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Escape Into Darkness

Yami closed his eyes and sighed again for the fifth time in two minutes. Crossing his legs, Yami leaned back in his dark stone throne, listening to the silence of his Soul Room echoing deafeningly around him.

God how he hated the silence. How it pressed down on him like a ten tonne weight on his shoulders.


Yami's vivid crimson eyes opened at the soft male voice that had addressed him. A tall young man, clad in flowing purple robes and a tall deep blue staff headed with a green jade pearl clasped in one hand, kneeled before him, bowing his head in reverence to Yami.

"Yes, Dark Magician." Yami answered, grateful for the interruption to the oppressive silence.

The Dark Magician glanced up, but did not rise. "My Pharaoh, forgive me for this intrusion, but…"

Yami's gaze softened on his ever faithful servant as the Dark Magician's voice trailed off uncertainly, and gracefully bid him to stand. "Speak, my friend."

Visibly comforted by the term of address, the Dark Magician's solemn stance relaxed marginally, now standing before Yami. "Sire, to put it bluntly, we are - worried about you."

Yami looked at him expressionlessly. "Why do you feel this?"

"My Pharaoh," The Dark Magician continued. "We have noticed the change in you as of two days now. You do not seem like yourself. My sister and I are very anxious for your well being, as are many of the others."

Yami took a deep breath, closing his eyes briefly.

"There's nothing wrong," Yami told him reassuringly. "You don't need to worry about me like this anymore Dark Magician, things are different now."

"I understand that, my Pharaoh," His servant replied. "However, you have not left your Soul Room in these past two days. Usually you enjoy spending your second lifetime in the world of the mortals - has something altered that your highness?"

Yami looked at his Dark Magician for a long moment. His servant was much more perceptive then Yami gave him credit for, although he suspected it was in fact The Dark Magician Girl who had pleaded with him to talk to Yami. The Dark Magician's younger sister had a surprisingly sharp intuition for when something was upsetting anyone around her. She was still a little apprehensive in the former pharaoh's presence, mostly due to her youth then any other reason.

"Perhaps so," He answered finally. Yami sighed again, glancing around the dull, multi-dimensional, bordering-Shadow-Realm, Soul Room. "Where is Dark Magician Girl? I haven't seen her for a while."

The Dark Magician glanced behind him briefly. "I believe she is playing games with Yugi in his Soul Room Sire."

The Dark Magician blinked, startled. He had visibly seen Yami falter in his stance at the reference to his Light side, as well as sense the mood darken in the atmosphere around the teenage pharaoh at the mere mention.

"Sire?" The Dark Magician said tentatively.

Yami closed his eyes, suddenly feeling a lot less calm. "Leave me." He said curtly. He raised a hand to his head, rubbing his temple tiredly. "Please, Dark Magician."

"Yes my Pharaoh," His servant replied before turning and walking away, vanishing into the shadows once more - but not before he turned and glanced back worriedly at Yami one last time.

Left alone again, Yami leaned forwards into his palms, willing his heartbeat to slow down, and stop beating out the constant pulses of regret and sorrow that viciously slashed through his spirit with every thud.

It had taken hours, days, to finally reach a point where he could just think about nothingness, but with just one mention of his Hikari's name, he was right back to being the crumbling wreck of the seventeen year old teenager he was reduced to before…

…just by one tiny moment of weakness.

Yami closed his eyes, wishing his beautiful little Light didn't fill his entire mind with his relentless perfection…

It was too much.

And much too heartbreaking.

"Yugi…" He whispered, completely broken.