Chapter 1: A finding

Well I guess I can't keep away from you. Actually I have been searching for you ever since we left in Yinyay. Argul and I needed to get back to the Hulta there was no way around it so here we are back were we belong. Argul has returned to being leader. I suppose you would like to know how we got back here.

Well we landed after dropping everyone off about two miles from the Hulta camp. We rode to the camp were Ro, Memh, and Blurn met us at a safe distance from the camp.

"Argul, why did you bring her here? She left you, do you not recall?" Blurn said first. His hard glare hurt as if a dagger in my heart.

"No it's not what you think… that journal was a fake. I knew she was in trouble that is why I left." Argul sounded as if the mere memory of what happened hurt him entirely.

"So she's our prisoner?" Ro forced me to fall off my horse which wasn't comfortable at all. I should have given him a piece of my mind right then and there but Argul got off his horse. He helped me up in front of all of them just to prove to them he still loved me and held faith in me. I love Argul. There is no other way of saying this; after all he is my husband. It seems so odd to call him that now.

Blurn spoke again. "Argul I invite you back but I will not allow her." Yet again I had a horrible feeling about this whole ordeal.

"I can't leave her… she is my wife."

The Ro, Memh, and Blurn exchanged looks.

"I can explain everything thing if you would allow me to."

Blurn being a great new leader did. But it wasn't fun for me at all. I was stuck in a wagon. Everyone was eating, dancing and having a good time except me. My fate was left up to Argul and if he could convince Blurn. I was panicking. Where would we go if we were not welcome here? What would happen? Would Argul leave me to stay here?

Later that night Argul woke me up. I guess I worried myself to sleep (?)

His words were oddly soothing and peaceful. His whispers were hard to hear except for "We are staying and I'm back on top."

I kissed Argul there was no words to say how relieved I was that we would actually fit in with the only family we had. Then (naturally) my stomach rumbled. I was embarrassed yet once more because of feelings. Argul thought it was funny and lead me out for food. I never thought I would miss Hulta food that much; honestly it tasted so wonderful, had I actually missed it that much? Argul drank a lot which had me worried over nothing (other than the fact he was a grouch in the morning).

I was told when I was young that mothers and fathers "made" children. I never truly got this concept at all, of course not really knowing my parents didn't help much. How ever I connected the dots when Argul and I did what the Hulta calls "sex". What a feeling. All the love in the world was with us that night. Time wasn't a problem at all, We had no were to go at that time.

The next morning Argul was up with everyone else and didn't wake me up to help them. I was kind of mad at him but all I could do is get dressed and try to help. All I could do was ride with the lead party. It felt good to ride beside Argul, with the Hulta, to belong once more. That evening at dinner was when the rest of the Hulta got news that Argul has returned to being leader. I was so happy. I guess I didn't hear him tell me this the night before. Not like I can remember anything from last night other than feelings. Blurn made a big deal about handing over the Hulta back to "the rightful leader".

So that is where I am sitting in our (Argul's and my) wagon, writing to you hoping that I have filled you in on what you are still curious about. Sorry to leave you hanging but I need sleep.