Author's Note: I loved Suikoden 4, even though it has a sucky story in general. So I decided to imporve it a bit, give the Hero 4 some more personality than shown in the game. And I don't care what other people on forums say, I thought he was an adorable male in the game.

Hope people would like this.

Someone From Nowhere

Prologue - Under Leknaat's Care

Years Earlier

"I don't agree with you," said the young man. "I will leave here."

Leknaat sighed from her high seat in the meeting council. Her normally expressionless face showed lines of worry and even concern. She gripped the armchair tightly, trying to think of an appropriate response and came up with none. Her prophetic dreams did not have him in any future, a possibility that worried her to no end. "Can't you at least stay, until Luc is grown? He is strangely fond of you."

The young man shook his head. "He will betray your teachings. I would rather not be here and choose a side when he does."

Leknaat sighed. It was true that the future surrounding Luc was clouded with both hopes and destruction. However, that was also the reason she wanted this young man to stay here. Perhaps he can guide Luc in the right direction, prevent the uncertainty she saw.

"You are avoiding fate, don't you know that?" Leknaat asked in an imploring voice.

"No. I am merely changing my destiny, not my fate," he countered. "Even I know I can't avoid fate."

Leknaat was left speechless. Of all her pupils, this one had surprised her the most. He was like a blank slate, nearly without personality when he first came to her. Any orders, any assignments, he completed without complaint and with all the mediocrity of common low born. Yet, she suspected that he understood all her lessons the most. Behind those serious green eyes was a world that even Leknaat could not even attempt to see. He may even have more control over his Rune than Leknaat over her own Rune. The thought disturbed her.

"I will not stop you," said Leknaat finally. "But at least tell Luc. I can see how he looks up to you, how he looks for you each morning. That child is very..." She stopped, trying to think of the right word to describe her most recent pupil.

"Human," the young man answered for her. "Our greatest quality, but also the greatest flaw. Something you can barely remember because of your immortality and True Rune."

"As you are," reminded Leknaat.

"Until our next meeting," he said, effectively ending their conversation. He then bowed low, a rare gesture of respect, even from him. "By your leave, Madam?"

Leknaat paused, not wanting him to leave. With him, the next meeting could be in a few days, a few decades, even an century. Still, he nodded in the end, effectively giving her consent.

The young man stood straight and looked upon the eternal serene Leknaat. He suddenly felt that he would miss this place. Leknaat, for all her inhuman sights into the future, was very much like a mother to all around her, to people like himself. It's for me and everyone else. He will do all that was necessary to safe guard his Rune and Magician's Island was becoming too much of a True Rune Stash for him.

"Thank you, for your kindness over the years," he said suddenly to the half opened door. "I am deeply grateful."

At that Leknaat smiled. Considering his age, he was still very human. "Be careful. Don't be up to TOO much mischief."

He chuckled at that. The peace of the island was often disturbed by his various pranks. He had changed, since his younger days, physically and mentally. He wondered how much else would change in the next few years.

"I will."

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