"Brother look," The Dark Magician Girl gasped.

Glancing up from the chess game, the Dark Magician gazed around at the interior of the pharaoh's multi-dimensional Soul Room. His heart jolted - and a serene smile crossed his lips.

"What's going on?" Asked Gaia The Fierce Knight, opposite the chess board.

The three of them, including several other Shadow Beings currently watching the chess tournament gazed around in wonder.

Yami's Soul Room was changing.

As they watched, the dimensions shifted, as if the pharaoh's world itself was altering drastically. Not only this, but the darkness that continually shrouded the Room was lifting, marginally, but still it was brightening to nothing more then a softly lit room, rather then harbouring the dimness of a long dead and forgotten tomb.

But, none of them noticed this for long - because all gazes were drawn to the golden door to Yami's Soul Room.

It was glowing. Glowing vibrantly with golden light - and shining out into the Room for a brief moment.

"What does this mean?" The Dark Magician Girl asked, glancing up at her brother as the golden light ceased.

The Dark Magician smiled, feeling all eyes of the other Duel Monsters gazing at him for the answer.

"It means…" He said softly. "Our pharaoh is finally happy."

For a long moment, there was reverent silence. All the Shadow Beings loyal to Yami feeling better then they had done in millennia.

"Now," The Dark Magician said, turning back to the chess game. "I believe it's your turn Gaia."

Gaia The Fierce Knight smiled, turning back to it also. "I'll beat you this time Dark Magician." He said good-naturedly.

His opponent chuckled. "We will see."

The Knight moved his bishop.

"Check," Gaia The Fierce Knight stated.

The Dark Magician smiled. He gracefully moved his king forward one space - clearing the path for his queen to fall straight in line with Gaia's own king.



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