Lost but Found
Chapter 5
Authors note:-

In answer to my reviews I only have two things to say. First of all; yes this is basically just a list of events and how they differ from cannon. Why? I simply don't have enough time to write two whole years worth of cannon as well as Xander's life away from Sunnydale. Now that his training has just about finished I'm going to follow him a little more closely.

And finally why haven't they noticed the missing body. Buffy would have checked for vampire bites and ect when she helped to identify the body at the time and the pain of losing such a close friend meant they wouldn't want to see the body again. and anyone wondering why the gang didn't try to resurrect him remember this is after Buffy's admission she was in heaven. They wouldn't do something like that again.

If you have any problems with this approach then I don't really care. Oh yes I am sorry if little spelling mistakes or missed letters crop up as they seem to do in this one, without a Bata reader I have to keep track of everything.

Two swords clashed, again and again. It wasn't a fair match, if it had been there wouldn't have been a point to it. Spotlights from the surrounding mausoleums bounced of the glancing blades. 'So you ready for the big day tomorrow?'

'No' again the swords clashed between the two young women

'It can't be that bad'

The oldest held back with every blow, she was teaching her sister not trying to kill them 'That's not how I remember it.'

'Well it was a long time ago, you want me to bring the wheelchair for you or can you manage with the walking frame?' Unfortunately her young student over reached herself.

With frightening speed the blond smashed the opponents sword from her hands. 'You calling me old, little miss universe' she said as the youngest fell on her butt with a yelp.

'I'm only three, its The Key that's as old as you.' the brunette stuck her tongue out before climbing to her feet. 'Speaking of old has he turned up yet.'

'I'm not even sure if he was really there. Even if he was he just seemed so... Well not Spike if you know what I mean?'

'Not English like or too Giles like English.'

'More crazy, talking to walls and blubbering a lot. I think something might be wrong with him. If he was even there.'

'Are you going to find out?'

'Tomorrow, I'll try that tomorrow. You know I'm not sure he was really there.'

'I know what you mean.' Dawn said, glancing up in despair.

Spike rocked in the corner of the room, beating his head against the wall. 'Bad man... Bad man... Bad man hurt the girl. Bad man hurt lots of girls, got to punish the bad man. bad man hurt boy's... bad man... hurt bad man... Hurt bad man.' He moved faster, harder. Cracking his skull against the wall. Looking up he saw Buffy standing over him, she was smiling down looking every bit the proud master, like he was some pet.

'Yes Spike, you hurt the girl.' she knelt down besides him. 'and you hurt me. Leaving like that. Why? to get a soul? As if that makes you any different.' she reached out to his cheek.

He could almost feel it touching as her hand hovered a hairs breath from him. 'No. Never. Never hurt Buffy. Never. I would never hurt you.' Spike looked her in the eyes as he leaned into that cold touch, but it moved that inch too far away...

'But you did William, you hurt me more than you could ever know. Before... you might have had a chance, not now. How could I love you now simpering in a basement?' The hand whipped back to her side as she stood and stepped back

'I did it for you, all for you!' he crawled towards her like the worm he was. 'All for you!'

'Did you ask me, did you think I wanted another Angel? The gel headed wonder? That's all you've ever been. A pale shadow of a monster I rejected.' her scathing voice echoed as she walked around him.

'I'm NOT ANGEL. I'M NOT!' the former vampire master screamed before breaking down and drooling like a lunatic at her feet.

And that's exactly how Buffy found him two hours later.

Tara smiled as the second customer of the day walked out happy. Even after working at the Magic Box for three months she loved it when she did the job right. The best part though was Willow. Over the months she had triumphed over her magic addiction. Now that she could clean up without summoning an army of pixies to do it for her Willow seamed so much more, well Willow like, and every bit the woman Tara loved.

Two swords clashed in the dark ally and Xander rolled away from the psycho with the cleaver. Was he biting off more than he could chew? Even if he was he had to save her, it's what he did.

Coming to his feet Xander was able to slice into the larger man's back before he span away. For a moment they looked at each other. The raven black haired woman who introduced him to this walking muscle cowering between them. 'How do I get into these things?' Xander muttered before the big guy rushed him.

Becky tried to hide behind a dustbin and remembered how this all came about. Two years ago in a train accident. She had caught an early train when it had pulled in, feeling a little guilty that James had to pull a double shift. It wasn't her fault she caught a bug and had to leave. It was lucky only the last carriage derailed and it was just her luck to be in that carriage. There were only a handful of survivors, the man in the seat next to her didn't.

A few days later she was released from hospital, her friends and family ready to welcome her home. But there was one of these people there, outside the hospital. She came at her with a sword... Becky's brother got in the way... Becky ran shortly after the funeral.

For two years she ran, trusting her gut to tell her who was going to kill her; trusting no one and nothing else. Only now she found one that was helping her. He was about her age and knew what he was doing. His sword wasn't as wide or as long as the guy trying to kill her had and that was what helped him win. Her hero bounced the oncoming sword away and got under the attackers reach. His elbow crashed into the attackers neck, crushing something.

Bringing his sword around like a cricketer hitting for six the young man with a beard swung. Loping the big mans head off. He looked to her with a half smile; 'This might be interesting. Stay back.' Before he finished speaking the headless body floated from the ground. Hundreds of little lightning bolts lifted it up and then scattered. They detonated bricks and windows before bouncing back to her saviour who screamed in pain. Finally a bigger bolt danced from the suddenly falling body. The shock threw the other man a handful of feet backwards and into the air, probably killing him.

By the time she had worked up the courage to stand and did, so had he. Maybe it was the straw that broke the horses back or simply just two years of pressure but Becky simply lost it; 'What is going on? What the hell did you just do and why the bloody hell are you people trying to kill me!' she ran up to him and almost shook him out of his coat. 'Why? Why? Why?'

'Oh boy!'

Buffy had a job. She would repeat that to anyone listening, she had a job! It was a bit vague what she did, she wasn't a full councillor or a part time helper but somewhere between those two. So far today she had to help one kid who's brother was joining the marines. One who pretended to be gay to try and scam a date off her. Another getting out of class and an annoying little brunette girl who complained about her sister stealing her blouse (Dawn was going to pay for that one).

'Hello.' Buffy smiled at the young Goth with faded pink streaks in her hair.

'Hi' she half waved back; 'I was sent by my teacher, she thinks I need to talk to some one.'

'That's why I'm here.'

'So you didn't know any of this.' Xander propped his head up, his elbow missing a small puddle of beer on the table.

'Urm no, I can't say that I did. Immortals, this game where you chop each others heads off! That I'm part of it all. No; usually is just big pointy swords and lots of swinging.' The girl began waving wildly, almost knocking over her drink.

The two of them had found a quiet bar, far enough from the challenge to keep a low profile. Xander had just finished explaining the game to her and she was, understandably, ticked. 'What can I say; every game has its cheats.'

The girl, Becky, looked at him as if he had a silly drawing on his face. 'So... because I'm one of these immortals I'm a target. Even when I don't know!'


'So what's your angle buddy? huh? What do you get out of this?' she poked him, hard.

Taking a quick drink Xander tried to figure out what he was actually doing. 'Well I'm not the referee. I don't know what I'm doing, I'm new to the game too. I just know you need a fighting chance and I don't like killers.' putting the glass down right in the small puddle Xander made a decision. 'Here's the deal:- I'll teach you how to fight, you help me be a better fighter. Any time you want to back out you can. When we finished we part ways. Deal?'

She looked at him.

Buffy sat down with the feeling of utter defeat. She failed. She had failed her job. Both job's, Councillor and Slayer. Dawn came and sat down by her, two cups of coffee in her hands. 'You did all you could.'

'It wasn't enough. Everyone I try to help; Cassie, Xander...'

'No!' Shouted willow from the other side of the room. 'You've helped all of us, you've saved the world more times than anyone can count. Xander was a good guy you helped him be that guy. From what you tell me Cassie had given up, she had hope because of what you did. You didn't stop even when her heart gave up on her. Buffy we can't save everyone but you won't stop.'

'She's right Buffy. You do help people, even if you don't meet them you've helped them. Remember James, the guy with the brother...'

'Who wants to go in the army?'

'Yes, him. he tried to find you this morning. He talked with his brother, he said it helped and he wouldn't have been able to without your help.' Dawn smiled encouragingly.

Buffy stared into her coffee, deep in thought.

The next day Dawn looked in through the window to her sister's little office. Buffy sat there with a determined look on her face. Dawn smiled; things would be back to normal again soon.

Two swords clashed in the dark. It wasn't a fair match, if it had been there wouldn't have been a point to it. Light flashed off the bright blades as the full moon shone down. It was the first time the young woman had held a sword and the young man had been trained by the best.

Two swords glanced off each other in slow arcs and one of the oldest dances between teacher and student began. Xander ginned 'Good now let's try something different.' he changed the pattern of swings and moved faster.

End Chapter 5

Authors Note:-
This chapter was written to a Queen Soundtrack:- Flash Gordon (really it was, in parts at least and I just had to admit it!)