Author's Notes: 7198 words, this is officially the longest chapter I have ever written, YAY me. I hope I can break this record on one of the later chapters. As you should already know this is a Teen Titans fic and my first multi-chaptered one, one that I hope will last for a long time. I've only seen the first season of the Teen Titans cartoon (I got the DVD's from America) and I got all my info/inspiration from the original DC comics, Teen Titans Go comics, and so please excuse any OCCness.

This fic takes place after the episode 'Terra' from season 2 (I know I haven't seen the episodes up to then but I like a challenge), but instead of leaving and shacking up with Slade, Terra stayed with the Titans and became a full member. There will be more info about where this fic is heading and the pairing at the end of this chap, DON'T SKIP THOUGH as there are spoilers for this chapter there. Enjoy.

Teen Titans: Blood, Earth and Shade

Author: The Omakeer

Disclaimer: Teen Titans is too good for kids, if I owned it, it would be targeted at a more adult audience. But unfortunately I don't, so I'll take out my frustrations on this fic instead.

Chapter One: Homecoming

It was five o'clock in the morning in Jump City and the sun had not yet risen. Most of the Titans were still in their warm beds in Titans Tower, dreaming dreams of driving through the country side, being mobbed by hormone crazed fan girls or swimming in rivers of mustard with overgrown maggots. Everyone was still sound asleep, everyone except for the Titans resident empath. Raven pushed herself up into a sitting position and rubbed sleep from her eyes. Stretching out her powers, she turned on the lamps around her bedroom and pulled back the covers. Stripping off her pyjamas, the dark Goth made her way into her bathroom to take her early morning shower.

This morning was Ravens turn to make breakfast; she liked to make sure she got there before the others so she could everything set up. With Starfire floating around her offering to help and Beast Boy popping into the kitchen area every five seconds asking 'is it ready yet?' it saved time in the long run to have everything she need ready on the kitchen counter.

The rest of the Titans were never as much trouble. Cyborg would only ask how long until it was ready once, witch was surprising as he would often eat twice as much as the rest of the Titans put together, and then sit down at the table and wait. He would also get the others out from under her feet, and though she had never said it out loud, Raven really appreciated that. Terra on the other hand was a great help in the kitchen, as apposed to Starfire who was often more of a hindrance, and would happily make the daily supply pancakes, which was never one of Ravens strong points.

Robin was the odd one out. He would walk in, say good morning to her, sit at the table, pour himself a glass of orange juice and then open one of the morning papers. And that was it. He knew without asking that breakfast was would be ready when it was ready, and that any offer of help would be politely, but firmly, turned down. Raven had to admit that she really liked that about the Boy Wonder, he always knew what she wanted without having to ask. Whether it was giving her, her privacy or getting the others to back off. He did it almost instinctively. And unlike her fellow Titans, he never questioned her about her past, even though she knew that if he wanted to know, he'd be able to find out quite easily, whether she wanted him to or not. This scared the young empath slightly, as she knew that if she tried to learn anything about him she would get next to nothing. Even if she was willing to invade his privacy with a mind probe, with all his mental training and the psychic dampeners in his costume, she'd have to catch him when he let his guard down, which he hadn't done as long as she'd known him.

Raven shook her head slightly to clear her thoughts; it wasn't a good idea to think about Robin to much, especially when she was in the shower. Thankfully she wouldn't have to worry about him this morning, or the questions that he raised just by being in the same room as her. Robin had been called back to Gotham City almost six weeks ago. A gang war had erupted in the city and Batman had called back all of his agents to help him quell it. The Titans had offered to go to help out, but apparently Batman only trusted this task to his own people to handle this task, the Justice League wasn't even asked to help. So Robin packed up his bird-a-rangs, hopped on his motor bike, and headed off to Gotham, saying he'd be back a soon as possible, and hopefully still in one piece.

Raven finished her shower and looked at her dripping form in the bathroom mirror. She noticed she was starting to look more pail than usual. She would have to go out tonight before the others started to notice. She was again thankful that Robin wasn't in the Tower, as he would most likely notice straight away, and that would bring up questions she didn't really want to answer.

Raven stepped back into her bedroom and stretched. As she didn't have any clean towels until the laundry was done this afternoon she decided to drip dry, walking over to her closet to get out her uniform for the day. She was just thinking about what would have to be made for breakfast when there was a knock at the bedroom door.

The dark Goth instinctively pushed out her senses to detect who was knocking, but all she could sense was the residual psychic energy coming from Terra's room across the hall. Raven pushed them out even further, just to make sure Beast Boy wasn't just knocking on the door and running and hiding around the corner when another knock rang out.

'Terra,' Raven thought, a small smile playing across her lips, 'it has to be. She said she was going to practice how to block her presence from my senses after our last training session. I didn't think she'd get this good so soon.'

Feeling in a slightly playful mood, Raven decided to give the young geomancer a little shock. Walking to the door in all her naked glory, she pushed the button to open the door fully and stood there with a slight smirk on her face. Once it had slid open all the way, Raven's smirk turned to a look of utter horror.

Leaning in the door way, with one arm wrapped around his side and a duffle bag hanging from his shoulder, was Robin. His eye line travelled down the length of her body and then back up to meet her eyes, "good morning Raven, how're you doing?" he asked.

A number of small explosions could be heard somewhere in the Tower, breaking Raven from her stupor. A little to late, Raven tried to cover herself with her hands, turning round and running into her bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Raven leaned against the bathroom door, breathing heavily and clutching her chest, her heart beating a mile-a-minute. The emotions in her head were screaming suggestions at her on what the next course of action should be, the loudest being Embarrassment, who thought it best to curl up into a ball and die quietly. After mentally reciting her mantra, and taking a few steadying breaths, Raven opened the door slightly and took a peak.

Robin was simply standing in the bedroom doorway, staring at the bathroom door, looking for the entire world as though he was just waiting to be invited in. Ravens eyes narrowed slightly as Anger spoke up, 'how dare he stand there as though nothing happened after causing us such embarrassment.' Raven agreed completely, it didn't even cross her mind that she would have been even angrier if he had left. Steeling her resolve and burying her embarrassment, the young empath put on her dressing gown, exited the bathroom and stalked over to the Boy Wonder.

"What do you want Robin?" asked Raven, her voice trembling slightly, she wasn't sure if it was because of anger or embarrassment.

Robin gave the empath a soft smile, before removing his hand from his side and showing it was covered in his own blood, "I ran in to a little trouble on my way back into the city, I was hoping you might be willing to heal me."

Raven's anger and embarrassment instantly evaporated and were replaced by concern and slight panic, "come in and let me take a look at that." Moving across the room she pulled the chair out from her desk and set it up in the middle of the room, "you're going to have to take your top off so I can see your wound better."

Entering the room, Robin dropped his bag near the doorway and started top unclip his costume. His cape and gloves were placed on top of the duffle bag; these were quickly followed by the red body armour and green under shirt. Once that was done with he sat reverse style on desk chair, leaning forward against its back so that Raven could have access to his wound.

'Wow,' thought Raven, 'Robin has a nice body.' She blushed slightly at the sight of Robin's physic, cursing all the gods she knew of that her dressing gown didn't have a hood, yet thanking them that he had his back to her. Without the body armour, Raven could really appreciate the shape of Robin's body. He wasn't bulging with muscles like Aqua Lad or other superheroes of the age. Strong and muscular, but not enough to impede his speed and agility, his was the body of an athlete.

'No,' Raven though, 'not an athlete, a warrior.' From the brief look she got of his chest and abs, and the clear view of the Boy Wonder's back, Robin had a lot of battle scars. Raven had to admit that she was shocked by them, especially the bullet wounds near his shoulders. She sometimes forgot that Robin was human. Raven knew most girls would probably find his scared body unattractive, but she liked it. The thought of the Boy Wonder having this rugged, dangerous side was strangely alluring to the dark Goth.

Raven shook the though from her head and began to examine Robin's injury, "Robin, there's a throwing star lodged in your back," she commented, "Why didn't you take it out yourself?"

"It's blocking most of the blood flow," Robin answered, "if I had pulled it out at the scene I probably would have bled to death before I made it back to the tower. And to answer your next question, twenty guys in florescent green ninja costumes seemed to think it was a good idea to rob the bank at five in the morning. One of them managed to get a lucky shot in."

"Florescent green ninjas?" Raven asked, a little irritated that Robin knew what she was thinking but still finding the idea of glow in the dark ninjas too hard to believe, "isn't the whole point of a ninja to be hard to see?"

"Heh," Robin chuckled, "I've seen a worse ideas, often more than three times in the same night."

"I don't know what's worse, if you're joking or if you're telling the truth," Raven gripped the exposed part of the star between her fingers, "this might sting a little," she pulled the star out quickly, Robin didn't even flinch. Raven pressed her hand on the wound to lessen the blood flow, as her hands began glowing with healing magic, "this might take a couple of minutes Robin," he simply nodded in response.

An uncomfortable silence took over as Raven worked her mojo; neither one of them was sure what to talk about. Eventually Robin's sense of duty took over, "how has everything been whilst I've been away? Are the others okay?"

"Yeah, everyone's been fine," Raven answered, grateful for a break in the silence, "Cyborg's mostly been working in his garage, adding improvements to the T-Car and himself. On the few crimes we've had to stop he's tried to lead, but… most of the time he actually deferred to me."

"It's what I would do if I were him," Robin said truthfully.

Raven tried to suppress another small blush before continuing, "Well Beast Boy's pretty much the same, I doubt he'd even noticed you'd left."

"Heh, typical Beast Boy."

"He and Starfire have actually started attending the local high school," Raven added.

"High school?" Robin asked, "Really?"

"Yeah, we got the Justice League to set it up for them so they're allowed to leave if there's an emergency. Starfire's doing it so she can learn more about earth culture, but I think Beast Boy's doing it to 'score with hot chicks' as he'd put it."

"Ha ha, good for them," Robin smiled. "As long as it doesn't interfere with their duties then good luck to them."

"Starfire was a bit depressed about you leaving for awhile," Raven added, "at least, she was until we convinced Aqua Lad to come in and cover for you. She's been spending most of her free time with him actually. Looks like you might have some competition for Star's affection," Raven smirked.

"Heh, out of sight out of mind huh?" Robin chuckled softly so as not to disturb Raven's work, "maybe she'll give me a little space now."

'What?' Raven thought, slightly confused, "but I though you had a thing for Starfire?"

Robin turned his head slightly to look at young empath, "what gave you that idea?"

"Well…" Raven thought about the question before answering, "You two talk all the time about a lot of different things, Starfire's always telling you about her day and you seem to go out of your way to try to save."

"Okay first of all; I save her a lot because she's the one that gets in the most danger, I'd do the same for anyone else on the team if they were the same. Second; she talks at me, not with me, I doubt I'd be able to get a word in edge ways. And third; I… well… don't tell any of the others but… I kind of just tune her out."

"What?" asked Raven in a disbelieving tone.

"I'm not exactly proud of it," he said, shaking his head, "but she does kind of repeat herself a lot, and if you think about it, all those times she talked to me, all I ever said is 'uh huh', 'okay' and 'sure'."

Raven quickly searched through her memories, she soon discovered he was telling the truth. The young empath smirked again, "can I tell you something Robin?" he nodded in response, "I pretty much do the same thing." Robin openly chuckled, "so you've never thought about dating Star?"

"Would you date her?" Robin didn't give her chance to reply, "No, I mean, I like Star, she's a great friend but…"

The Boy Wonder seemed to be having trouble finding a suitable answer, "you don't have to tell me if you don't want too Robin," Raven said after watching his verbal struggle, "I was just trying to make conversation, we don't…"

"No… no it's okay Raven I don't mind," Robin said, a small look of realisation showing on his face, "Starfire is… honestly, more like a little sister to me. I look out for her a lot because I have this pathological need to protect the innocent, and she's probably the most innocent person I've ever met. But… sometimes her happiness is too intense you know, she obviously has never felt any real misery before, she doesn't know what true pain is. And I come from Gotham for god's sake, misery and pain are our chief exports, after psychotic villains and moody vigilantes," Raven chuckled at that. "No… any girl I have a relationship with would have to know the same kind of… darkness I do, at least then she could appreciate the good times we'd have together more."

A whisper of a smile appeared on Raven's face, what Robin had unintentionally said made her happier than she thought it would, "you're being more open about yourself than usual Robin, what's changed?"

A smirked graced the Boy Wonder's face, "well… I've always wanted the two of us to be closer Raven, have us learn a bit more about each other. And since I've already seen you naked, I figured you should learn more about OW…" Raven's blush lit up her face as she dug her fingers into Robin's still open wound, twisting a little.

"If you EVER tell anyone about that, I'll… I'll…" Raven's angry rant was quickly interrupted.

"OW… Raven, I was just kidding. Besides, I'd never tell anyone about that. What you do or say around me stays with me," Robin held up his hands in surrender, "you can trust me Raven. I have never, and will never, tell anyone what I know about you."

'"Have never?" ' Raven shook the thought from her head. For some reason she knew she could trust Robin, maybe more than even he knew, but it would take more time for her to be absolutely sure about him. Raven removed her fingers from his cut and returned her focus to healing Robin's wound, "okay Robin, just… change the subject will you?"

"Sure Raven," Robin put his hands back on his knees, "so how's Terra doing? Is she holding up okay?"

Another small smile appeared on Raven's face, "she's doing fine, great even. I've actually been helping her learn to focus her powers, helping her to find her centre. It's been hard but we've finally gotten there."

"'We've' finally gotten there?" asked Robin.

"Yeah, 'we've', we kind of help each other to keep our focus. It's even allowed me express my emotions a bit more without causing too much damage to the tower. That's why she moved into the room across the hall, if our powers ever do get out of control, we can get to each other quickly and minimise the overall damage we might cause. We've become friends, very good friends."

A comfortable silence settled in, each of them feeling strangely calm in the others company. Eventually Raven decided to pick up the conversation again, "so how was your holiday?"

"It wasn't a holiday Raven, I was working," answered Robin, sounding slightly offended.

"Yeah, yeah," she said, jokingly, "we heard all about the gang wars on the news. A couple of times we almost jumped in the T-Car to come and help out, but--"

"Don't worry about it, most superheroes don't last 5 minutes in Gotham on a good day. Hell, Superman usually only stays for an hour before he flies off back to Metropolis, and even then he only goes there to talk to Batman."

Raven raised an eyebrow, "it can't really be that scary can it?"

"Heh, you want to hear scary? Remind me to tell you some of my Joker stories some time then you'll hear scary."

Without the psychic dampeners that were present in his body amour, Raven could sense some of Robin's emotions seeping out. Besides the discomfort of talking about his home town, she could also sense a great sadness, something that he had recently dealt with, but was still aching his heart. A part of Raven told her to ignore it, that if he wanted to talk about it, he would. But a larger part of her had to check, to see if he was the one. Him telling her how he could only be with someone who knew what pain was and the fact that she felt she could trust him pushed her to ask, "What aren't you telling me Robin?"

Robin's shoulders hunched and his head lowered, he was silent for a full minute before he answered, "My dad died."

The bottom instantly dropped out of Raven's stomach and her blood turned to ice, for once her emotions weren't shouting suggestions. Not sure on what she should do, the young empath put her hand on his shoulder, "I'm sorry Robin, I didn't mean too--"

"It's okay Raven," Robin said, raising his own hand and squeezing hers affectionately, "I've done all my crying in Gotham. He was actually my adoptive father, I never met my real parents, but… he was still my dad you know."

"How… how did he… I mean if you don't want to tell me I…" Raven mumbled.

"No, it's okay," Robin rubbed his face and ran his hand through his hair, "about a week after I got to Gotham, one of Batman's vigilante agents went missing. We tried to find her, but with all the shootings and everything going on we didn't have much spare time on our hands. Unfortunately it turned out she was captured by some wannabe super villain. He tortured her for information," Robin paused as Raven gasped, "If that wasn't bad enough she knew who I am when I'm out of costume. Once he found out who I was and where I lived he went straight to my home, I'm guessing to try and get me to tell him who Batman is.

"My dad was ready though. When the guy came in through the window he got six bullets in the chest. But even though he was bleeding to death he still managed to stab my dad through the heart." Robin let out a dejected sigh, "I know that I couldn't have stopped it from happening and I know that if I had been there I might have been killed too but that still doesn't mean that…" Robin almost jumped out of his skin when Raven's arm wrap around his chest, the side of her head pressing against his back, "R-Raven?"

"I'm just… are you going to be okay?" she asked in as soft a tone as she could manage.

"Yeah, yeah I will be Raven…" Robin said, smiling a soft smile and rubbing her arms, "thank you."

They stayed as they were for several more minutes, simply holding each other. Again, Robin was the first to speak up, "Raven… my injury still hurts."

"Oh… right," Raven begrudgingly let go of Robin and put her hands back to work healing. She sat in silence for a few minutes before getting the nerve to speak up, "you know, I think I might know more about you than you do about me now. Do you have any questions you want to ask me?"

"Erm… okay," Robin was quiet for a moment, rubbing the back of his neck, "can I really ask you anything?"



"Robin," Raven said sternly.

"Okay," Robin went quiet again, before asking, "When did you last feed?"

"Well, I plan on starting breakfast once I'm done with--"

"No Raven, I mean when was the last time you had any blood?"

Raven's blood turned to ice for the second time that night, "Wh… what… how… you…"

"I'm only asking because you look slightly more pale than usual," Robin turned his head to the side to get a glance of Raven, "I can't have a member of my team being ill now can I."

A millions fears and questions ran through Raven's head. How did he find out? How did he find out she was a Vampire? She had always been so careful, only a handful of people knew she was a Vampire, and most them were either vampires themselves or knew about their existence. She had only ever told one person in her personal or professional life about herself, and it certainly wasn't Robin. "How… how did you--?"

"Find out?" finished Robin, smiling a comforting smile, "well I am a detective you know." Seeing Raven's fear and confusion he continued, "Well… about a week before I left for Gotham I couldn't get to sleep, it was about four in the morning and I decided to go out on patrol in to the city, make sure none of the late night clubbers were getting into trouble. Well… when I was swinging past one of the clubs I saw you, feeding off one of the kids."

Raven was in a state of shock, she had always believed that if any of the other Titans saw her feeding they would try and attack her, possibly even try to kill her. But here was Robin, talking about her eating habits as if he couldn't careless. "Why… why didn't you--?"

"Try and stop you?" Robin finished again, "I don't claim to know everything about vampires, but Batman taught me enough to know that they don't kill those they feed off. Plus, I saw you healing the guy after you were done, so any fear of you being a blood thirsty monster evaporated then and there."

Raven didn't know what to say. Robin, the Titan she feared telling the most, wasn't rejecting her like she believed he would. He was… accepting her. 'That settles it,' she thought, 'he has to be the one.'

"I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable, Raven," Robin said, misinterpreting her silence, "you don't have to talk about--"

"No… no it's okay," Raven said, feeling the sudden urge to open up to the Boy Wonder, "I said you could ask anything, I was just a little surprised that you knew is all."

"Well like I said I'm not an expert on vampires, I still have a few questions. That is, if you don't mind me asking."

Raven let out a heavy sigh and a small smile, "I think I'd like for someone else to know about this part of my life… someone I trust… sure Robin, what would you like to know?"

"How long have you been a vampire?" Robin turned his head to the side again, focusing his peripheral vision on his dark team mate.

"All my life," said Raven in a dejected tone, "one of the many down sides of having a Demon father and a human mother is that you become a vampire. There aren't that many vampires with demonic parentage, but they are always the most powerful. It also has the added bonus of making me immune to sunlight."

"Thank haven for small mercies hey?" Robin shot Raven a smile that turned her legs to jelly, "How often do you have to feed?"

"I have a pint of blood every week," Raven monotoned, pushing more energy into Robin's injury.

"That doesn't seem like much," Robin's masked eyes narrowed in confusion.

"It's the bare minimum I need to live," Raven said simply.

"But I thought that--"

"My father," Raven interrupted, "in a vane attempt to make me more like him, put a curse on me when I turned 12. So that if I take more than that, then I'd become ravenous and keep drinking from that person until I had my fill, killing them in the process. I think he thought that if I did it once, I would stop caring and just keep doing it. It has the extra feature of keeping my power level low so I can't rise up against him."

"Why didn't he just make it so that if you had any blood you'd go psycho?"

"Because he knew if he did that I would rather stop drinking and die. And for whatever twisted plans he has for this world he needs me alive to for fill them."

Robin let that last comment sink in before another question struck him, "does anyone else on the team know about this?"

Raven bit her bottom lip, "yeah… yeah, I told Terra."

"Terra? Really?" Raven nodded her response, "why her and not any of the others?"

"Two reasons really: one is that Terra and I have been spending most of our time together, training, meditating, and getting to know each other. Part of the training we went through involved us connecting telepathically. Sharing memories, dreams… secrets. It's okay though, I trust her, and I know she can keep my secret.

"And the other reason is that… well…" Raven chewed on her lip, "now, I don't want you to think I'm being a snob or anything, because they are all still my friends and I still care about them. But, even though a vampire can make friendships with people based on personality, we can't connect fully with anyone who doesn't have normal human blood. I mean Cyborg's like the brother I never had, I don't know what I'd do without him, but he doesn't even have blood. I'm not even sure what--"

"High viscosity polyalphaolefins," Robin interrupted, "synthetic oil."

"Err… yeah, that stuff," Raven continued, "that stuff stops me from opening up with him as much as I'd like too. Beast Boy, as much as I loath to say it, he's like a little brother, an annoying little brother. Even if sometimes I want remove most of his least important organs with my bare hands." She paused for a second while Robin laughed, "but he… I don't know if he'd want anyone to know this, or even if he knows himself, but… he has a strange infection I've never encountered before and--"

"Wait, are you talking about the Sakutia virus?" Robin interrupted.

"Err… he only has one that I can tell," Raven said, with a confused look, "You know about it?"

"Yeah, when he was about six he went to Upper Lamumba in Africa with his parents. Whilst there he got bitten by the Green-Capped Mangabey," seeing Raven was about to question him he continued, "It's a green monkey. It infected him with the virus, it's how he got his powers, and it's why he's completely green. You didn't know any of this?"

"I never asked," Raven said, solemnly, making a mental note to learn more about her friends, "that virus is why I can't get closer to him, even if I wanted too. Even if it is a helpful illness, it still pollutes the blood and that keeps us from being anything but platonic friends."

"And Starfire?" asked Robin.

"Starfire… Starfire is my best friend next to Terra, even though I doubt she knows that. Between the two of them it's very close. But… Starfire's blood is alien; to drink it would be like drinking poison."

"Yeah, I heard about a vampire trying to feed off Superman once, he only got a drop of blood and apparently it burned a hole through his stomach."

"My point exactly," Raven responded, "if ever there was an emergency where I needed blood, I'd only be able to ask Terra for help."

Robin turned around almost completely and looked directly into Ravens eyes, "and what exactly is wrong with my blood?"

Raven blushed, again cursing her hoodless dressing gown, "I didn't think you and me had the kind of relationship were you'd offer me blood in an emergency. I was actually afraid that you might reject me if I told you I was a vampire."

"Why would you think that?" asked Robin, still focusing on Ravens eyes.

"Well… err…" Raven felt slightly nervous under Robin's penetrating gaze, "you and I don't really talk that much and we've never hung out as much as the others do, so--"

"Raven," Robin interrupted, "despite the things you just said, I'm still your friend, and I still trust you with my life. I'd sacrifice my life to save yours just as quickly as I would for any of the others. And anything you tell me would be just between the two of us. I'd like you to trust me as much as I trust you."

Raven smiled another soft smile at that statement, before a mischievous one appeared, "doe's that mean I get to see you without your eye mask on sometime?"

"Maybe if you're a good girl and finish healing me," Robin smirked, turning back around.

Raven flexed her fingers and continued to work, "you know I was planning on talking to you when you got back anyway. I was hoping to try and improve our friendship."

"How's that working out for you?" Robin joked.

"A lot better than I expected actually," Raven smiled, pushing the last of her magic into the Boy Wonder. "Okay, I'm all finished," she tapped the spot where the wound was to prove her point, "you won't even have a scar, not that you needed anymore."

Robin got up and flexed the muscles in his back and arms; once he was satisfied; he made his way to the door and stuffed the top half of his costume into his duffle bag. Turning back to the dark Goth he smiled, "thanks for this Raven."

"Anytime Robin, I… enjoyed our little chat."

"We'll have to do it again sometime," Robin said.

"I'd like that," Raven smiled.

They stood in another comfortable silence before Robin spoke up, "well, I think I'll go take a shower now and get rid of this dry blood, see you at breakfast Raven." Robin turned back towards the door and then stopped; he turned back with a mischievous look on his face, "one last question before I go."

Raven rolled her eyes in mock annoyance, "sure Robin, what would you like to know?"

Robin smirked, "before when you ran into the bathroom, did I see a tattoo on your back?"

Raven's face blushed furiously, her bed side lamp, as well as several books, exploded in black energy. "I'll take that as a yes."

"It… it was erm… it was Terra's idea," Raven stuttered, suddenly becoming very interested in the floor, "she convinced me that it would look cool for if I ever decided to wear something a little more revealing. She got one too, a small sea horse just above her left ankle. But she decided I should be a bit more… adventurous."

"Can I see it?" asked Robin.

Raven's eyes widened. She looked as if she would rather have a snogging session with Plasmus than show off her tattoo.

"Come on Raven, it's not as if I'm asking for a striptease, I just want a better look than I got the first time."

Raven glared at the Boy Wonder before turning her back on him. Making sure he couldn't see her front, she dipped the back of her dressing gown low enough to show off the small of her back. The tattoo of a raven was etched on her lower back, completely black except for its violet eyes, looked as it was soaring down towards her bottom.

"Nice," commented Robin.

'Doe's he mean me or the tattoo?' Raven wondered. She quickly pulled the dressing gown back up, and, making sure it was secure, turned back to face Robin, "happy now?" she asked sarcastically.

"Extremely," answered Robin, smirking.

"Now I have to see you naked to even the score," the little colour left in Raven's face drained instantly, 'no… please… please tell I didn't just say that out loud.'

Robin was just as shocked as her, but recovered quickly with a smirk, "maybe when I have some spare time on my hands I'll treat you to a little show. But until then, maybe you'll settle for this…"

From Raven's perspective, time seemed to slow down as Robin reached for his mask. Every emotion in her head was frozen in anticipation, waiting patiently for the grand unveiling. Then it happened, and time finally stopped. Sparkling sapphire coloured eyes shone from the Boy Wonder's face like the gems themselves. 'He's… handsome. Really, really handsome. More handsome than I'd realised,' Raven thought, losing herself in his ocean deep eyes. It wasn't until he snapped his fingers in front of her face, did she wake from her trance, blushing deeply.

"Hope that'll tide you over for the time being," Robin said, reattaching his mask and picking up his duffle bag, "see you at breakfast Raven." With that said he opened the bedroom door and, with a final wave goodbye, disappeared down the hall towards his own room.

Raven closed her bedroom door, leaning her back against it and letting out a contented sigh.

'Its official Raven,' she thought to herself, 'at the very least you're definitely attracted to the Boy Wonder, those gorgeous eyes have sealed the deal.' Raven looked at her hands, they were still covered in Robin's drying blood, 'only one way to be absolutely sure if he's the one.' Raven stuck out her tongue and tasted the end of her finger, and then her whole finger, soon her tongue was running all over her hands. What started off as a simple taste, soon descended into her sultrily running her tongue over her digits.

Raven slid down the door into a sitting position. Now she knew it. She wasn't just attracted to Robin… she was in love with him. Tasting another's blood was the only way for a vampire to be absolutely sure. Now she'd have to set a few plans in motion, plans she couldn't implement alone.

Raven jumped up and quickly got dressed in her usual uniform. She was still attaching her cloak when she stepped out of her bedroom. She crossed the hall to Terra's room and phased through the door.

As usual when Raven came to wake her, Terra was lay sprawled out on her bed, still fast asleep, and with her covers twisted around her. As always she wore a grey, Batman t-shirt that was large enough to fit Cyborg. Her hair closely resembled a birds nest that had fallen from it's perch, and landed in a wood chipper. Raven sat on the bed next to her friend and shook her excitedly. Terra bolted upright, looking around franticly.

"Huh… wha…" Terra looked to her dark friend, "Raven? What's the matter?"

"Robin's back," Raven smiled excitedly.

"What?" asked Terra, starting to rub the sleep from her eyes, "what are you blabbering on about now Rae?"

"Robin," Raven clarified, "he just got back in from Gotham and came to my room, we talked."

Terra groaned, fell back on to her bed and pulled the covers over her head. "Tell me again in a couple of hours when I might care."

"Terra," Raven shook her friend again, eliciting another groan, "Terra, I think he's the one."

Terra pulled back the covers enough to show one azure eye. "Robin?" Raven nodded, "really?"

"We talked," Raven said, blushing lightly, "I felt a connection between us, and I… I tasted his blood. It's him, I know it is. He's the one for us."

Terra sat up and rubbed her head, messing her hair even more, and stretching. "If you really think so Raven, then we'll do everything we can to coax him over to us."

Raven's smile widened further as she pulled her friend into a tight hug, "I knew I could count on you."

A mischievous look crossed Terra's face, "you know," she said as she placed a finger on her chin in a mock questioning pose, "you could always show me your appreciation."

Raven smirked, "I guess we have a little time before I have to start breakfast." Raven grabbed the back of Terra's head and pulled her into a very deep, passionate kiss.

To be continued…

Author's Notes: Bet you weren't expecting that! I hope I have enough of you hooked now that you'll read the next chapter. I'm hoping to make this the best, if not the only, Teen Titans three way relationship fic where one of the people involved doesn't end up heartbroken, or worse, miraculously end up with someone else just at the end of the story. Most of the story will be about Raven and Terra trying to coax, and mostly seduce, Robin in to their coven. I've even applied my multiple concussed brain to thinking up a semi plausible reason for the coupling, or at least it's plausible to me.

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2) Terra still alive. But, as you can tell, Terra won't end up with Beast Boy as she does in so many other fics. I had originally planed it to go that way, with a couple of chapters to go with the pairing. But then I got a much more interesting idea, as I'm sure you noticed. I hope you like it.

3) Titans in High School. Only two of them attending though, and even though it might seem that I've done it to get them out of the way, I haven't. I do have a story involving the high school and one of the students that will come up in a later chapter.

4) Robin without his mask. A very popular cliché among Titans fans, though that's not why I did it. It was done partially to help Robin and Raven make more of a connection, the other reason why will become apparent in a later chapter. I did miss out the cliché were Robin has two toned eyes though, it didn't seem prudent to my story.

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