was an order if he ever heard one. Minutes later he was playing his two year old brother. Although expecting a slaughter, within minutes Hikaru was surprised. It was a slaughter… for him! He lost horribly to his baby brother.

"He is without a doubt, Fujiwara no Sai. No one else plays like this." Hikaru stated, amazed.

Sai looked up at his older brother expectantly and said " 'Karu-nii! Play! Go!"

Hikaru only chuckled, and complied to his baby brother's request. The question of Sai's soul could be contemplated later.

And so it began…..


Author's Note This is only a teaser. I'll remove it when I start the real story. The majority of the story takes place a couple years after the first chapter. I'll go through most of his life, and journey to the world of the pros. I haven't decide how long it is going to go, so don't ask me. Anyway, for those of you that requested longer chapters... enjoy! I'm going to make each chapter represent a year from here on out. I may skip a few, but I doubt it.