The Awakening

A few years ago I wrote a crossover with Buffy, Stargate and another show from the 1980's. After a load of failed attempts to start this prequel here we go with the first chapter.

Set sometime in the latter half of season 2 is all I'm saying at the moment, as with most of my larger stories you have to guess the show from the first chapter.

I don't own any of the characters or concepts used in this story. Who they belong to is listed in the next chapter.

Chapter One

Jack swung his bag on to the table; 'Why is it every time we try to get a holiday something like this always happens?'

'Murphy's law sir?' Carter was in her biking gear and obviously slightly annoyed at being back herself

'You know I like the British name better, Sod's law. Makes the problem sound less Irish.'

'Indeed… O'Neill.' Jack turned his painted death glare on the Jaffa. Teal'c was in his robes and was looking forward to visiting his wife and son and thus as ticked as Carter and himself.

'Has anyone seen the space monkey?' On cue Daniel came in, clutching a hand full of papers in one hand and a coffee in his other. As usual he was in his SGC uniform. 'Did you even try to leave?' Jack asked.

'No.' the archaeologist dropped his papers on the table and tried to stack them up one handed, only an immense amount of practice allowed him to succeed.

'Then why are you always the last one here?'

'Can everyone be seated.' Hammond declared as he walked in. 'Around two hours ago an earthquake in Oregon took off the side of a dormant volcano. Mount St Hillary. Fortunately a local military base were the first on the scene.' Using the remote he lowered the screen behind his head and tuned on the projector.

The huge mountain sat high in the desert, at the base a whole section was replaced by a indistinguishable shape with five giant tubes pointing to the sky. It was a golden colour and buried at a angle 'First reports indicate it's almost as big as the volcano itself.'

'That's big.' Jack breathed, 'where'd it come from.'

'That's the problem, deep space tracking didn't pick anything up and something that size crashing would do a hell of a lot more damage. everyone's stumped however Doctor Jackson has a theory.'

'Well just from looking at the picture I got the idea that it didn't come down but more like up.'

Carter turned 'Daniel, you think that it crashed sometime before and the earthquake knocked it out of the mountain?'

'It's just an idea.' Daniel picked up one of the papers he had with him. 'I did some research and the tribe that lived in that area had a legend as old as themselves about a great cave guarded by the spirits and shining stones until they left in a... "flying stone of fire".' Then he pushed his glasses further into his face as he reached for another paper. 'There was another story… Ah, apparently this tribe was, for a time, ruled by one of these spirits, said to be "Of the sky yet not a bird." The legend goes on to describe a big bee, or even a wasp, that had the ability to become a man. It gave them fire and knowledge but then it declared itself a god. The tribe cast the now evil spirit out and it was never seen again.'


'So they went on to keep excellent records Jack. Nothing about anything that big falling from the sky. I think the ship crashed sometime in pre-history could have even been when the dinosaurs were sill around, whatever survivors the were must have been picked up or killed.'

'With all the other teams off world you're the only people available.' Hammond noted


'Sorry Jack, the base is nothing more than a recruitment centre and storage yard. Since this is strictly recon and chances are that Jackson's theory is correct you're going to be the first team in. A select group of scientists are going to be briefed and sent out within forty eight hours. Your job, people, is to secure the area, confirm that its abandoned and safe then prepare for those scientists.'

'Oregon here we come .'

'Wow!' Sam looked up from just underneath what she guessed were engines. She could see the million year old melted rock clinging to the hull and the shear size of the ship was jaw dropping. Now that they were up close Sam could tell Daniel's theory was right but that meant that the ship had crashed with enough force to bury itself in an active volcano and was still structurally sound enough to remain in one piece even after all these years.

The land slide had made enough of an opening for the team to see why the volcano was dormant. This ship was plugging it up, Sam could see the lava only a few hundred feet away still bubbling. Any attempt to move the ship, if that was at all possible, would have the volcano explode.

'Impressive' muttered Teal'c.

'Ever seen anything like this T'

'I have not O'Neill.'

'Cool. Carter are you going to move today?'

'I'm just trying to think how much power this ship would need sir.' she looked back out into the sky across the back end of the ship.

'Try a lot Carter. Daniel how can I solve your problem?'

'See that big black mark, about the size of a Buick?'


'Is that a blast crater?' Sam whipped her head around. They were only just under the engine on the far right and Daniel was looking up the side.

In the dead silence that followed she almost breathed a sigh of relief. 'Looks volcanic to me.'

'I believe you are correct Captain Carter.'

'You do that again Danny and I'll kill you.'

'Sorry Jack'

'Good, now you can help me. That's a shuttle bay door right?' he thumbed a pair of inset plates deeper inside the volcano.

'I think so sir.'

'Let's have a look then.' SG-1 were equipped for an off world mission and for the first time Sam felt it was appropriate. The larva snaked its own way around the large blockage creating red rivers of thick bubbling sludge. The four of them ignored the heat and slowly made their way to the doors as they got closer they could tell something was wrong.

At about head height the all but unblemished golden door had two nicks bending outward, the rest of the door was sealed and there wasn't enough room to push anyone through the gap. 'Someone's tried to get in here, from the looks of things not recently.' Daniel said looking closely when they got there.

Sam was over his shoulder more interested in the materials 'I can't thing of anything we've got that matches this stuff, sir. Whatever warped it must have been extremely powerful.' Through the gap the bay was dark. Her light wasn't good enough nor the gap wide enough to get a good look but there were several large boxes hidden in the gloom.

'How tall would you say Sam? Twenty feet.' Daniel asked

'More like twenty five and twelve across.' She corrected

'Can you see anything in there.'

'Not really, you?

'No markings of any kind.' She could tell he was frustrated at that.

'Definitely not Goa'uld. Bet they'd love the gold though.'

'Let's keep looking.'

As Captain Carter and Doctor Jackson investigated the hatch Teal'c frowned at the shape a big blue circle with a smaller one beneath it and several large blocks besides it. In all it was the size of his torso. It was also quite high up. 'I believe that I have located the door controls.' He reported, gesturing with his staff.

'Any ideas?' said O'Neill. After the two of them had a chance to ponder the situation Teal'c's response was to blast it with his staff weapon. The moment he fired Captain Carter and Daniel Jackson were sent flying back unconscious. Landing only a handful of feet away from a lava pit. His blast itself was absorbed like a pebble hitting a pond a few inches from the panel.

Instantly a hatch opened behind them and a large cannon mounted on a rotating turret emerged, the barrel only a fraction outside of the force field.

'Any better ones?'

If anyone inside was conscious they would have seen the bridge monitors reactivate the instant the weapon charged up. It took the same amount of time for the blast to reach the shield as it did for the computer to scan it, analyse the destructive capabilities, dismiss it as a glow bug, scan the beings in the surrounding area, chose non lethal defensive measure 2 and finally run a lower level systems check.

It found it strange that while most of it's emergency protocols were still active both the higher logistical and data banks were damaged and corrupted to badly to make any sense. Checking what was left of its database the computer discovered that this situation had been predicted.

The computer also found it strange that it had two different procedures for the current situation on board. With the crew in status it's first priority according to one list should be the retrieval of any crew member and follow their instructions. In the other list it was to reactivate the ships commander and then return to standby mode. Opting for a combination it launched a probe into the stratosphere, to scan for a suitable form the local life forms with which to enact repairs with.

It found a wealth of data only a short distance from where it was. After comparing its scans it found a suitable form for the commander of the ship and activated the program.

Outside Daniel groaned before beginning to lever himself off the ground. As he stated to move he heard Jack's voice 'Daniel, don't move! Lie still.' Instantly he stopped not even daring to open his eyes.

'What happened?' he finally asked

'The ship didn't like Teal'c's key. Now there's this really big gun pointed at us. Are you and Carter all right?'

'Feels like I got Zat'ed then run over by a tank. Before the cargo ship landed on me. But I'm not dead yet.'

'Groovy… Got an idea 'cause Me an T are fresh out.'

'Besides getting this rock out of my side maybe "We come in peace"?'

'Tried it.'

' "Knock, knock"?'


'Not being much use am I?'

'Indeed not Daniel Jackson.'

'Tried throwing your guns away?' Daniel frowned for a moment before he heard Jack unclip his gun. The linguist opened his eyes and looked at the blurry image of his friends as they threw the weapons away. However before they hit the ground a ball of white/yellow energy caught them and left nothing behind. The ball continued on to be absorbed by the ships shields with a few ripples of energy.

'Why thank you Daniel, I will forever marvel at your ability to take a bad situation and make it worse. Would you care to try again.'


'Come on! I'm sure there's some way to piss this thing off even more. How about calling it names. Or even mooning the damn thing, whatever the hell it is.'

'It is a class three, light fusion cannon. Telatran 1 deactivate external defences.' Daniel's eyes shifted to the door a square-ish, heavily, built figure stood in it. It's top half was red with two glass panels on its chest. Blue hand's and shin's matched what looked to be a helmet covering the head while a silver sheet covered the mouth. A metallic grill came over where a man's gut would have been. In all the figure gave the impression that someone had taken the parts of a truck and repositioned them to make a man but there was something else that worried him. 'Greetings, I am Optimus Prime. Leader of the Autobots. Please come aboard.' The door that was suppose to be to a cargo bay was completely filled by the shape within.

'Thanks' said Jack weakly.

End chapter One

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